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Firstly I would like to thank the whole GRT community as a whole for their continuous show of support throughout my Web3 journey and each individual community using and improving their respective chatbots.

I believe the final 3 chatbot may be the end to the collection unless there are more communities that contact me to request them. The Urdu chatbot is being translated by Asad Ullah, Hindi is being translated by Abhay from DappLooker and Ukrainian by Doxe. Currently the Urdu chatbot is 75-80% complete, however, due to Urdu reading from right to left which is backwards from English this has made it a lot more difficult for me to build this chatbot and implement links in the correct places. This may prolong the building time and enhanced Beta Testing before it is released for public use. This may also be the case for Hindi. With the increased difficulty with working in Urdu and Hindi and the cursor logic changing constantly this could change the timeline but I have been putting all the hours in I can to build this so I will continue to do so so that the communities can benefit from the tool just like others have. The chatbots will be kept up to date at all times, any new GRT news / features will added within a 24-48 hour period (target) with documentation and tutorials if applicable. You can find the Open-Source GitHub page within the Translator Help page at the bottom of each chatbot. This will make it easier for future upgrades and improvements to be made to all chatbots and ensure their longevity for the future of The Graph ecosystem.

After these 3 chatbots are built then I may shy away from creating new chatbots unless there is seen to be value within that community like there has been with all of the ones built so far. The only reason for this is that I would like to spend more time making all of the current chatbots even better before the next bull run (and influx of new GRT holders). I believe this tool is a great asset to any newcomers to The Graph and Web3 as a whole and for it to be available in a multi-lingual capacity that covers all of the top GRT communities so far is beyond a dream from my first idea of how I though this project would turn out.

On top of this I would also like to spend more time adding an additional feature to the English chatbot that will help the average community member to smoothly transition into an advocate role. Through the means of education, differing level of difficulty and content that caters for all learning styles. Not everyone can learn by just reading, some like to see visually within videos and tested within flash card style learning. To this end I will be developing a new “Quiz Me” feature within the English chatbot as my next goal. (This will only start once all 3 chatbots are build and all chatbots are improved to the best of my ability and are fully up to date, as per all grants). Those who have worked closely with me know that I only ever want what is best for the community and I put in as many hours as I can each and every evening. Once that is complete my time will be spend then making the new feature. But this feature is for the future, this was just a personal goal update for anyone interested in what the future holds for all chatbots.

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Work In Progress

  1. GRTDataHub Urdu Chatbot Labour, Development and Continuous Improvements - $2,000

Proposed Work

  1. GRTDataHub Hindi Chatbot Labour, Development and Continuous Improvements - $2,000
  2. GRTDataHub Ukrainian Chatbot Labour, Development and Continuous Improvements - $2,000
  3. The chatbots will be kept up to date at all times, any new GRT news / features will added within a 24-48 hour period (target) with documentation and tutorials if applicable.


The dates below are personal deadlines. However, these deadlines may be fluid and move from left to right depending on the progress of the building. With the increased difficulty with working in Urdu and Hindi and the cursor logic changing constantly this could change the timeline. The community knows me and that I take pride in my work, I will ensure the end result is finished to the best of my ability before moving onto the next phase. Items 13 and 14 will be done continuously, normally before I start building new items and I will also take advantage of the Beta Phases where I wait for the feedback and then implement any changes and potential improvements.

  1. Urdu Chatbot start date, 24th Jan 2023. 75-80% built as of 17/02/23.

  2. Urdu Chatbot Beta testing start date, 15th March 2023. (This date is a guesstimate at this point due to the complexity of this build, but I will update the community 2 weeks prior to seek out Beta Testers)

  3. Update and implement all Beta Testing proposals, 2 weeks following the above point.

  4. Urdu Chatbot Official release for public use (target), before the end of March 2023.

  5. Chatbot to be kept up to date at all times, any new GRT news / features will added within a 24-48 hour period (target) with documentation and tutorials if applicable.

