Grant Proposal: Web3Samaj Bootcamp

Grant ID: 8685dynbd


Web3Samaj was launched by one simple goal in mind: to make India powerhouse of web3. We are truly passionate about blockchain and how it will shape the future. We have one of the most active community in India and we are expanding it with out newest and most value adding project: Web3Samaj Bootcamp!

Bootcamp? What does this mean? What will we do? How is it happening?

The idea of bootcamp is fairly straightforward, but we have added so many valuable things that it will help Companies and protocols, like The Graph, to actually get value out of it with increase in activity in their whole ecosystem. We have partnered with 12 top universities in India to start a 5 weeks of bootcamp with them. Universities include IIT-roorkee, VIT, SRM, IITG, IITD, IGDTUW and so on.

We have opened a Web3Samaj exclusive chapter if there was none or have partnered with preexisting club at their universities to start this bootcamp.

Each university has on an average 50 students who will take the course for 5 weeks, 2 days online and 1 day offline. These sessions will be led by university and club leads, and Web3Samaj’s core dev will be traveling to these universities to take the session as well. Web3Samaj has also hired 2 core devs who have extensive knowledge about web3, solidity, Graph, Push protocol, Alchemy APIs and so on.

We are on a target to cross 600 students in colleges talking about web3 and taking solidity courses. It will be the biggest bootcamp India has ever seen so far in web3.

Bootcamp Objectives:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of blockchain and Web3 technologies
  2. Gain proficiency in cryptography as it applies to blockchain
  3. Master the basics and advanced features of Solidity for smart contract development
  4. Explore popular blockchain standards like ERC-20 and ERC-721
  5. Work hands-on with real-world blockchain protocols and SDKs such as The Graph and Alchemy.

Course Schedule:

Week 1: Introduction and Foundations
Offline (Day 1):
Introduction to Blockchain and Web3

Online (Days 2 & 3):
Fundamentals of Cryptography: Symmetric vs. Asymmetric, Hash Functions

Week 2: Smart Contracts and Development Frameworks
Offline (Day 1):
Introduction to Smart Contracts
Graph Session: Introduction to Graph and its Importance in Web3

Online (Days 2 & 3):
Development Frameworks: Hardhat vs Foundry
Introduction to Solidity Programming

Week 3: Token Standards and Intermediate Solidity
Offline (Day 1):
Introduction to ERC-20 Token Standards
Graph Session: Using Graph Protocol to query blockchain data

Online (Days 2 & 3):
Coding an ERC-20 Token
Deep Dive into Solidity: Enums, Storage Variables, and Mappings

Week 4: Advanced Topics and Auditing
Offline (Day 1):
Introduction to ERC-721 and NFTs
Graph Session: The Graph community and About Graph AdvocatesDAO

Online (Days 2 & 3):
Advanced Topics: Proxy Contracts, Upgrades, and DeFi
Overview of Auditing: Importance, Opcodes, and EVM

Week 5: Other Protocols and Hands-On Training
Offline (Day 1):
Introduction to Other Protocols: The Graph, Push, Polygon
Graph Session: More on creating a Subgraph, what are substreams and so on.

Online (Days 2 & 3):
Hands-On Training with Partner SDKs (Session 1 & 2)
Course Wrap-Up and Review

Week 6 to week 8 will not be a bootcamp but bounties + building something and submitting as a project.

This bootcamp is designed with students and professionals and their college and work in consideration. While the bootcamp in totality is 5 weeks long, we expect breaks. We will also invite and add universities on a rolling basis if some new university wants to take part in the bootcamp session.

We will also do 4 twitter spaces and 4 newsletter advertisements or full newsletters about The Graph

I have read and agree to the privacy policy:

Describe what your project does or is aiming to do in 50 characters or less:
Web3Samaj is India’s first educational mediahouse leveraging newsletter and different educational contents to uplift the developers and bringing more web2 devs into web3. Web3Samaj’s areas of focus include a growing developers community (over 3000+ devs including all the social media), a newsletter with 20,000+ subscribers, 15+ University chapters under Web3Samaj, and ease of organising events and a wide network of developers, speakers and web3 enthusiasts.

