Grant Proposal: The Graph Germany

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The German The Graph Community on Twitter and Telegram we also on Reddit , Tik Tok , Instagram and You Tube.

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I believe that a monthly budget of $1000 would be appropriate for the time we spend online, up to 10-14 hours per day. This would cover the translation work, daily work within the communities, and research. Additionally, monthly software license costs should be sufficient with $300-400 to cover the fixed monthly expenses.

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

If yes, please describe where you’ve received funding from and how much you have, or will, receive:
in the past for the Community building and for Hardware in 2022 , 6500 Dollar

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
I have already communicated my vision in previous discussions. It involves further building the community of The Graph Germany and promoting the development of additional communities such as GRTDataHub, The Graph India, and The Graph Nigeria on Twitter, as well as The Graph India on Telegram. These communities will be advanced under my initiative to promote the expansion of network security through delegators. My main focus will be on The Graph Germany in connection with GRTDataHub. I will only assist the other communities with my knowledge and commitment until their leaders can further develop the initiative. Essentially, I will only provide support in the development process.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
We successfully introduced The Graph to the German-speaking community and were able to grow our membership during a challenging market period. We enhanced our collaboration with various communities and developed personal connections with some of them. Our priorities included translating Graphtronauts and focusing on topics such as delegation and network security. We actively contributed to these initiatives in the German-speaking community. To foster a continuous presence, we leveraged The Graph’s daily statistics through GRTDataHub to provide our members with regular content.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
Hello, my name is Andy, and I am a Graph Advocate. I lead the Graph Germany Community for the German-speaking region, which was founded in November 2021. Initially, I only had four enthusiastic investors. Delegators, indexers, and curators were still foreign words for us. I wanted to learn more about The Graph, but there were hardly any interested people in Germany and no one I could talk to about it. So, I began to research on the internet and contacted new people. One of my first contacts was Oliver Zerhusen, who was at that time the Ecosystem Manager for The Graph Foundation, and later founder of the Graph AdvocatesDAO. I began reading the information in The Graph Academy, even though I am not a software developer and it was a big challenge for me, as everything is written in English and very technical.

However, with courage and hard work, I have continued to develop and have now been able to establish a Telegram group for The Graph Germany with more than 330 members, as well as a Twitter channel with more than 1,400 followers. We also have the opportunity to delegate and use the Graph Explorer in different languages. I was contacted by Liam from GRTDataHub, who was preparing a creative statistic, and we founded our own community GRTDataHub to motivate people from different countries to join us.

As the questions about delegation, indexer and curator have increased, the idea of the chatbot was born, first the German chatbot and later others in different languages. I also engage in all communities and support the Graphtronauts with translations of delegation instructions as well, as with the Graph Central of Chibudem for the newsletter and its translations into German. I was also included in the Mission Control Group from Graphtronauts, that is the restricted group of mods and which is a great honor for me.

I am currently trying to expand my involvement on a broad front by supporting the establishment of The Graph India on Telegram and Twitter and supporting The Graph Nigeria Twitter channel. I have also created many logos for The Graph communities as well as intros for the greetings on various channels. Recently, I was also appointed to the Graph Guardians by Tegan Kline.

The requirements and workload have already increased, which I handle with pleasure.

As I am designated for ongoing support in the Advocate DAO, I am requesting a sum of $4,000 for the next 3 months. This should cover up to 12-hours of daily online time and monthly software costs. I have not considered submitting my hours for translating newsletters.

Planning for an event is underway in Germany, as well as for the YouTube channel with daily statistics in the form of a TV show. Avatar-driven reporting like this presentation is planned.

I am also preparing an advanced chatbot with voice, like the one Liam Doyle is currently building.

I hope that wasn’t too long. And if there are any questions, please let me know.

Thank you.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
I think my remarks and my commitment since November 2021 show my willingness and motivation for Web3 in particular The Graph.

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AI Speaker


Hi! Thank you for your work and the time you took to write the proposal!

Please tell us about where you plan to start, in case you receive grant funds, and I’d also like to hear a breakdown of the budget in more detail!

Thank you!

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Hi , thank you for the question I will wait a bit and collect the questions to answer them all in one go. although I have already given my list in the question.