  6. Hindi Chatbot start date, this will start when the Urdu chatbot is released for Beta Testing. (Target 15th March 2023)

  7. Hindi Chatbot Beta testing start.(This date is a guesstimate at this point due to the complexity of this build and will depend on the completion of the above chatbot, but I will update the community 2 weeks prior to seek out Beta Testers)

  8. Update and implement all Beta Testing proposals, 2 weeks following the above point.

  9. Hindi Chatbot Official release for public use (target), before the end of March 2023.

  10. Chatbot to be kept up to date at all times, any new GRT news / features will added within a 24-48 hour period (target) with documentation and tutorials if applicable.

  11. Ukrainian Chatbot start date, this will start when the Hindi chatbot is released for Beta Testing.

  12. Ukrainian Chatbot Beta testing start.(This date is a guesstimate at this point due to the complexity of this build and will depend on the completion of the above chatbot, but I will update the community 2 weeks prior to seek out Beta Testers)

  13. Update and implement all Beta Testing proposals, 2 weeks following the above point.

  14. Ukrainian Chatbot Official release for public use (target), before the end of May 2023.

  15. Chatbot to be kept up to date at all times, any new GRT news / features will added within a 24-48 hour period (target) with documentation and tutorials if applicable.

Grant Submission Total - $6,000

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

If yes, please describe where you’ve received funding from and how much you have, or will, receive:
The Graph - GRTDataHub App Analytics - Wave 6 = $2,000
Graph AdvocatesDAO
English chatbot = $2,000
German and Spanish Chatbot = $4,000
French and Turkish Chatbot = $4,000

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
The chatbots will educate newcomers to Web3 and The Graph, along with enhancing the onboarding of the Urdu, Hindi and Ukrainian speaking communities, providing content to these community that may not be currently available is most circumstances. The GRTDataHub Chatbot provides the most up to date documentation, text and video tutorials in seconds of receiving the question from a user; with translated documents and tutorials and have not previously been available or easily accessible to these communities. This instant support in whatever role they would like to take part in The Graph ecosystem will ensure new GRT holders from these communities can contribute promptly and with accurate and current information / tutorials on how to do so. Not everyone learns the same way, some cannot easily interpret instruction or guides through reading text alone. I have made an active effort to ensure that video tutorials are also included within the chatbot response where possible. So that all users can get the most out of this tool.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
As of today (17/02/23), my Telegram community admins chat that provides Daily GRT Statistics across a multitude of communities via Twitter and Telegram has reached 25. Each and every one of these members are highly reputable and respected throughout The Graph ecosystem and communities. The group itself what started out as a group to provide the daily statistics has morphed into a group where I can help facilitate a community admin with any issues they may have or would like support. Being a closely knit group, we help each other out to make the graph communities better by the day. We support each other’s communities and take part in each other’s virtual events and some have even met up in real life at events.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:

I still since the start of my GRT journey spend between 1-2 hours daily reading through telegram and discord, often interacting with the GRT communities, multiple nationalities and across a multitude of groups; sharing content, and data analytics. I endeavour to create a positive attitude towards The Graph project and portray the data analytics as a continuously progressive and growing ecosystem.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
I like to help and encourage others within the ecosystem with their work, some prime examples of this are embedding the great work of Kyle’s Graph Advocates Spotlight and Chidubem’s Graph Central. I believe that these are valuable assets to newcomers, so I have created pages within the app as a kind of archive for those who may not know how to to access them if they joined us tomorrow. But by having these they can look back at all the great achievements that have occurred throughout the ecosystem and communities.

I like to share with community members that I started like everyone else, I did not know how I could contribute to Web3 or The Graph ecosystem. But then I made a decision 2 years ago to teach myself to code through an online course. I instantly fell in love with it and now do it in all my free time as a hobby. (Currently 3-5 hours per evening). I try and learn something new every day and help others to learn and grow along the way. By helping others in this space you grow naturally into a trustworthy member of the community and someone that other can count on when they are in a time of need.