If available, please enter a link to your project below: (

How far along are you?:
We have been building our community and organizing sessions for the last 7 months. In 7 months, we have grown from 0 to 20,000+ subscribers on our newsletter. All real people and no bots. Our referral program was a hit as well.

We have organized more than 15 events, partnered with 15 universities, taught over 2000 students, built a community of 3000+ devs, had multiple twitter spaces with significant crypto twitter personalities and DevRels. We are launching multiple other programs which will help devs learn web3 and get a job in the space. Our sole goal is to empower more Indian web3 devs to help them break into web3.

Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area? How do you know people need what you’re making?:
I do have experience in doing events, taking workshops, and doing bootcamps. My cofounder and I have done a lot of our own events (for example TEDx), taken workshops on web3, solidity, complex math and so on.

People definitely need a bootcamp. Why? Alchemy University is a great example. It is one of the best web3 learning websites online, but it misses one thing: offline face-to-face conversation. While the content is great, students and the instructor may not have a connection in an online setting. That’s why Web3Samaj is focusing on doing a hybrid model. Another reason is that we are also distributing the content which might be available online, but it is still not widely accepted or people are still confused about where and how they should start learning web3.

I get DMs everyday asking me how to get started on web3. This clearly tells me that there is a need for a bootcamp specially in Universities where students might be great web2 devs but haven’t yet tried a lot of web3.

What’s new about what you’re making? What substitutes do people resort to because it doesn’t exist yet (or they don’t know about it)?:
One of the most important things about the bootcamp is that we are in the universities for more than 4 months. It’s not a one time session where students are told what is web3 and what is ERC721 smart contract just to market a certain company.

There are hundreds of examples currently where certain companies and projects have organized events or workshops at universities for 2-3 hours max and ended up telling students very very superficial knowledge about web3.

For those who are actually in web3 for a long time like you and I, we know that web3 is a deep rabbit hole, and it cannot be summed up in 2 hours.

So setting up a bootcamp is basically setting up our base in these universities for more than 4 months and having access to hundreds of engineering level students.

Another thing is that currently people have to go online on Alchemy or LearnWeb3DAO discord, but they don’t have any real friends currently who are doing web3. This gives them a chance to collaborate and help each other in an offline and online setting so that they don’t get demotivated and leave the studying in between. It is a very easy pattern that can be found in an online environment.

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
there are multiple things that we will be targeting all at once:

  1. Increase in the great number of devs for the web3 ecosystem.
  2. 40% increase The Graph India’s social activity and online presence.
  3. Direct support from dev community of web3samaj
  4. More activities related to The Graph protocol in Web3Samaj.
  5. Onboarding over 30-40 advocates in 6 months to The Graph ecosystem.
  6. Training experienced Advocates (all India + other advocates if they are interested) to turn into delegators and indexers.
  7. Overall more presence in Indian ecosystem
  8. Educate 500+ students aggregated from all our cohort programs to become delegators and/or indexers for The Graph ecosystem.

How will you measure success?:
Some of our KPIs will be:

  1. How many students finished the course/bootcamp? We are targeting 70%
  2. How many students really performed very well and are capable of getting a job or starting their projects? We are targeting 50%
  3. How many devs we onboarded to The Graph Protocol and have them build things using The Graph? We are targeting 60%
  4. If we help 30% of our students turn into Content creators and Event evangelists, they will be able to make their university chapters self-sufficient.
  5. Since we will also be targeting professionals, we will help these devs turn into Delegators/Curators for The Graph. If we can onboard 20% of them, we can think of success.

What milestones will you achieve in the coming weeks/months, with or without the grant?:
We have already started testing out bootcamp and have launched in one University (IGDTUW). We have sessions every week on web3, backend and frontend, and we have 75 students enrolled in it.

This bootcamp at this university was a sample test on how many people will be interested. Now, we will be launching a common application for student leads to fill out and make necessary arrangements for the bootcamp. This happens with or without grant. We are targeting rolling out bootcamp to 2 more universities and then slowly to more.

