Grant Proposal: Side Event Ethereum Santiago de Chile (September 22th)

Grant ID: 2unmyv9


La Previa The Graph x Chainlink, Santiago de Chile aims to be the “little brother” of the successful event La Previa The Graph x Chainlink organized during Eth Latam Buenos Aires. It will be a side event of Ethereum Santiago, it’ll offer a workshop and a talk about The Graph, it will end with a quiz to win exclusive Graph swag.

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Ethereum Santiago will be the main local Web3 event this year. The Graph x Chainlink side event will convoque devs from all over the country and abroad.
This event will be the first stone to build a Chilean Graph Community, it will help to make discover the Network locally, bring new builders and new participants to the ecostystem.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
I’ve been an art curator and event producer for 15 years. I’ve designed swag for the chilean newspaper The Clinic and for the psychelic rock band La Julia Smith.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I participed in The Graph Curator program, I’m curating since day 1, I attended Graph Day and Graph Hack 22.
I’m a NFT curator and consultant for Chile Con Carne, an independant erotic art gallery on SuperRare.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
I want to help connecting local participants with The Graph Español community and with The Graph Network. To create new opportunities for local talents.

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Hi, this is a great opportunity to increase the Chilean community!!.

I have a few questions:

  1. Could you give a detailed breakdown of the costs?
  2. What swag will you be handing out, and could you explain the cost?
  3. How many people are you expect to attend?
  4. Are there any speakers from The Graph?

Hi Lorena, thank you very much, hope you are very well.

  1. I attached spreadsheet with costs, please consider that I made this budget last week, usd/clp then was 1/875, today it’s 1/944 :man_facepalming: I really don’t how much it will be in a month.


  1. As I mentioned in the form, I have previous professional experience designing swags, for Graph Day I made a sweater with a design Data Nexus and you inspired (attached pictures), I would like to take the opportunity of this event to design some fresh and exclusive swag for The Graph, I don’t have finished the designs yet but I can tease that there will be some interesting Diagrams. I left a detailed budget for swag in the spreadsheet with costs. I planned to give a t-shirt and a tote bag to each of La Previa Stgo assistants (after they follow Graph TG groups and Twitter accounts) and to organize a quiz about The Graph to win the hoodies.

  1. We are expecting 55 attendees (please note that Co Work Latam will charge for overcapacity if we reach 56 attendees), they must complete a form in order to participate, they should be all Web2 and Web3 Devs.

  2. I have contacted Gabriel (@LactobaciloGG on TG) and Matias (matias#2129 on Discord) they are both Graph Advocates and Technical Teachers, they should lead a workshop about Subgraphs development and migration. When I have their final confirmation I’ll also postulate them as speakers for the main event of Ethereum Santiago on friday 23th.


I like this proposal! I do think a condition for a grant being given should be that there is some kind of speaker, as well as some more knowledge of what you’re designing. So if you could get a confirmation on those speakers, and the swag designs, I am in support of this proposal! I don’t really have any questions.

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Thanks for the answers.
Great idea to have a worshop. I would like to see Gabriel and Matias to explain subgraph in Santiago.
Related with expenses. Have you confirm the side event with chainlink?


Hi Tim, nice to speak with you, hope you are doing well. I’ll try to answer your questions.

  1. Speaker: Gabriel who is Graph Advocate and Technical Teacher is confirmed as speaker, I’m waiting for the confirmation of physical attendance from Matias who is also Graph Advocate and Technical Teacher, he already confirmed at least his virtual assistance. Please note that I proposed this grant under the concept of Event Evangelist and that Gabriel proposed his own grant under the concept of Technical Teacher / Web3 Welcomer: Side event talk on EthSantiago

  2. Design: I mentioned above in reply to Lorena that I didn’t finish yet all the designs but I made some progress since this last post :wink: Also I would like to keep some surprise factor for the launch of this new swag collection.
    Nevertheless I can give some more informations, for T-shirts I’m working on upgrading this design:

    But I will also propose another design (maybe two) with same characteristics, an aesthetic and instructive diagram about The Graph functions or ecosystem.
    Hoodies, I will pay tribute to The Graph Logo and to The Graph local communities with a brand new sewing work. If everything goes well these hoodies will be collector pieces!
    Tote Bags a simple but always useful accessory, will be serygrafied with The Graph logo.


