Grant Proposal: Web3Samaj Bootcamp


Yep, already created - Discord. We will have 3 public presentations. I will tell everything regarding that at the start.


oh okay. I couldn’t find it in the events section so asked again. Thanks!

The time is 22:00UTC = 5PM CST, right? Confirming again.

Yes that’s right, we look forward to seeing you and glad you took the time to make the presentation!


GM @doxe01.eth

Here’s the revised funding structure:

The initial funding was $4500, and $2500 was only for food. I have changed a lot and I think we want to use the funding somewhere else more suitable. Here’s the gameplan

Provide a breakdown of your requested funding:

  • DevRel + Devs content Production cost- $1000
  • Total of 3 newsletter content (3 newsletters every 2 weeks) + 4 twitter thread by Web3Samaj handle - $400
  • Room/Place for students (if by any chance they are not able to get a college rooms) - $500
  • Food - $1000
    • – Food for 2 sessions in every college. 2 sessions * 12 colleges = 24 sessions * 50 students = 1200 snacks. That’s why it’s a bit expensive.
  • Swags - $500 – Swags for all the students who finish the course.
  • DevRel/mentors travel cost – $800 – for every mentor to travel to a different city or state, there will be a cost for their stay or travel.
  • Miscellaneous costs – $200 – costs such as getting standees or other stuff.
  • 3 Online Google meet sessions + 3 twitter spaces: $300

Revised Total: $4700

Gm @naruto,

3+1 Days has already passed and you haven’t clarified on these points. I hope you get some time to give a brief straight forward & direct reply along with some genuine numbers. Please don’t use your good writing skills to avoid the main specific point.

I hope you will explain all those details in the recorded presentation.

Best of luck ser.


@naruto also add this one.

Link to your Project simply means Web3Samaj Bootcamp not Web3Samaj as an entity or community.

Here links can have:

  • Any notion having people in your team.
  • Roadmap of your basic planning
  • Connection established with collages.

and So on.

Excited for your presentation


I have participated in multiple web3 bootcamps, and I am confident that they are one of the most effective ways to connect individuals with emerging technologies.

The proposal is well-crafted. I would like to bring one specific aspect to your attention: consider establishing a dedicated bootcamp channel where participants can easily connect with one another, share their experiences, and provide mutual assistance.

Congratulations on your excellent work! :clap:

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Hi @Charchit_Web3

Thank you for your consistent support and feedback. I have already presented to the the Graph DAO, and all your concerns were addressed in the same presentation.

I will still answer you as soon as I get some free time to properly craft a reply to your text. Thanks for understanding!

That’s a great suggestion!

We have a Web3Samaj dicsord (Web3Samaj) where we will do this. But it might be a great idea to add some graph-bootcamp in Web3Samaj discord and Graph discord if possible.



GM @Charchit_Web3 ser,

Extremely sorry for the delay. I was busy with a lot of stuff for Web3Samaj community, but I will answer all your questions here. I also had a PPT that I presented to DAO, and every single point that I have answered there, I will direct you to look into the that PPT.

Link to PPT → Web3Samaj <> Graph PPT - Google Präsentationen

Yes, our deliverables will include “at least 400 students” and at most 500 for this grant.

Slide number 11 in the PPT.

I do not understand how a certain event in a certain city affects us. There is not a single university from Jaipur in the list of universities that we have targeted.

Moreover, we are a team of professionals who have been in web3 for 2.5+ years at least. One of us has been in bitcoin since 2014 even before I came to know about bitcoin. And we are targeting only the colleges that will actually give us that many students and where the students are actually interested in learning web3. We dont believe in a 3 hours sessions where people will do “build your first dapp” sessions and get done with it.

Sure, will talk to some seniors at Graph and DAO members about what should be the curriculum if the grant is passed.

Slide number 14 in PPT is directly from our Beehiiv account which is the platform we use for newsletter. I will still attach it here for your satisfaction.