Please select who you think will benefit from your project?:
Subgraph Developers, Delegators, Curators, Indexers

How much funding are you looking for? (USD):

Provide a breakdown of your requested funding:
Room/Place for students (if by any chance they are not able to geta a college rooms) - $500
Food - $2500 – Food for every session in every college. 5 sessions * 12 colleges = 60 sessions * 50 students = 3000 snacks. That’s why a bit expensive.
Swags - $500 – Swags for all the students who finish the course.
DevRel/mentors travel cost – $800 – for every mentor to travel to different city or state, there will be cost for their stay or travel.
Miscellaneous costs – $200 – costs such as getting standees or other stuff.

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I have been in web3 for 2 years now. I have worked on multiple NFT projects, and I am a smart contract engineer. My background is senior software engineer, but I am passionate about India and helping people from there.

My cofounder is based in India and he will look into all the logistics of the bootcamp and sessions. He is a senior data scientist as well with a background in Math.

Apart from this, I have done significant work in web3 like helping Alchemy University launching their guild program all by myself, one of their first ambassadors, mentor in developer dao, advocate at The Graph, mentor in Mina Protocol and similar web3 communities.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
I have been an advocate for a while now, and I want to do things a lot better as an advocate because I see the potential in the community to rise. In the past, I have done enough querying and I really think that Graph has the potential to go above and beyond in web3. I also believe that people can have a lot of opportunities in web3 if they work hard enough.

I do not like bad actors in web3 who have used web3 people for their own benefits. I want to educate as many people as possible. I want to make web3 a fun and safe space for everyone. I do not like people who get grants or spend money in the name of organizing an event and marketing the project. I want to organize GREAT workshop sessions at the cheapest value possible. The web3 and The Graph Protocol will succeed only if we hit the right buttons and get the right people.

Are you applying as a team or individual?:

What type of grant are you pursuing?:
Long-term (continuous)

Please select the category your project best fits into:

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Thanks for your proposal.

I have a few queries:

How many partners are you targeting to finalised? (Excluding The Graph)

Could you provide us their Resume? Because if the DAO is paying for them it make sense to check their skillset.

Is this Bootcamp is Web3Samaj first offline bootcamp?
If yes then what basis are you expecting 70% students finishing the course? Because maintaining consistency of having students joining each session is really difficult ( more difficult in offline mode).

Since these bootcamps will be happening in colleges there is high probability that the majority will be first year students, and since they are first year student with minimum tech knowledge, how are you calculating 60% of them turn out to be Graph Protocol devs? ( considering Graph is not as easy as building a normal website or basic Smart Contract)

Since there are no other sponsors, is it correct to say that these Swags will containing designs only for Web3Samaj and Graph Protocol?

If they are no other funders/sponsors, what other protocols are providing in the bootcamp for including their SDK? And as per my knowledge Web3Samaj is connected to Alchemy University, so are they supporting this bootcamp in some other manner?

Also, if its going to be completely sponsored by The Graph Protocol then I guess its focus should be only on the Graph and Smart Contract building.

I hope this makes sense to you and I apologise if anything mistreated from my end.

Thanks, waiting for your response.



In general, about what I would like to consider and what suggestions can be made on my part.

I would like to start with how many people you have in your team and how it will be organised? You specified that the program will be 5 weeks, 2 days online and 1 day offline in 12 universities. How do you plan to do this training in 12 universities at once? Do you have people who will do it?

Next is the fact of funding, namely the budget. I would recommend reducing the budget for food. As it is in fact quite ineffective, and it looks like you are just eating through the grant. Make for example 1-2 meetings just to talk to the students and get to know each other, get to know each other. Rather than buying food for every meeting. Because if it is a university, students can take food from home for example.

Going back to the 1st point about people. You cover quite a lot of technical terms, do you have people for that? To cover occupation in all 12 universities.

What is the value of this particular grant to The Graph. At this stage we already have 4 or 5 grants that are focused on the Indian community, so then why fund this grant?

I would like more reference to the personal experience of those who will be working with the grant. To see the backgrounds and their accomplishments.

One last thing I would like to bring up is the fact that you mention a developer community (over 3000+ devs including all the social media), a newsletter with 20,000+ subscribers. But I didn’t see those numbers on your social media. Can you explain this in more detail?