The advocates program was not here when I first joined the Graph community however for newcomers it is the best thing that could have happened. I have designed the chatbots around educating the communities on how they can learn, get involved and transition into many of the great advocates that we see on a daily basis across all communities.

I was interest in contributing to The Graph and Web3 because I wanted to learn and create things with a new found skill and hobby. Now I have moved my goal posts, now I am interested in contributing to The Graph and Web3 because I want to educate and develop the next phase of community members, develop and grow the next phase of advocates who will shape and continue to improve The Graph ecosystem as they welcome new members.

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Thanks for your submission Liam. As you know I’m a fan of the chatbot! After reviewing, your application I have a few questions for you:

  • Could you provide some type of usage statistics/analytics about from the chatbot (i.e. visitors, engagements, links clicked, etc.). This is information the Grant Committee has discussed requesting from folks re-applying for a community grant.
  • Also, I see @asadus16 has already voted yes in the community poll. It would be super helpful for me (and likely the entire Grant Committee) to get a feedback and votes from additional members of the Ukraine, Urdu, and Hindi communities to gauge their interest in the project.

That’s all for me from now. Thanks in advance for your response!


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for your questions and I agree with what has been asked. I do not currently have a tracker etc on the chatbot / app due to GDPR compliance with the one I had on previously. However in the next couple of days I will find one that I can use an implement it back into the app, I will find one with a heat map which should paint a better picture of how the users interact with the app as a whole.

However, I can provide this information from the past 7 days. I know this isn’t helpful from what you have asked but I wanted to add a little context to how the app as a whole is being used by communities. I am hoping the analytics will be more accurate once I implement them myself again. I am not sure if these also bypass VPN locations or not.

The domain for is due to expire, however it redirect the user to .

I hope these analytics help a little. I will also post within the communities of the above proposed chatbots and ask the communities to respond and provide their honest thoughts. :relaxed:


Hey thanks for tagging me kyle :smile: !
According to me and most of the people from different communities a chatbot is a very productive platform to know more about project and to get solution to our queries in our own language.
But there’s something going in my mind that what if the chatbot’s link gets added in the advocate’s program form or a place where the new joiners can access it or a link to the chatbot can be added in the #info channel in discord server otherwise there aren’t much factors i can see by which new people can know that a chatbot exists. Like you have to tell most of the people that hey there’s a chatbot reach it out for any queries.


That is a great idea! I hope the advocates will support that ideas. Plus with the next proposed feature of the “Quiz me” feature that will prepare newbie GRT holder and the average community member to transition into an advocate. Preparing them so they are confident in their own ability and know the role they would like to do to contribute to the advocates program and help improve the Graph ecosystem. I have recently been helping GRT community chats with their welcome bots on Telegram so they can welcome new members, prevent spam bots and better manage their community members if needed. This is also a place where a direct link to the chatbots can be found. (But this is a recent development) I have also messaged other community admins to have this implemented throughout the community. I also add links to GRT Data, their Twitter profile and a direct link to GRTDataHub where I archive all the Graph Advocates Spotlight Newsletters and Graph Central Newsletters so they are always easily accessible to the communities. :relaxed:


Hello everyone :hugs:
I am from Pakistan and writing here for the support of this chatbot. I found out graph through people and wanted to know more about it so it took me some time to search things that could have been made easier if something like this chatbot specially in Urdu was introduced to me which could have helped me good and i agree to what asadus16 wrote that this chatbot should get added somewhere by which new people can access it. Adding this chatbot in the graph’s website would be a great helping i guess


I really like the chatbot and @GRTDataHub efforts to make it available to global audience by supporting different languages.

DappLooker believes in data driven graph network expansion. The app provides lot of data and statistics about graph protocol for all kind of audience. it’s specially a good starting point for newbies who wants to learn and contribute about graph.