Hi, I’ve read this a few times now and I’m still a little confused as to what the grant would be for, would it to be online, on telegram for 10-12 hours a day and software costs?

Your monthly software license costs of $300-400, what software is it you are using? Looking at some of your videos and comparing them to those I’ve seen on YouTube I would guess RenderForest? That’s $50 a month for a business account which is the most expensive, from looking at the videos I’d not say they’re 1080p quality which is what the business account would produce. Could you please provide a full breakdown of the software you are to be using?

In your previous grant of $6500 in 2022 you stated the grant submission was for a “team’ but looking at your MM activity briefly I can’t see that anyone else was compensated, I also see that this is an individual grant submission, has the team effort changed?

You’ve mentioned “translation work” there is the correct procedure already in place for translators to be paid for their work. The link is here -ClickUp forms

The Telegram and Twitter communities that you have set up, could you elaborate on what you have done other than make an introduction video please?

Having looked back over your previous grant where you were awarded $6500 for hardware and growth within the German community I can see that in 2021 your community had grown from launch in November 2021 from 0 to 262 Members. Looking now, the community stands at only 305 almost 18 months later with only 43 new members. Can you please share what you are actively doing with these funds to grow the community?



I will also answer your questions in detail in the next few days. the breakdown would be in there.

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These are great remarks and thank you for taking the time to review the content created so far by Andy. I’m very eager to get to know the answers, too!

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Hello again, @TheGraphgermany

I recommend submitting your translations through the form linked by @MidnightSummer as it provides transparency and allows us to measure the quality of translations through our established process. Additionally, you will be compensated for each translation, so it won’t have to be a part of your community grant. Our team of advocates will proofread all translations and provide feedback to help you improve. I can’t stress it enough but I highly recommend using this path as it benefits everyone involved, including the final recipient :slight_smile:

I noticed that you’ve allocated 12 hours per day for online presence in the German community. Could you please provide more details about how are you using this time currently, given the presence of the GRTdatahub chat bot which can answer some questions?

While it’s great that you’re sharing your knowledge and experience with other communities, I’m curious to know your plans for further developing the German community.

My last question for now will concern the collaboration with Prof. Philipp Sandner from the Frankfurt School of Finance which was a deliverable of your previous grant and if you can describe it and provide outcomes of that partnership.

Thank you in advance for answering my questions!


Thank you very much for your words and the questions to which I will be happy to respond and answer. A short feedback from me on the reaction only today. I spent the weekend celebrating my father’s 80th birthday. And at the same time I thought about whether and how I would withdraw my request and answer the questions in detail, which correspond to my assessment of the daily online time. My translations are visible to everyone because the previous newsletters in German were written by me. The quality of texts published by the Graphtronauts can also be checked. (These are only for reference and are not the focus for the time nor for the settlement.) I will come in the next few hours or days for the explanation and presentation of the German community and their last scholarship settlement. Until then, I’ll gather the facts and information.


Andy@ The Graph|Germany :de::
So you dear I have of course left me some time to make the questions and thoughts, as I bring you my ideas and successes or stage goals closer.

I address therefore all Advocaten, which formulated your questions and hope, these for you as detailed as I can or would like.

On the one hand, the constellation in the German-speaking community has changed a little. We have represented the interests of the foundation with people in the past. But by losses of courses the motivation breaks here and there a little.

As a result, our cooperation focused a little on my person. Of course, I was alone in this.

the disbursement of the last scholarship changed the hardware and the software a little bit because of the course. because the sum had reduced a little bit.

This is not an excuse, but a fact that should be explained here as well.

So the hardware could be purchased and also the software, which of course started with Renderforst. This is as mentioned by Midnight, but of course in the full version and not as thought of poor quality. This was at the beginning a learning phase, in order to post the quality also correctly.

The addressed goals about the increase of the German-speaking community are quite clear to me to explain. In the phase of the increase to over 300 members it was important to me to adjust this to hold in the bear market and with further increases with deleted or inactive accounts.

Means: every new member was added and old inactive deleted. As I find no sense here to artificially upgrade communities or spice them up with scammers.

During this time, well over 83 members who matched this were deleted.

This makes no sense and is not the focus of quantity but quality of members.