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Can you throw more light on this ?

“Proudly backed by Alchemy.”


Thanks for all the valid questions! Very great points.

Answering everyone here in a single big text to keep the consistency and make it easy to read.

First for ser @Megabyte

  1. How many partners are you targeting to finalised? (Excluding The Graph) : Currently Graph only. But we are in talks with Polygon, DoraHacks, Mina Protocol. Nothing is finalized currently.

  2. Could you provide us their Resume? Because if the DAO is paying for them it make sense to check their skillset.: Yes for sure. These are devs that I have worked with in the past, and I have complete faith in their technical skills. I will ask for their resumes or Github for proof of work. A little clarification here: They are not on DAO’s payroll, but the grant will be used for their travel + accommodation to different cities.

=> Yes it is. We are targeting only serious devs and builders. To filter out, we let the college leads start an application process and select people who have good PoW. We have also rolled out the bootcamp in one of the colleges in Delhi, and it’s been working great for last 3 weeks. Close to 70 people attend the offline and online session without missing even one. The college leads are very enthusiastic and have great leadership skills. :))

=> No not at all, we are not targeting first year entirely. We are targeting students of all years, mainly focused on Junior year (3rd year) students since they have more technical competency at that point. The freshman and sophomore students are entering web3 and “may” end up using The Graph for their projects and to teach more to people. Every student, dev, builder using Graph Protocol or getting to educated about it from us is a dev onboarded.

=> Yes, Swags will have Web3Samaj and Graph logo only. For the design, I am thinking of a decently sized Graph logo in the back and small web3samaj logo on the front. Can come up with more designs later.

=> Good points here. My thought process is simple here. I am big on educating people for free and not charging them a dime. Alchemy University, Patrick Collins and LearnWeb3DAO’s missions are the ones I believe in. And that is the only reason why we are using their courses or SDKs for the bootcamp. I don’t want to recreate the wheel and make more web3 education courses because that would be waste of time and resources. So we have decided to use AU + Patrick Collins Videos.

As for only focusing on Graph and Smart Contract, this is the main goal, but the education material by these players is great. They teach smart contract development, so I dont think that should be an issue.

No, AU is not with us for this bootcamp. We have a separate support from AU which doesn’t involve bootcamp currently since it’s a new endeavor from Web3Samaj.

Replying to @doxe01.eth ser:

We currently have 2 devs, 1 BD, 1 cofounder based in India. We will be expanding to having 1 more dev/devrel in next 2 weeks. We are not planning to organize in 12 universities at once. It will create unnecessary pressure on devs and team plus it is not a scalable model at all. We are trying to go with Round Robin methodology but with 3 colleges at once, and then start the batch of next 3 when the first ones are about to be finished. Of course it can be changed depending on the University’s closure, vacation time or anything else.

This is somewhat true and somewhat wrong. To understand why we are doing this, we need to understand the psychology of students here. Why should I go to a bootcamp? because I am genuinly interested in learning and improve myself, right? But what are the perks or incentive to do the bootcamp? What am I (as a student) getting to invest my time and energy? Food is just an incentive to have people come in, have a good time while learning and give a good impression about Graph and Web3Samaj.

Every time I went to my University club’s meetings (when I was in college in US), we were served with big slices of Pizzas. Every single meeting. There can be people coming only for food, but then you slowly weed them out after first week. The ones who stay by 3rd week are the ones who came regardless of food.

I do agree with you that it’s a bit much on the food, and we can certainly reduce it, but it’s a good idea to have a comfortable projection. My math on their was very simple: Food for every session in every college. 5 sessions * 12 colleges = 60 sessions * 50 students = 3000 snacks.

But if you look at it, it’s 1 session per week in 12 colleges for 5 weeks. We just have a lot of students and so more number of snacks.

Yes, the 2 devs that we have got are proficient in web3, smart contract, graphql and Graph Protocol. One of them is starting his own DeFi protocol while another one works directly under me for other projects.