Hindi chatbot is especially i am excited about. Indian audience will love it. I would also like to see AI integration in the future which can process human sentences to answers. Something like “AI Powered Graph Network Chatbot”


Jumped here from twitter to support this idea of Urdu chatbot :rocket: .Best of luck whoever came up with this idea and is developing it for the community :relaxed:


Hi Nafezukh, thank you for finding your way here and taking the time to write your view on this. I can’t wait to have the finished product so that you and others can benefit from this tool. :relaxed:


I am from Pakistan and its important that the community have the access to chatbot. i have read and will say I am agree what @asadus16 said that it should be added somewhere where people can interact with it & get used to it. Hindi Urdu community need these types of project building because it will help me and all others.


Hi Ali, thank you for you kind words! Much appreciated :pray: there chatbots will be linked into the community telegrams where I have already added the welcomes messages and security bots. :relaxed: this should hopefully make them easily accessible if people forget where they can find them. I will update the communities as I build these as I ask for Beta Testers for the official release.


Hi @GRTDataHub ,

I have a few questions to which I can not find the answer too, please ignore them if you have already answered them.

  1. Was the file-structure of your chatbot changed to a system where all graph advocates could potentially upload the Q&A of their own language and you would only have to merge?

  2. What is meant with Labour, Development and Continuous Improvements? What exactly are you getting a grant for if this is your proposed work? Why does it cost exactly $2000 per new language?

  3. Will the cost of your next application go up in linear fashion?

  4. Is someone else able to plug and play the chatbot if they would like? Example: Your server goes down and I would like to host your chatbot, is that possible?

Where I see a lot of positivity coming from multiple communities, I am currently voting no on the proposal. My uncertainties from last time are not gone and the amount of funding requested keeps increasing. In my opinion, this does not seem sustainable in the long run.

I will gladly change my vote if the answers to my question change my mind, I am looking forward to your answers.


Hi @Colson,
Thanks for your questions and I will answer them and hopefully clarity some points and get you to reconsider your vote.

Please visit the app and you will find at the bottom of ALL chatbots is a Translator Help Page button, within this page you will find the information regarding how advocates / community members can improve and contribute towards the continuous improvement of each chatbot. There are instructions provided on how to access the code via the open-source GitHub. How to create a pull-request to collaborate the code with others. There is also a link provided to the discussions forum on that Github regarding new content and translations where anyone can contribute if they don’t feel confident in making the pull-request. I will then add this myself. At the bottom of that page you will also find 2 buttons, 1 will download the chatbot content in Microsoft Word and the other in a Text file. These can be used for translations of new chatbots if and when required.
Link for GRTDataHub GitHub, GitHub - GRTDataHub/GRTDataHubDevelopment: GRTDataHub App for Data Anlaytics and Educational Chatbots built for The Graph Communities. , please scroll down and read the file for more context and instructions.
Please on the end of my last grant I was asked to update the committee on the above so I also provided it there here, Grant Proposal: French (Français) & Turkish (Türkçe) Chatbots and additional app features - GRTDataHub - #34 by GRTDataHub .

Labour, Development and Continuous improvement to myself is self-explanatory however I will elaborate and add context. All of the above are the time, effort, community engagement and working with translators, research, chatbot continuous improvements, upkeep. It is the work being carried out to develop the chatbots into the tool and final product ready to be used and beneficial to the community it is intended for. The time it takes me to make each chatbot from start to finish can differ. For example, as per this grant the Urdu and Hindi chatbots will take me almost 1.5x as long to make as previously due to the complexity of the language and cursor logic when updating the code, links, documentation and logic due to the sheer amount of work provided. On that note, I spend around a month of each chatbot, between 3-4 hours per night. Over the course of a month this adds up to above 80-90 hours give or take a few days off. If you have asked a translator who has worked with me about the amount of work provided for them, and then that needs to be dissected between 5-20 times PER chatbot answer provider into the code and links put in the correct places with no issues, no bugs which breaks the chatbot along with unique links and content from that community. You start to get an idea of the amount of work that is required here. I have been asked on previous grants to provide an hourly figure for the work carried out but this isn’t feasible as it would only be around £18-22 per hour for the work taken to build each chatbot. I price these per chatbot and not per time due to that reason. I love building these and I learn something new each time I do, personal development and working amongst new communities making new friendships and connections. Even though the Urdu and Hindi chatbots will take longer from what I have already build and experienced, this is not reflected within the grant amount per chatbot.