These are also different in the German-speaking area than in other communities. In the German-speaking area, the structure is more focused on the plant and not blessed on developers.

Therefore also the intention to motivate these in the network security with the delegates, which contain the cooperation with the Graphtronauts in temporal sections.

The translations are naturally in the center, since they appear important for the German area.The account takes place separately and is not center of the activities.

The intention with Professor Sandner and other important German-speaking space are not yet off the table and require extensive preparations from both sides, which will be completed in the course of the year 2023 in the course of the community meeting.

The successes are actually difficult to narrow down, since the indexers Data Nexus and Graphtronautsindexer are the favored indexers of the German-speaking community.

Successes on the part of GRTDataHub can be seen separately. Liam has the chatbot creation and I have the content creation and marketing/motivation of the community leaders in the GRTDataHub community.

Awareness has increased as a result for the Graph Protocol, which you would be better able to judge.

My work to support each community with welcome intro or creating logos is a part of the work that is hard to measure.

Time is a factor that has never been, nor ever will be, accurately calculated by me on Twitter and the social media channels.

Just FYI, my online time allows me to know which of the advocates are regularly active on Twitter and co and this is very expandable in my opinion.

Since most of the Advocates have little to no activity. this just mentioned in passing.

For some time my activity is thereby also in other communities, which have nothing to do with the German-speaking, as part of my personal interest.

These communities know about my presence and do not need my explanation.

For the newsletters of Kyle and the Graph Central around Chidubem I spend time, on which I did not count . Since the whole thing seems important to me.

To the breakdown of my scholarship request. Unfortunately I found it sad as the Continuous is only on the list but never runs automatically. This frustrated me and actually considered my commitment to reduce this.

But as I feel a strong commitment from my community and er fellowship as a German, I don’t want to let these great people down.

The cost of software was and is therefore also a part of my ideas for the future. as Elevelabs, ChatGPT, Midjourny and Studio d id as well as some small apps I use or aim for in the future will be an increased cost factor.

These can be saved a little in the short term in consultation with Liam at GRT Datahub. To what extent they will be useful and effective remains to be seen.

I am generally in favor of cost savings and interested in doing so.

The only thing I don’t want to reduce is work time and engagement for everyone.

Online time is a significant factor and research as well as contacts to maintain or build. These are with the monthly amounts only an expense allowance in my eyes and should actually be granted to many of the communities that are active in The Graph ecosystem or strive to build erhalt as well as expand it.

Thank you all
Andy The Graph Germany

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Thanks Andy for your grant proposal, as we all know your passion and commitment to The Graph ecosystem. You are always keen to help everyone and support various communities around the world, while managing your very own Graph Germany family.
In order to proceed with the evaluation of this grant, I wonder if you can structure your proposal in projects. I think this will help better to evaluate your proposal for the community and for the DAO members.
Looking froward for your feedback.


Hi Andy,

I would like to echo @pdiomede 's comments. Your contributions the The Graph communities are well known and valued!

That said, it would help me to vote yes on this grant application if the deliverables were more specific and measurable. I know that can be tough with community management because a lot of the contribution is interpersonal, but something like number of new community members, social channel engagements/impressions, etc. would help refine this application in my opinion.

Thanks again for all your hard work in growing The Graph ecosystem! Looking forward to your responses. :raised_hands:


Project Name:
The Graph Germany 2.0
Project Description:
The Graph Germany is the largest non-official German speaking community supporting The Graph ecosystem and helping onboard new people into web3 and teaching them about delegating and curating for The Graph protocol. This grant proposal is about my next vision for The Graph Germany as we evolved from the original concept. Today, The Graph Germany proudly help bootstrapping and supporting new communities around the world to increase The Graph protocol awareness.

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @TheGraph_Germany
Twitter: @German_TheGraph & @TheGraph_De
Grant Description:
Community Building to support The Graph community by educating new network participants and growing the ecosystem by supporting not only The Graph Germany local community, but others community around the world.
Team or Individual:
Andy Schreiber
KPIs and Milestones:
Project 1: The Graph Germany
Continues to onboard new Delegators and Curators, unsure of how to participate in The Graph network.
To be educational, and target newcomers of The Graph, explain the role of The Graph in web3.
Continue to grow and maintain socials across several platforms (Telegram, Twitter, Reddit)
Gather data via these platforms and help feedback to the Foundation where necessary.
Daily publishing of key network stats to Twitter.
Protocol Events Milestones - Such as 100k Holders, 10k Delegators, 200 Indexers, 1000 Subgraphs migrated etc etc.
New Upcoming Developments - New integrations, Protocol upgrades - Such as Substreams announcement and L2 transition.