You are right, I had the exact same thought. There is a certain issue with some of the grants ( I don’t want to sound rude here ), but according to my personal observation, there have been “events” where you talk about Graph, AdvocatesDAO and what Graph does. There is no consistency or followup with the attendees later on. Even if there is, the conversion ratio doesn’t seem much. How many advocates or devs did we get from our previous events in cities? 1) there is no follow up. 2) there is no surety on how many people got onboarded. With web3samaj, the students will get 5 weeks of consistent support, and a good conversion rate to onboard to web3.

Another issue that I have identified is a big one. Everyone is everywhere. People who are in GraphIndia whatsapp/telegram group were in Web3Samaj’s group 4 months before GraphIndia was formed. People who are in Web3Samaj were in PolygonGuild grouos 2 months before Web3Samaj.

Where are the new entrants? My goal with the bootcamp is to target new people and increase the total size of devs in India, not to target the same ones.

Yes for sure: Can give a detailed experience in a few days if you like, but my cofounder is a senior data scientist and a startup person with a Math Background. The two devs: already talked about them, one of them is working on his DeFi startup which deals with bonds and perpetuals in crypto world. He has worked with Coinswitch and another web3 startup as their smart contract engineer. My second dev has worked on multiple projects with me mainly relating to Lens Protocol, DeFi projects and so on. Both of them have been in web3 for around 2 years. Our BD was an Alchemy Ambassador and that’s where I met him too. Very smart guy and Computer science background. As for me, I have mentioned all my credentials up in the form. I have been a great asset to Alchemy, LearnWeb3DAO, developer DAO, Lens Protocol and some other projects. Can explain more if needed.

The newsletter is sent through beehiiv. Getting you the numbers shortly, but the newsletter subscribers don’t necessarily need to follow a twitter. Because we have subscribers who are web2 users but still enjoy our newsletters and still dont use twitter or sit on crypto twitter 24x7. The 3000+ dev is an aggregate number from our multiple whatsapp groups that for different colleges, our discord, and twitter, college partners and so on. We have more than 6 whatsapp group with at least 300 members each and main web3samaj whatsapp having 1010 members. Even if you take overlapping of members into consideration, we cross 3000 easily.

Replying to @Charchit_Web3 ser:

What we have with Alchemy started start of this year, and the contract doesn’t have any clauses to add bootcamp or anything else later on. Our ageement with Alchemy is only for city level events in India. Not a bootcamp (as of yet).

(TOO LONG OF A TEXT, but I appreciate you guys asking hard questions. Happy to answer any follow ups. Thanks for being here!!)


@doxe01.eth another suggestion came from one of the Indian advocates was to utilize advocates who are based in India and that particular city.

This is a great suggestion and I would like to add it into the grants operations as well if you think this makes sense.

Basically, suppose Web3Samaj has its 5 weeks bootcamp in a university in Delhi, India. I ask in our advocates discord if someone lives in Delhi. If I find some great advocates, I ask them to help in organising and take a session as well, depending on their knowledge and comfort level.

Another suggestion is to increase the sessions for Graph. Apart from all the offline session, we will also do online sessions for the Graph.

More suggestions are appreciated.

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I have seen web3samaj growing exponentially in past few months and being a graph advocate and a community evangelist myself, I can vouch for them. They have worked to bridge the gap between the global audience and Indian ecosystem in very positive and impressive manner and I hope and believe that they would be continuing to do that. India needs this kind of programs and bootcamp very much. Hope that the DAO recognizes their contribution to the ecosystem and they get the grant!! ALL THE BEST!!!


Thanks for the detailed response. I have a followup query:

Are you partnering with them for the monetary support?

Will be waiting for the profiles. Also, apologies I meant the grant usage only :sweat_smile:

Would love to check them out :raised_hands:

GM @naruto ,

Can you explain how this curriculum will help students to become indexer, curator, and delegators? I don’t think students can be delegators. Prove me if i am wrong?

Based on the course curriculum, I don’t think it will be enough to help students become indexers, curators, and delegators.

What is the start date and end date of the bootcamp?

Can you explain how you plan to use the grant money for content creation, since it is intended for food expenses only?