On your point 3 regarding the next application go up in a linear fashion. I don’t understand your question here or maybe you have not read the grant information regarding the previous grants approved for the work carried out. You have previously commented in the community call regard the amounts increasing per grant which I addressed at the time as you also mentioned it not being sustainable in the long run and this was explained on the community call. My apologies if this has been forgotten but I would like to clear this up to prevent this reoccurring question. It was due to 1 chatbot, then 2 chatbots and now 3 chatbots being build per grant. Therefoe $2,000 X the chatbots may answer this recurring question. Please scroll up to see this information;

The Graph - GRTDataHub App Analytics - Wave 6 = $2,000
Graph AdvocatesDAO
English chatbot = $2,000
German and Spanish Chatbot = $4,000
French and Turkish Chatbot = $4,000

This is no different to a grant being submitted for hosting 1 event. Then hosting said event the next time in 2 places incurring double the cost and labour etc. However, this is development, guides, tutorials, educational content and community tooling, not a hosted event. I hope that analogy makes sense.

Another note, regarding the sustainability in the long run, I believe this will be the last grant submitted by myself for community chatbots. I believe the tool is a great asset to each community and the feedback I have got has been unbelievable. Along with the excitement of new communities waiting in anticipation for this tool as per the comments above and via Twitter and their community telegram chats proves this. However, I would like to step back from making these chatbots after these 3 and concentrate on the continuous improvement on the current ones (as per the grants) to ensure they are as good as possible before the influx of new GRT holders during the next bull run. I believe each one will be used to educate, onboard and grow the graph community and create advocates, which is why I want to take a step back from developing these and create a “Quiz me” feature that will help test, prepare and aid community members to smoothy transition into potential advocates using the educational content within these chatbots.

To answer point 4 regarding if anyone is able to “plug and play”, which the GitHub being open-source this means anyone at any point can fork this repo and also build as long as they know how to code in React.js. Being a novice coder I am sure a lot of developers will be able to do this with ease. As mentioned in the first paragraph, please see the forum post on the previous grant or file regarding the License being Apache-2.0. Meaning it is available for anyone to use. (This can be read within the License file within the GitHub repo)

I believe this grant ticks all the boxes for the product / tools, its use and value within the community. Increasing community awareness, engagement, understanding or participating in The Graph or Web3 ecosystem. Could you provide context being the No vote regarding the above as per the community grant documentation please? I would love to hear your thoughts on my above replies as I hope I have clarifies a few points and answered your questions in great detail. And hopefully you reconsider your vote after reading this. :blush:

Kind Regards,

Liam | GRTDataHub


Hi Kyle,

I have received a message from 2 community members from the Urdu and Hindi communities who have commented their thoughts and support this grant. However, due to their rep they are unable to vote. What are their actions to be taken and will this be taken into consideration? I am hoping these tools will help to onboard potential advocates from these communities in the future, however there is not many as of yet.

Will this be taken into consideration given the support shown in the comments, via Twitter and their Telegram communities?


Thanks Liam! I love what you have done with Chatbot and you’re work around the whole community.

Before issuing more funds toward the Chatbot, I’d feel more comfortable once we have some more usage statistics. So far there has been $12,000 already rewarded for the development and translation efforts for chatbot. Is the $6,000 that is being requested the best next step for chatbot? Would it make sense to consider funds toward implementation in a greater sphere?

For now I have voted no, but happy to change that to a yes with some additional information :slight_smile:



Hi Derek,

Thanks for the question and thanks for your kind words regarding my work so far.

I am still in the process of adding the data analytics however I am unsure how this will add weight to the grant, as the work carried out, there is often uptake in site visits around the release of a new from the country in which it was intended. Which then carries on to get site visits thereafter.

