Grant Proposal: Graph AdvocateDao Nigeria

Grant ID: 3gn4092


It’s a regional community for graph in Nigeria which will supersee all graph relating marketing, event etc in Nigeria

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Nigeria is one of the country in Africa with much participation in the crypto space , Nigeians developers are now slowly adopting and become Blockchain developers ,
Nigeria is the second biggest crypto market in Africa after south Africa
For sure we will onboard more people into the ecosystem

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
I have been a part of many regional communities
I have gather alot of experience on the way

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I am crypto and web enthusiast from Nigeria , I have been in the crypto space for about 4 years with lot of experience gathered in the process . I have work for projects like near protocol ,human protocol , Hawksight ,gamify and many more

First in terms of marketing I can function very well , relating with influencers , collaborations and partnership scout as well as looking for communities to host amas on , my skill in this is exceptional as I use different tools and experience in analysing when an influencer is cheating or making use of bot
Same thing goes to spotting bot in different Communities in which we want to host ama on or vice versa
This experience was gathered while working for near stars Guild on promotion of project build in near

Also I can be a moderator admin or moderator representing my time zone
Am a Nigerian and my time zone for sure will be different from yours
I can be active during my time to moderate and assist new members
I have explicit skill in this
As I have manage close to 15 different communities during my 4 years in the crypto space
Or if there is need for orange protocol to launch a Telegram group I will be there to manage it

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
The Future of Graph is crystal clear that it will be one of the best ecosystem and as such I will love to onboard many Nigerian brothers into it

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Hi! Thank you for your grant application, I have some questions for you!

  • It seems like you want to create a central structure for Nigerian graph related projects. Can you tell us a little more about how you want to do that? Are you already in contact with Graph communities in Nigeria, is there a central place that people meet or communicate, like a Discord or Telegram server? And if not, how are you going to set that up?

  • What are you planning on using the money for? Could you tell us a little about you would do with the money each month?

  • Are you aware of GOC00019? This GOC is about supporting communities with different languages and it sounds like that might fit what you want to do. Although I imagine Nigeria has many different languages, so it might not fit.

I love your enthusiasm but would appreciate if you could write out a bit more of a structured plan and tell us some more about what you’re trying to do!

I would also like to add: Is this proposal affiliated with this other post? Introduction to graph advocatesDAO Nigeria (GAN) - #3 by Adamlawalbkr1

I would suggest keeping conversation in one topic if that’s the case. If it is not the case it would be helpful if we discussed this with all people that are interested in setting up the Graph in Nigeria so we don’t have multiple projects doing the same thing!

Tagging @Hsmoney and @Adamlawalbkr1 because they posted in the other thread.

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Hi, Could you clarify me the purpose of this proposal?
Would you like to organize a subDAO in Nigeria?

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Concerning this just like @Lorena has said it’s going to be a Subdao representing the Nigeria Region
We don’t have a telegram Group or any group yet
This is an introduction of GRAPH ADVOCATES DAO NIGERIA (GAN)

Also the forum reference post

Should answer all your question concerning what the money will be use for
And what we set to achieve

Exactly am aware of this
Just to clear everything the regional community is not just going to solve the issue of Language challenge
But as well as to market Graph and represent graph all over the country

A simple term SUBdao

Nigeria have bout 250 spoken languages but only three are consider relevant in the country

Which stands for the three most populated ethnic group in Nigeria


The Dao will have translators from this three ethnic groups and super see the translations of relevants Graph announcement as well as educate the people about Graph on this three languages

If you have any other questions feel free to ask

Thank you for your time

The purpose and aim of this proposal is here

I made it specifically for this purpose

Yes it’s subdao

Exactly they are the same

This is a reference post
Regarding the aim
And what the money will be use for
Pls take your time to go through it and if you have any other question feel free to ask

I will then go ahead and remove the other post, to make sure that we don’t have parallel conversations across threads

alright its ok ser i made the other post to answer some of the questions such as what we intend to achieve
what the money will be use for etc
i can equally move it here if its cool

The team will be made up of diverse talent from various social works of life. From content creators to translators to community managers to marketing managers, Graphic designers


  1. Increase awareness of GRAPH blockchain and its usecase in solving problems currently affecting Nigeria as a whole
  2. provide Education and resources especially to upcoming developers who see blockchain as a solution to tackle emerging problem globally
  3. provide a favourable atmosphere where companies/platforms can have direct assess to manpower knowledgeable on how to build on GRAPH
  4. provide resources which can be used to equip Nigerians to build on graph
  5. create an environment where Developers can come together and See GRAPH as a solution not just for casual use
  6. Create Dapps which will benefit Graph, Nigeria and Blockchain as a whole
  7. Create a favourable environment whereby Artist, graphic designers, musicians and anyone can promote African culture via NFTs