First to answer @Megabyte

Currently no, and nothing is decided to be upfront with The Graph community. If we end up getting monetary support, it will be used to scale bootcamp program to more universities, and we will add Graph in other universities as well.

the final designs will be sent once the grant gets approved.

to answer @Charchit_Web3

You’re right, I dont want to claim and cant prove that every student we onboard will end up being and indexer, delegator, or curator. That is out of my power to convert them to be one. They will be great curators and developers through this program, but because some of them will be onboarded as advocates, our goal will be to utilize their contacts to further find potential indexers and delegators. They will have a great understanding of what are the requirements and what could be done. Plus getting delegators and indexers are part of the long game which we hope to achieve in Q1 of 2024. Our major goals for Q4 of 2023 will be to onboard more curators and developers.

Would love to hear your thoughts what we can add and change in the course curriculum according to your understanding. We are flexible with our course curriculum and can add things that you want to see.

Every university will have a different start date and end date since we want to be flexible with students college life and work. We will be covering as many universities as we can in the Q4 of 2023, but will also continue the bootcamp in Q1 of 2024 in the next semester. This is because we want to have a consistent support and presence in the universities as compared to all the other companies who come only for 4 hours session and forget about students after. As mentioned above, we have already started a test bootcamp at IGDTUW, Delhi, and every student is required to attend the sessions. We have a 65 consistent people so far.

No, the grant is not for food expenses only as it may look like. It is an education + community based grants. Every event in India or US also include same strategies for the events. For content creation, we will be running competitions and/or give students assignments to write a blog or twitter threads on Graph Protocol. At the same time, I will be utilizing Web3Samaj as a whole communtiy (more than 1600 people) to run these competitions and giveaways. We will also host 2-3 twitter spaces about Graph Protocol and would love to invite some people from DAO and the foundation. Web3Samaj will also identify some great Graph supporters on twitter and we will reach out to them for the spaces as well.

Thanks again for your questions and feedback. They are really great!

Greetings! @naruto

Please check your email, there will be an email about the grant presentation, and kindly choose a time and day that is convenient for you.


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Thanks ser @doxe01.eth .

Replied to the email.


The presentation of the project will be in the public-voice-chat channel on the Graph AdvocatesDAO Discord server on September 5th at 22:00 UTC. Entrance is open and everyone is welcome to come in and ask their questions during the presentation!

Thanks everyone for your attention!

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This is genuinely a good idea. I have known @naruto for a long time; he is a skilled developer and a valuable community builder. Organizing a Bootcamp on a hybrid model is a commendable initiative. It will contribute to fostering the Web3 ecosystem and The Graph.

Even before the establishment of The Graph India, I was in touch with @naruto regarding this Bootcamp. At that time, I was in the planning and drafting stages of The Graph India’s Charter. The Bootcamp had been under consideration for quite some time.

@naruto’s Team can deliver it good. NO DOUBT !!

But As a Community Manager in India, I have Two major concerns regarding the quality of this drafted proposal and its compatibility with The Graph’s operations. Let’s address these concerns separately.

Why do I feel this Drafted proposal should be better?

Note → The focus is not on the format or silly mistake instead on the relevant point.

=>Point No. 1

As per our earlier discussion, are you ready to accept this condition:

If fewer students join (around 10-20), Web3Samaj will provide extra sessions until we reach a total of 25 graduating students? For example, let’s consider each college.

12 Colleges X 25 students each = 300 total students let’s take 100 more into it 400 << 600.
I think Web3Samaj can achieve that.

You need to mention all the Universities you are planning to go because it’s a Grant cum funding proposal.

Important Point: The biggest Polygon Guild in the world, ‘Guild Jaipur,’ was not even able to gather more than 15 people locally in the whole city level initiative forgot single college. (My POV)

=>Point No. 2

The course curriculum appears to be somewhat vague, especially in relation to what was initially promised.

Before moving forward pls consult @Megabyte & @0x_yasshhh for the course curriculum of The Graph. The curriculum is really important for both the Bootcamp and the Grant or Funding proposal.

@PeterPan is also present and can contribute to finalizing the curriculum once we have something ready to present to him.

=>Point No. 3
Could you please share the formal report of your Newsletter to the Dao? Having over 20,000 subscribers is a significant achievement in the Web3 world.