Our plans were bigger, such as to enroll universities as delegators after forming good relations with their Dean and authorities, but now looking back to it and considering your great suggestions, I have realized that it is a task that will require a lot more funding, and might be included in any future grants. So in my presentation to the DAO, I stated that we are only targeting developers and curators. Thanks for this feedback!

answered above. This has been removed from the scope of the grant. :slight_smile:

Same answer.

Sir, I can guarantee you that I have been in the Indian and US web3 ecosystem longer than most. We have already recognized this issue 3 months before proposing it to anyone. We are not targeting or looking at the enrollments at all. We are solely looking at number of people who finish the bootcamp. Because of this reason, we “ONLY” enroll the students and universities who will genuinly finish the bootcamp with us. IGDTUW has been going for 3 weeks, students finish their assignments, attend the online and offline sessions everyday. If they cannot, they have a valid excuse. All of this is being tracked by our stellar ambassadors of IGDTUW and every weekend they give me reports on how many students finished it and how many students missed the classes.

Changed it now. it’s mentioned above + in the slide 13 in PPT as well.


Yes ser, we are reaching out to more partners to make it success, but we are quite confident that all we need is 1 partner and good web3 solidity content (choosing Patrick Collins courses) as resource. But as I said earlier, we will be taking partners on a rolling basis. This means a certain partner (for example, Polygon/arbitrium, which are both L2s) can decide to join us in October, and we would still work it out with them. We need to be flexible in order to have more partners. Hope you understand that.

Mentioned in slide 16 of PPT. All of us are very experienced in Web3 and been in the space for a long time. Please refer to the slide with their twitter and githubs.

I will give you brief regardless.

  1. Smit is a blockchain dev and does tech due diligence at Delta Fund. He has also done a graph video 1 year back->

  2. Aadhithyan is a young smart contract + AI engineer. He has worked for quite a few US startups. I have known him for a year.

  3. Dhruv is also a blockchain engineer who works directly under me for our product that is currently in development. He has been in web3 for 2 years and have won 5+ hackathons, I believe.

Me, Rahul and Ansh are also in the same slide.


I dont know who you’re talking about when you say people dont follow proper procedures, but as I said, this is not the first time we are doing any events. We have done multiple events in the past, and we are a team of professionals. Someone’s actions and results cant be based on our team’s work ethics and moral ethos.

Push is a great company and their initiative is great too. I have already explained all the benefits that Graph will get through us + also added funding for content creation as you suggested. :slight_smile:

This just a repeat of the same sentence above

and I don’t like repeating and going on in circles, so i will clear everything once and for all.

  1. Our course module will include Graph every week. That’s 5 sessions for 5 weeks in 12 Universities. 5 * 12 = 60 sessions. That’s the MOST sessions you will get from a grant as compared to ANY GRANT that has been approved so far.
  2. We will make sure students learn inside out of Graph Protocol
  3. We will onboard more advocates for the DAO
  4. We will run a final bounty to make content for Graph such as Instagram reels, twitter threads and blogposts.
  5. Our devs will also create content for students and the advocates as well.
  6. We will encourage people to build using Graph during Ethindia and push them to go to the hackathon.

I hope these are enough for you to understand the KPIs and metrics of this bootcamp.

Looking forward for u to support us occasionally with all your knowledge :slight_smile: :partying_face:


Gm ser,

Cool 500 still is not a small number if you compare with 600. [6 x :100:]

Ser quoting your response “IF GRANT IS PASSED”.
When you check all the grants on this forum, you’ll notice that each of them has already contributed something beforehand.

Atleast a basic plan

We don’t expect you to work on the project without a grant. Since you have Smit on your team, you can reach out to him for assistance in finalizing a basic curriculum of this bootcamp. In Context of The Graph Only. Additionally, @Megabyte and @0x_yasshhh are also available here, but you’ll need to ask for their help.

