GOC-0019 Language Support

1. Meta Data

Original Author(s): Colson colson@grteacher.xyz, Tim S timluctim@gmail.com, Lorena & Julianna

Creation Date: Aug 22 2022

Stage: Draft

Target Live Date: 26 September 2022

Last Version Author(s): Colson (colson@grteacher.xyz), Tim S. (timluctim@gmail.com)

Organization: Advocate Committee, Ops Committee.

Tag(s): Advocate Program, Governance

2. Summary

This GOC concerns the creation and support of language specific communities in the Graph AdvocatesDAO discord server, in which ecosystem participants can cooperate to establish, enlarge or invigorate language specific communities inside and outside the Graph AdvocatesDAO discord server.

3. Motivation

This GOC aims to make The Graph ecosystem more inclusive by providing language support to non-English speakers. Roughly 5% of earth’s population are native English speakers, and ~19% of earth’s population speak English to some degree. Looking at these statistics, and considering the increasing demand for language support by current Graph advocates, we believe it is time to start providing language support.

Within the advocates program and AdvocatesDAO, we have a great number of bilingual members. A few members have expressed their willingness to oversee language specific communities, and help bridge the existing language barrier. By working together with these members, and other ecosystem participants, we will provide a framework for evolving into a multilingual ecosystem.

4. Specification

We propose the language support team will start cooperating with AdvocatesDAO members, Graph Advocates, and other ecosystem participants, to create a language support system within the Graph ecosystem. To make sure the language support system is of utmost quality, we propose a 4-staged framework.

Stage 1: Discovery

In the discovery stage, the language support team will identify the need of language support for a specific language. The language support team will then establish communication with AdvocatesDAO members and Graph advocates that are fluent in this specific language, to create a working group.

Once the members of this working group include at least one active AdvocatesDAO member fluent in that language and committed to supporting that language, a language specific channel will be created in Discord. This channel will only be visible to members of the Advocates program, and the language spoken in this channel will be English. In this channel, the working group will start building a framework for language support. They will do so by doing groundwork.

To advance to the groundwork stage, the AdvocatesDAO member(s), and Graph Advocate(s) will both have to speak English in this stage, while it is not necessary for them to speak the specific language.

Stage 2: Groundwork

In the groundwork stage, the working group will increase their capacity to provide language support by recruiting new members. They can do so by recruiting AdvocatesDAO members and/or Graph Advocates, or by encouraging other ecosystem participants to apply to the Advocates program.

Once this working group has a total of at least 5 active members, consisting of at least one (or more) actively supporting AdvocatesDAO member(s), a second, public language channel will be created in discord. In this channel the working group will provide partial language support to the broader ecosystem. In this channel, the language spoken does not have to be English.

To advance to the Partial Language Support stage, the AdvocatesDAO member(s), and Graph Advocates will have to speak both English and the specific language.

Stage 3: Partial Language Support

In this stage the working group will:

  • Increase capacity
  • Encourage language specific contributions
  • Answer questions about the Graph ecosystem
  • Coordinate translations of blogposts, educational material, documents & questionnaires

To advance to the Full Language Support stage the working group must have:

A total of at least 25 members consisting of AdvocatesDAO members and Graph Advocates, including at least 10 AdvocatesDAO members.

Completed, and approved, translation of advocates program documents, questionnaires & workflows.

Full support of the text translation team

Detailed proposal on the forum, containing: Description of the need for full language support in this language, motivational letter, showcase of “stage 3” activities, and list of actively supporting AdvocatesDAO members and graph advocates.

One forum poll with majority approval, voted on by the community, for full language support of this language.

One forum poll with majority approval, voted on by the AdvocatesDAO members, for financial support of this language community.

Stage 4: Full Language Support

In this stage the working group will:

  • Create, merge, or strengthen language specific communities across most favorable platforms.
  • Process non-English advocate program applications by doing initial reviews.
  • Conduct non-English advocate interviews or assign interpreters to non-English interviews.

Although my contribution mostly consisted of proofreading and small tips and adjustments I am in total support of this proposal and think supporting communities of other languages would be an enormous boon for building out the Advocates program more and more and really forming intimately connected and supportive communities in different countries. Curious to hear what others think.

Am equally in support of this ,Language barrier has been one of the issues stopping fast spread of blockchain understanding in the world… if there are places left or language left occupied
I will onboard my friends from other part of the world like Turkey
To make sure we fill as many language as possible :fire:

Hola! Yo con mucho gusto me sumo a este equipo de suporte de idiomas. Y apoyo ha esta excelente propuesta.

Howdy! I will be happy to join this lauguage support team and gladly support this excellent proposal.

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Two related topics:

In the city of Surrey, Brtistish Columbia (Metro Vancouver area)

Surrey has one of the most ethnically diverse populations anywhere, with over 40% of residents speaking a first language other than English. Maybe of them tech savvy. Having this is their launguages would be deeply valuable and greatly increase the amount of folks building on

This coversation should be very helpful for this proyect:


The only point or in a way I would say the problem is that in the participants of DAO, there are no people who support some languages. Let’s say my native language is Ukrainian, Russian I know almost ideally and in general I want to create communities and in general show leadership qualities in the organization of communities, but can not move beyond stage 1.

About me, this is an example of a situation. I hope to become part of DAO and support these 2 languages.

moment of dreaming :grin:


dreams do become reality dont forget

Yes, I really hope it becomes a reality