Grant Proposal: Side event talk on EthSantiago

Grant ID: 3bgknzh


I was invited to talk in EthSantiago side. The main idea is to explain what a subgraph is, what the protocol is solving, the different roles, and to be open to create community there in Santiago de Chile.

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Because we are going to be able to replicate what we already did in EthLatam Buenos Aires side event called “La Previa”. And we are going to have presence on Chile event that will be very important for community building.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
I’ve been workin with subgraphs for a year and a half, so I consider myself as an experienced developer. I also made a workshop for the spanish community in telegram and I’ve been talking in “espacio Bitcoin” about the graph.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I’m working as web3 developer in protofire, focused mostly in building subgraphs. I also participated in EthLatam as a graph advocate.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
I love my work, what I do, and I really belive in the protocol. I think it’s a great opportunity for sharing my knowledge and experience with other people, and let them know how important is the work The Graph is doing.

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Hello! Thank you for your application. I have some questions:

  • Can you tell us a little about the talk you gave in Buenos Aires? Is there a link to that talk or something like it? It would be helpful to know about your previous work.

  • You say that you were invited to EthSantiago. Could you tell us who invited you? And if they invited you, why do you have to apply for a grant with this DAO? It seems to me that if you are invited by an organisation to do a talk they would also reimburse you. If not, it would be helpful to know why you applied to the AdvocatesDAO!

It is possible that you could make a valuable contribution to subgraph knowledge, but it is helpful to know more about how that contribution will work!

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In addition of the questions, could you confirm your role in the graph ecosystem and how can benefit this proposal to The Graph ecosystem?
Can you give a detailed breakdown of the costs?

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  • I’ve been talking in this event: Login to Meetup | Meetup with my pal Braian Leiva. We also talk with him on an itroduction to The Graph Development we did for telegram Espanol users.
  • I was invited by @ArmandobigK via Telegram. They organized a side event with ChainLink protocol people. Seems they want to replicate what they already did with “La Previa” in Buenos Aires. They want us to be there but they didn’t offer to reinburse or pay anything. I decided to apply here because I would be there talking as a Graph Advocate.
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I’m currently a Graph Advocate as a web3 welcomer and also as a tech teacher. I think it’ll be great to be able to participate and talk on this event that certainly will have a very positive impact in the Spanish Community, specifically in Chile. People around the world will be there for EthSantiago and this could be a great opportunity to show The Graph to all of them.
About the costs I’m assuming $200 for going from Buenos Aires to Chile, $800 for a hotel and $200 for food, expenses and contingencies.
Please let me know if you have further questions and I 'll be glad to answer :slight_smile:


Thanks, it seems really interesting but I didn’t get if you will have a slot in the agenda where you will have the opportunity to talk on stage. Can you clarify?

Well when I proposed this I had a spot on a side event for sharing a workshop about building subgraphs. On that meet I will share the workshop with Chainlink protocol people. Besides that, last days they confirmed I will also have a spot on the main stage to talk about the protocol for 30 minutes on Saturday.

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Glad that you are a part of the Advocates program and contributing to Graph! But could you tell me more about the hotel and how many days you are going to take it. And in which city are you planning to hold the event, as Chile is quite a big country? Thank you :black_heart:

I have updates on this topic. I already bought the tickets for traveling from Thu, 22 Sept 07:30 in Buenos Aires to Sun, 25 Sept 7:30 departure in Chile. I spent US$ 430.44 (Travala). I also made a hotel reservation in Best Western Premier Marina Las Condes, Alonso de Córdova, 5727, Las Condes, Santiago, for staying on those days I will spend US$335.70. (

It is very cool that you have written all the information in such a way. I wish you productive work and I support your proposal.

P.S I was just going to write, for the price of the hotel, but saw that you successfully took a lower cost option, so it’s cool that you care about the grant money :black_heart:

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Hello everyone! I have great news. There’s already published the grid for the event, you can see it here

I’ll be talking on Saturday from 12:20 to 12:50.


Thank you @Lactobacillus for your proposal and your engagement in the Graph ecosystem, highly appreciated. I understand the submission at the time you did it was done in order to get reimbursed for your expenses. This an Advocate contribution in nature and I would therefore think it best to be handled through the Advocate program vs. Community Grant.

We have soft launched the Advocate contributions process this week for the Community Care role. We expect to launch this process for all roles over the next week or so, at which point you would then be able to submit the expenses through that process and get recognized for your contributions that way. Therefore, my vote to this community grant proposal would be ‘no’, but I do support this contribution when being submitted via the soon-to-be-launched Advocate process :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations! The majority decision of the Grant Committee has concluded to recommend this proposal to the DAO.

In order to receive official approval from the DAO, a corresponding on-chain vote needs to be conducted on DAOHaus that will determine the DAO decision. A member of the Grant Committee will reach out to you via email with instructions on next steps in order to prepare for the on-chain funding proposal.

Thank you for all your effort to present a strong proposal aiming to grow The Graph and web3 ecosystem! :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome Lorena!
There are some pictures that were already shared here

I also wanted to add this spreadsheet containing all the expenses I already made. That information doesn’t include the food expenses I will afford those.

Thank you!

I hereby agree to this grant agreement of the Graph AdvocatesDAO with the GitHub commit-hash 3858eb9315ef3a0a93d0701961ffbc2a57d45205. That document forms the legal agreement of the proposed grant with the following terms:

  • Scope

    • Project Regional Community Talk
  • Deliverables

    • Technical presentation in Eth Santiago to teach about The Graph Protocol
  • Total Grant Amount

    • USD Value: 875.16 USD
    • Token: GRT
    • Token Amount: 8,751.68 GRT
  • Disbursement Schedule 100% IN ONE PAYMENT

  • Receiving ETH Address: <0xfe039d8Ce167eb11C00b6BcDDA7Ad6D74d465d55>

I understand that the agreement will only be executed upon a successful completion of a corresponding on-chain vote by the Graph AdvocatesDAO. I also understand that the grant will be disbursed on Gnosis Chain.


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