Hi Lorena, I have confirmed the side event with Gilberts Ahumada, the Chainlink representant in Chile, Gilberts has also already invited Solange Gueiros and other representants from Chainlink Latam.


That is a great initiative Armando to boost more awareness in Chile. Do you have also the agenda to share?

Dear Paolo, I’m very glad to greet you, thank you very much for your question.

The Graph x Chainlink side event will take place in a fully equipped Co work facility located 2 blocks away from the Eth Santiago official event venue on Thursday September 22th at 6pm. It’ll begin with a check in, a small reception and a swag distribution for all attendees (one t-shirt and one bag by attendees).
Gilberts Ahumada (Chainlink Chile) and Solange Gueiros (Chainlink Brazil) will introduce their workshop (60 to 75 min) it should be divided in 2 parts:

  • a general introduction about blockchain and smart contracts
  • a technical presentation about Chainlink
    We will have a break, half an hour for networking and to enjoy some snacks and soft drinks.
    Gabriel González (The Graph Advocate, Technical Teacher) will then host a workshop (60-75 min) divided in 3 parts:
  • Presentation of The Graph Network
  • Introduction to Subgraph developpement
  • Sunsetting and Subgraphs Migration
    At the end, I will join Gabriel on stage to host a Quiz about The Graph, winners will be granted with 5 exclusives The Graph Hoodies.
    We will finish this event around some tacos and cold beers, sharing our experiences about the workshop and talking about the development of the local Graph community. On Friday, (we are expecting the exact hour, apparently on main stage) On Saturday, Gabriel will present The Graph during Eth Santiago main event, together we will spend both friday and saturday there advocating for The Graph and for Web3.

It is important to mention that this is an event reserved for Web 2 Devs interested in Web3 and for Web3 Devs.
We have contracted a photographer who will film and take pictures from the whole event.
We have tried to reach the lowest costs possible.
I will pursue the local community building effort after the event, I’ll host special meetups together with Blockchain Summit Latam during October, November and maybe December 22.


Dear DAO-Members and fellow Advocates,

Side Event Ethereum Santiago de Chile took place last September 22nd.

I can’t give enough thanks to Gabriel González, Technical Teacher, who has been the speaker of the workshop, he is one of the best Subgraph Devs ever, an amazing teacher and an inspiring person!!

I would also thanks The Graph Español for all the support and the promotion, Chainlink Español for the friendly and ultra efficient partnership and Ethereum Santiago 22’ organization for inviting us to present The Graph Network during the Official Bootcamp on September 24th.

I have made a first report, you can find it here:

Please vote for the proposal. Thank you all for your support and trust :man_astronaut:


Be in Crypto (Español) wrote about The Graph x Chainlink Side Event:

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Congratulations! The majority decision of the Grant Committee has concluded to recommend this proposal to the DAO.

In order to receive official approval from the DAO, a corresponding on-chain vote needs to be conducted on DAOHaus that will determine the DAO decision. A member of the Grant Committee will reach out to you via email with instructions on next steps in order to prepare for the on-chain funding proposal.

Thank you for all your effort to present a strong proposal aiming to grow The Graph and web3 ecosystem! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would like to thank the DAO and all my fellow Graph Advocates for taking the time to read and evaluate the proposal. I send a big abrazo from Chile to all The Graph beautiful community :man_astronaut:

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I hereby agree to this grant agreement of the Graph AdvocatesDAO with the GitHub commit-hash 3858eb9315ef3a0a93d0701961ffbc2a57d45205. That document forms the legal agreement of the proposed grant with the following terms:

  • Scope

    • Project Side Event EthSantiago Chile
  • Deliverables

    • Organize a Eth Santiago Side event with Chainlink…
  • Total Grant Amount

    • USD Value: 2000 USD
    • Token: GRT
    • Token Amount: 20000 GRT
  • Disbursement Schedule ( 100% IN ONE PAYMENT)

  • Receiving ETH Address: <0x8eB18aBFBcbe1F7CB17bF5c10EE9319a5Ab6F38f>

I understand that the agreement will only be executed upon a successful completion of a corresponding on-chain vote by the Graph AdvocatesDAO. I also understand that the grant will be disbursed on Gnosis Chain.


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