  1. create achievable goals which will either be accomplished monthly or quarterly
  2. create a sub-guild of developers who will build on GRAPH to provide solutions that is Nigeria BASE
  3. create a sub-guild of Talented Artists of various forms which will be focused on creating NFTs which will promote Africa especially Nigeria Culture.
  4. create contents and translation of various activities and manuscript which will easy those who wishes to onboard on GRAPH
  5. create Infographs and graphics to spread activities going on in NEAR ECOSYSTEM
  6. Host both offline and online events targeted to get investors, developers and Artists of various form into the GRAPH ECOSYSTEM
  7. Build on relationships and partnerships in Nigeria cryptosphere
  8. manage GRAPH Nigeria communities both on Telegram, twitter and YouTube
  9. Increase partnerships, onboarding projects and people


  1. Create a hub for Developers to come together and think on solutions that can be built on graph
  2. Deep knowledge into graph to provide technical content for new startups wishing to build on graph
  3. Training and Education of new developers and NFT artist
  4. Education on opportunities present on GRAPH as an Artist, motion picture artist, musician, graphic designers
  5. Thinkers of new technology
  6. Teaching and recruitment of Top notch developers
  7. create a HUB of raw talent that can be recruited by startups any where in the world


COST FOR Running the community MONTHLY* **

  1. Community management: $400
  2. Social Media Management: $350
  3. Graphics Team: $400
  4. Content Team : $450
  5. Translation Team : $300
  6. Giveaway during weekly AMA/Twitter spaces to onboard individuals: $100.

Totalling: 2000$

Thank you for this submission. There is noticeable engagement in the Nigerian community and I love that passion for web3 and The Graph.

There are a couple of key points I would like to reflect on this proposal, as I’m also assessing this relative to other regional communities we have across the globe. Contemplating the idea of a “SubDAO” to the Graph AdvocatesDAO is an interesting thought experiment, which quickly introduces a wide range of elements in my mind. For calibration purposes, here is an article that puts some definition around SubDAOs.

The topic of SubDAOs is quite extensive and I try to be brief by highlighting that an actual SubDAO would need to be spun off by a parentDAO (Graph AdvocatesDAO) and a SubDAO would then operate under its own flag, but in alignment with the mission of the parentDAO and fulfilling a specific purpose that the parentDAO does not yet cover (i.e. it’s novel). The novelty aspect in this proposal is the focus on Nigeria, a region where the Graph AdvocatesDAO has onboarded many Advocates already. The question of whether that constitutes a scope to satisfy the creation of a SubDAO would be a very big discussion for the Graph AdvocatesDAO. It would not only set precedence but also kick off discussions around numerous aspects regarding SubDAO structures and operations, such as legal frameworks, systems, workflows, etc. These are all things that the Graph AdvocatesDAO itself has gone through and is still in the process of establishing for some 9 months and counting. It may feel like a premature conclusion, but I feel fairly confident that the Graph AdvocatesDAO at this point would not have the resources and capacity available to support the creation of a SubDAO (beside the question of whether that is a desired path to follow at all).

The second point I am reflecting on is the broad scope of this proposal. I am confident that many of the Advocates in Nigeria are highly engaged and this proposal includes elements of Advocate contributions along with community-grant-worthy projects. Overall, I would recommend leveraging existing structures within the Graph Advocates Program to accomplish goals like…


…and then structure a community grant proposal around a specific idea that has detailed scope and success criteria for something like:

I think the chances to receive broad support for a proposal would significantly increase once detailed specifications provide a clearer picture of what exactly the DAO would fund.


thank you for acknowleding the passion Nigerians have for web 3 and the graph

i have also studied graph for a while now spent some time on the ACADEMY learning bout the ecosystem and am convince that GRAPH cannot handle a subdao at the moment because i would have seen SUBDAOs like MARKETING DAO , COMMUNITY DAO , CREATIVE DAO , LEGAL DAO etc

i am also aware of the advocate program which i applied for and @Colson can confirm this claim
the advocate program is bout contributions into the ecosystem which systematically means individual contribution nevertheless it shouldnt be mix up with what am proposing for ?
am proposing for a REGIONAL COMMUNITY which will form a sub community of GRAPH
. its quite essential for a community like this to exist in an ecosystem with the following