So an example is from the last 7 days, the reoccurring users from the countries that the chatbot has been made for already.

The total number of requests from the past 7 days below…


For example if an event like, delegators able to get rewards on Arbitrum and want a translated guide on this. There could be an increase in site visits that month and the community then keeps visiting the app.

Could you please elaborate on your question? I will try to answer it however, are you implying that the $6,000 wouldn’t not be useful to build 3 more chatbots to help educate and onboard 3 more communities of enthusiastic GRT holders to help grow their community with provide them with translated content, documentation and tutorials which will aid them in guiding future community members and promote advocacy.

Could you please explain what you mean by using these funds to instead implement them in a greater sphere because I don’t know what this means? :relaxed:

Sorry to not have answers your questions just yet.

Kind Regards,


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Great! I saw this on an earlier post. But I think I’m better understanding it now.

Since I am not connected in the Urdu, Hindi and Ukrainian communities I don’t have a way to measure what type of existing userbase this would service. Are there telegram communities focused on these languages? If so, how many community members are in them (thus giving us a better idea of the benefit of translating it to these languages).

Are there other implementations outside of telegram that would be worth integrating with? For example, I know The Graph discord server has recently implemented AwesomeQA in their discord. Would we get more bang for our buck if there was a potential collaboration between the effort to train AwesomeQA with some of Chatbot’s existing information?


Hi Derek,

Okay that makes sense, I will try and provide the details for you. These communities are fairly new to be set up however I have aided the community admins and set up the security bots, welcome bot and links feature into their community Telegram. These groups are new but we have grown their Twitter account through the admins being active, proactive and also through sharing GRT Daily Statistics, growing the community engagement and followers week by week. I will share the current figures below.

I am also always happy to help any community that would like this, as you can see from above I have helped implement this across many channels. We are working to increase the community members of these communities through the Daily GRT Statistics which does grow the community week on week. I have a group of community admins, community support and newsletter authors. This helps us to easily collaborate and support one another, also, I ensure all of these are within the GRTDataHub app (Graph Advocates Spotlight and Graph central both have their own page where I archive all issues in all languages for future and current community members to be able to easily access). DappLooker dashboard integration within the app and a new feature I am working on is a carousel of the communities within the GRTDataHub with direct links to their socials and chat groups.

Below are the currently members. Together I believe we make the graph ecosystem and groups better by the day by providing support to one another.

I hope this paint a bigger picture for you on the work that I am carrying out and how these chatbots are a part of the whole onboarding and community tooling process to improve new communities.

![image|469x500](upload://pxXdFsQfgUhr5CyuG0hi5r1NdTX B.jpeg)

I have also recently seen the AwesomeQA which has been implemented recently, I believe Colson is the one training this is that correct? He asked to provide this bot with content for training etc. which I said I would provide these questions.

All of these can be accessed within the open-source GitHub within the ENGMessageParser.js which taken the user input and then provides the answer to the input.

However, with these being used to train the Discord chatbot I thought this may be a duplication of the work already carried out to build the English chatbot within the GRTDataHub app. I have always believe the community chats should stay human community led and then maybe a direct link to the chatbots already built and fit for purpose.


Hey @DataNexus ! I agree with liam about the new Pakistan community that have just started to build and is gaining more attention with time as i am doing my best to spread graph awareness by organising educational events, translating text to help my community and by social interactions specifically on twitter(for now). Also you can check my recent event here

And will be organising one on 3rd March !!

This all is too support the thing that Urdu community is getting stronger with time and as a community lead in Pakistan i believe this chatbot can be a help to our community for sure :smile:


I think this would be awesome. Not sure that something like this falls within the current grant request, but I see a lot of value in expediting the AwesomeQA knowledge base.

Very cool! It’s understandable that the communities would be new, and this is something that aims to help them grow more rapidly.

I have changed my vote to a yes with the data you’ve included :slight_smile: