The Arabic Graph - Grant Report

Hey guys,
I am very happy to share with you that I recently just finished delivering the content as planned.

Here you can check the original proposal:

I can safely say that all the goals were achieved, now let me take you through them.

Beofre we start, please note that the performance of videos talking about tech stuff and speaking about one project are usually not the most attractive, but there are the ones that bring the most value still, cause only people who are interested in these projects will watch them.

The first video that was created you can see here. The video has more than 2.5k views and 235 likes since publishing it on 19th of November. 69 people took the quiz after the video where more than 90% of the people got all the questions correct.

The second piece was the first Twitter Thread that you can find here. Honestly I think this was a HUGE success where people can literally know what The Graph is by reading this. Of course it is not enough to understand everything about the project, but I am pretty sure that people who read this, learned much about The Graph in a very nice and simple way. More than 5000 people saw the thread, and more than 100 people liked it, which is a very good conversion rate. 48 people retweeted it, 31 people commented on it.

Let’s move to the second video and the third deliverable than you can find here. The second video had MUCH better numbers than the first one and only in 3 days! In 3 days it had same views as the first video did in 4 weeks! more likes and more comments. I believe that happened cause more people got interested in The Graph, more people wanted to learn more about Delegation, and there was more screensharing during the video. We also changed the thumbnail and made it more clear what the video was about

The last deliverable was just shared, so I still can’t provide you with any numbers, but you can track the performance of the thread here

The distribution of the gifts will happen in the next 7 days, winners have already been picked.

How do I feel about the grant?

  • the positive things:
    1- Finally, a decent visual content about The Graph in Arabic
    2- Huge difference in numbers between first video and second video
    3- overall very good numbers in terms of views, likes and comments
    4- Great feedback from the community and a lot of questions about the delegation process
    5- very good success rates when it came to the quiz
    6- I believe at least 3000 more people know what Indexers, Curators, Delegators, and Subgraphs are!

  • the not very positive things:
    1- I don’t believe that people are ready to become anything but delegators, no questions about how to become
    2- The views are good, but not as good as videos like ’ best 3 projects to invest in’ But I do believe that this is a problem that has always been there and will stay for ever

Overall, I am happy, satisfied, and thankful for you guys for giving me the chance to learn and teach about the graph, and have my name connected to the project among the Arabic speakign community.

Please note that I am happy to jump on a call to answer any questions related to the grant, and discuss how to scale this collaboration and keep it going, if you find value in it

best regards,