  1. promoting graph in a way the people of the region would best understand
  2. team members attend blockchain meetings and event representing graph ecosystem something GRAPH GLOBAL team wont be able to do due to time and schedule
  3. the regional community will have a telegram group , twitter handle , youtube and perhaps a website on it own in the future
    4.educating the community from time to time about the graph ecosystem
    5 . since graph is listed in binance ,coinbase and many more we will host AMAS with the regional commuinties like binance nigeria , in other to onboard more users into the ecosystem and potential investors into the ecosystem this is something the graph ecosystem wont handle . In other to make the work easy i think a regional community like this is needed to aid the ecosystem
    just like my primary school teacher would say DIVISION OF LABOUR makes it easy to accomplish task more perfectly and fine

thank you i really appreciate at this point the dao is funding the establishment of a sub regional community which will through their activities and engagement brings about massive involvement of nigerians into the graph ecosystem as well preach the goodness of graph to even the grass root coomuinities in nigeria

even if the GRAPH ADVOCATEDAO NIGERIA IS NOT A SUB DAO we will operate under the GRAPH DAO as just a sub commuinty of people with the same belief and culture

thank you pls do well to specify ant further issues i will be more than willingly to answer

Yes, great to welcome everyone :smiley:, very cool development initiative, but here’s what I’m wondering :smiling_face:

Could you provide some evidence of your work, for example from re-reading the information I have, you have over 4 years experience and over 15 communities you have supported? Let’s say your website or any other kind of portfolio.

Also, I want to clarify about the people, you specify the payment. The group of Content, Graphic and also Translation, it will be just people from your country, let’s say the same freelancers or members of the advocates program, or you have a team? And yes, thank you in advance for your answer :grin:

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hello with my 4 years on the space i have been a part of team handling regional activties
perhaps some didnt go well and was a total failure due to no funding from the project
and the successful ones like near protocol nigeria and octopus AFRICA , the gradual funding of the community by near protocol … so 4 years i have learnt what should be done and what shouldnt be done . And for clarification sake on how the community is growing we will constantly update on the forum the growth of the community ,achievement and what is to be achieve . So our success metrics will be on growth and how many nigerians we onboard to graph, we will onboard the blockchain expert , attend fintechs event all over the country , onboard delovers into the ecosystem .

at this point am the only one now but i will get a team if we have advocates who are interested in joining the team should also reply here with their skill and how the will help the community grow and also team members will be from all region of the country

if you have any other questions pls ask am currently writing my semester examination and thats why i replied late


I wish you do well in your exams, but alas I have not received an answer to my question. I would like to get information about your portfolio, successful cases and in general about you, for an example CV or your website.

Thanks a lot

And the cv or website I don’t have any but take a look at my LinkedIn though it’s not that updated

If my Application still leaves Loopholes
Pls what the Graph Germany community is doing is same thing we wish to do
The creation of a sub graphs community in Nigeria


I had a busy day due to my examinations
But am a little bit free
Due to the current concern on fund usage
I would want to know does the graph have any concern about the establishment of a sub community
I can actually establish one get a moderator
And a social media who would manage our Telegram and twitter community respective
Try as much as we can for the first month and return to the forum to give a report?
MAYBE we can require funding after this trial period
So the community can see what we will though I will in as much as possible to get the community in other
I have seen so many other regional communities like graph Japan, graph turkey and I wouldn’t let it slip for us not to have graph Nigeria
And expose graph to Nigerian citizens

If the community gives a go ahead I will try in as much as possible to create the community
Create a team
start with a small community
Educate our community about graph
Send in translations to important graph related news into
And Igbo
And give a report on this

I would appreciate everyone feedback


Hi there! I’m happy to see your motivation in starting a regional community.

As far as starting a regional community on Telegram/Twitter is concerned, you would not need any permissions for that - anyone is able to create a Telegram channel or Twitter account for their region. I’m not sure if there is an existing Telegram channel for the Nigerian community, but here is the link to the Nigerian community’s Twitter:

What the existing unofficial regional Graph communities have done is, after having established the regional channels and growing engagement within the respective communities, then they were able to demonstrate in the grant proposals how the funds could be used for the various activities that regional community members are participating in. Naturally, it takes time for any community to grow and find its place. The Graph Germany is a great example. This regional community was established at the end of year 2021 and although it started with only a handful of members, their Telegram channel now has about 300 members and I believe they received their first grant in Wave 6 which was a couple of months ago.

My advice for you would be to check out some of the different channels first such as TheGraphNation (Twitter link provided above) and Graphrica (website, Discord, Twitter). From there, you might gain further inspiration and specific ideas or you might just want to join them to help them grow!


Personally, my opinion is that you should have started by creating a personal brand, at least your portfolio with relevant links. You can choose any platform you are comfortable with.

If you will be positioning yourself as a team in the future, the same thing. Ideally a team website, with members, a portfolio, such as a Google drive, but that’s up to you.

And I wish you good luck of course :black_heart:

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