Project 2: Ongoing Social Efforts for other communities
Content creation trough artworks, videos, animations by using also AI tools
Daily Graph stats published in all the local Telegram communities
Helping bootstrap other communities by sharing my experience and provide content and moderation for:
The Graph Nigeria
The Graph India
Graph Central
3 months
Grant Size ($USD)
$4,000 (including software licenses)

This is also a Pilot Project from me for the future.What is The Graph

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Thanks so much @TheGraphgermany, looks more organised the grant and I just had a quick look on the Pilot Project. Do you think you can make those videos also in other languages in the future?

I voted YES as now it is definitely more clear what you want to achieve.


Thank you very much for your feedback.Yes, I think or would like to start this pilot project in all languages ​​in the future.The experiment I could try at the moment gives me confidence to do so. The software cost situation has kept me from doing so so far.They are in the variant of use that I am aiming for in the future with a monthly load that I cannot bear on my own in the long run.We are even talking about higher costs than requested and that, over the year, a higher sum than the requested for 3 months.I think and I am aware that these are costs that may seem too high for some in the first place. but the benefit will be immense in the future for all communities to use. My endeavor in all languages ​​is therefore my wish in the sense of the whole community.

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Thank you again for the questions: sorry for the late reply. I took my time to maybe find alternatives and also to test some projects.The software that is in the foreground here is just a small preview of the costs. but these two are the ones with the highest pricing necessary to do so.i don’t want to be in the i don’t want to be in the lagI don’t want to be able to I don’t want to be able to bear all the costs on my own in the long run.hence the request for help with the costs.

My apologies with a late follow up, I’ve just come back from holiday.

Thank you for the time you’ve taken to reply @TheGraphgermany, I appreciate the work you do within the community and I feel you’re certainly pushing in the right direction, no one can question your desire and commitment but I feel the AI route for example isn’t quiet there yet in terms of its capabilities, professionalism or it’s ability to deliver important messages.

In response to Paolo, I can’t see how the 2 previous replies from The Graph Germany have cleared anything up with regards to the work being carried out or making it look a more organised grant, nor have any of my initial questions been answered.

To be clear, are you now requesting $4000 instead of the $6500 that you initially asked for?

Do you feel the use of AI tooling is needed? I’m going to assume that the AI character is you, why would you not just record yourself delivering the data, message or statistics? This would remove the need of the monthly cost of AI and provide a better delivery?

In other languages I’m sure there would be Advocates or community members who’d lend their voice and appearance to deliver the message in their spoken language? Failing that, there are platforms such as Fiverr where you could hire a professional at a fraction of the cost.

Could you please elaborate on what your involvement is within these 4 communities below?

Helping bootstrap other communities by sharing my experience and provide content and moderation for:

The Graph Nigeria
The Graph India
Graph Central

You again state you’d continue to onboard users into The Graph Germany but your growth over the past 18 months only accounted for 43 new members, what will you actively be using funds for to grow the community?

I’m afraid due to an unclear plan and too many unanswered questions I’d have to vote no on this grant, however it’s clear you’re talented, driven and ever present in the community. I just feel your grant submission and the way of delivery and plan needs adjusting.

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While I have some thoughts on the proposal, my main concern is its lack of focus and clear strategy for developing the Graph Germany market and community. Supporting other communities is important, but it should not become the main priority. Instead, there seems to be a distraction in the form of providing support for other communities, which should be a minor side activity, rather than the main focus.

Regarding the use of AI tools, I don’t believe they are necessary for developing the Graph Germany. While they may have some benefits, an AI-generated voice cannot replace human interactions, and I don’t think it’s the right approach to support or develop different communities. I rather suggest sharing your experience with other community leaders and letting them take the lead in their own communities.

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