=>Point No. 4
Students can’t afford to be delegators & To become indexers, you need at least 100,000 GRTs to stake. How you are planning to achieve that. :thinking:

I don’t agree with your response. It’s much longer than you believe, and it will definitely go beyond the grant period. This objective might remain unfinished. How can you make sure the follow up even after the grant period ?

How ser :unamused: ?

Again How you are planning to target professionals :unamused: providing they would be busy in their daily job and till now no one is able to get this audience onboarded and turning them into delegators :thinking: is another game?

=>Point No. 5
I have been in the Indian web3 Ecosystem since long. The point should not be how many enrolled in it instead it should be how many graduated. Proving IGDTUW is one of the Top Woman collage of India and the rate of course completion matters a lot.

=>Point No. 6
The funding amount you’re requesting is quite reasonable. However, the structure lacks investment on high quality content creation.

We need content for Advocates and The Graph India that will definitely bring long-term benefits. Can we confidently claim that the PPTs or study materials used by the Devrels in the Bootcamp will be one-of-a-kind and provide long-term value?

Please have some more funding for the Content Creation. It will make no sense for The Graph to use the same old style content in the bootcamp. Real Game is played with content.

=>Point No. 7

You should have definitely applied for funding to ensure this bootcamp becomes a huge success. From my POV having atleast 3 partners including one supported L2 makes sense for a Hybrid Bootcamp. As The Graph can only be used with them.

=>Point No. 8
When you apply as a team, you must tell exactly who is in your team. This means saying the names and roles of each team member so there’s no confusion about who’s part of your group.

What modifications are required to ensure compatibility with The Graph’s operations?

=>Point No. 1

Currently, The Graph India is in the process of establishing a logistics network throughout India as part of our Graph Guru Grant initiative. Can you confirm if you can produce standees within the budget allocated for the Miscellaneous section?

Concern is Logistics are yet to be settle up. Ensuring proper representation of The Graph as a Sponsor. In past i have seen lot of grant not following the proper procedure to represent The Graph as a sponsor.

=>Point No. 2

Push Protocol Tour initiative with The Graph Foundation alone establishes a strong local presence in India. Considering the challenges of the Hybrid Bootcamp, how can The Graph benefit in the long term from this initiative, especially when content creation lacks adequate funding?

=>Point No. 3

How will this project help us lay the base for The Graph, especially for the ETH India Hackathon?

What I felt with this proposal.

I’ve read your proposal three times and your responses as well. Your writing style looks good & convincing, but the proposal as well as the responses lacks the specific information we asked. Please give us more straightforward details. The Web3 community knows about Web3Samaj and Naruto and believes your team can pull this project. However, we still need all the necessary information for the grant proposal. That’s why I’ve been hesitant on behalf of The Graph India. Please work more on this proposal. Everyone wants to be part of this great initiative.

My Request to @doxe01.eth & @naruto

Can we set the presentation time to match Indian Standard Time? Because this project is focused on the Indian community, it’s crucial to have GraphAdvocates from India.


Hi! @Charchit_Web3

Thank you for such great suggestions. And what time is more comfortable for the Indian community? As alas only 10:00 UTC, 18:00 UTC and 22:00 UTC are available.

Thank you!

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GM @doxe01.eth Ser :saluting_face:

This would work 10:00 UTC = 15:30 IST.

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Hi @Charchit_Web3 and @doxe01.eth

I will reply to the points in a bit, but I do not have availiblity for other times on Tuesdays. Specially 10:00 UTC since I am based in CST timezone and it would be 5am here. 18:00 UTC doesn’t work since I will be in office for work.

So I would still proceed with the same time slot that we decided before.

I will answer all the concerns mentioned in detail, and the presentation can be recorded from my end if someone isn’t able to join.

Thank you for understanding.

@naruto Dosn’t makes sense you are asking grant for “Project related to indian ecosystem”. And don’t want to present in Indian Standard Time. It’s a request rest is your choice.

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@Charchit_Web3 valid, I ensure you that it won’t affect our operations in India since a presentation is not equal to real operation. Thanks for understanding and considering my time constraints.

@doxe01.eth can you add our event on the discord channel as well for the presentation? Thanks, ser