If you want i can initiate your talk with Polygon SF & APAC team. Can try with Hyperlane india team also. Even Gnosis if polygon denies.

Can provide you Standee design if you want.

The problem was never with KPIs and metrics. The idea of having an offline bootcamp is great, but the proposal shows lack of research and detail. I support this grant and idea if you can provide a decent curriculum beforehand.

:saluting_face: :saluting_face:

Thanks for your feedback ser.

your welcome ser…

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GM @naruto,

It’s been 3 days can you please confirm this ?

Hi @Charchit_Web3

We believe that the curriculum that web3samaj has decided in the grant above is the best route moving forward. If there are any “specific topics” that you, any DAO member or advocate wants to see, please list them out below in a detailed manner and we will add them 100%. If no one has objections on current curriculum and dont want to provide or list any topics, then we will keep the current one.

I have consulted with my team and even Smit who is an experienced graph + blockchain developer. Everyone finds this coursework appropriate for beginners.

We basically cover => Intro to Graph, querying blockchain data, the Graph community and AdvocatesDAO, creating and deploying a Subgraph, what are substreams.

I do not want to over-promise and under-deliver, I believe this is the best coursework for beginner students and to onboard more students from web2 to web3 and from web3 beginner to web3 intermediate level.

I have added some quick explanation points in front of Graph sessions

Course Schedule:

Week 1: Introduction and Foundations
Offline (Day 1):
Introduction to Blockchain and Web3

Online (Days 2 & 3):
Fundamentals of Cryptography: Symmetric vs. Asymmetric, Hash Functions

Week 2: Smart Contracts and Development Frameworks
Offline (Day 1):
Introduction to Smart Contracts
Graph Session: Introduction to Graph and its Importance in Web3

Online (Days 2 & 3):
Development Frameworks: Hardhat vs Foundry
Introduction to Solidity Programming

Week 3: Token Standards and Intermediate Solidity
Offline (Day 1):
Introduction to ERC-20 Token Standards
Graph Session: Using Graph Protocol to query blockchain data. This includes all the things such as managing API keys, GraphQL API.

Online (Days 2 & 3):
Coding an ERC-20 Token
Deep Dive into Solidity: Enums, Storage Variables, and Mappings

Week 4: Advanced Topics and Auditing
Offline (Day 1):
Introduction to ERC-721 and NFTs
Graph Session: The Graph community and About Graph AdvocatesDAO

Online (Days 2 & 3):
Advanced Topics: Proxy Contracts, Upgrades, and DeFi
Overview of Auditing: Importance, Opcodes, and EVM

Week 5: Other Protocols and Hands-On Training
Offline (Day 1):
Introduction to Other Protocols: The Graph, Push, Polygon
Graph Session: creating and deploying a Subgraph, what are substreams, Unit Testing framework, how to use subgraph studio and how to deploy subgraph to the subgraph studio, transferring subgraoh ownership

Online (Days 2 & 3):
Hands-On Training with Partner SDKs (Session 1 & 2)
Course Wrap-Up and Review

Week 6 to week 8 will not be a bootcamp but bounties + building cool ideas and submitting as a project. We also include a short session on Chain Integration Process by The Graph

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:saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face:
This will going to help our ecosystem.


Hello, from your intro you stated the bootcamp would add value to companies and protocols. What kind of companies are we looking at, please? Please, also is the aim of the boot camp to cover both technical and non-technical disciplines. I also believe that some of the topics stated to be treated, it would best achieved in collaboration with The Graph India, my suggestion though


Read through and voted yes in the primary community poll. Naruto is quite popular in the web3 ecosystem so i trust that it will be productive.

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Hi Regie,

Currently we are in talks with Alchemy to include Bootcamp in our partnership already and Arbitrum. We will see where we can get with that. Thanks for suggestions!

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Thanks a lot ser. It’s supporters like you who add value to my network! Happy to help anytime you need. :))