Grant Proposal: GHANA CRYPTO & DEFI SUMMIT 2022

Grant ID: 2wvvcgp


GCDSummit2022 is a conference in Accra with the focus on DeFi. We want to educate interested people and enable everyone to understand what this new technology is capable of. Day 1 is tailored to the needs and expertise of people from the banking industry, focusing more on DeFi tools and its potential and Day 2 is for everybody. Neither event requires existing knowledge of blockchain, crypto or Ethereum.
We plan to cover the following topics:
DeFi: Uniswap, Balancer, Aave
Data Analytics: How to use The Graph for indexing
NFT: How can token economy impacts creators entrepreneurship
Education: How to onboard more women into web3

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Subgraph Developers

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We have received funding from Uniswap Grants USD 5000

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
I’m convinved that this event will help stimulate ideation and discussion around new and novel subgraph ideas built using the Graph Protocol for the African context and with African user adoption in mind. Beyond that lies the opportunity for new ideas, projects, relationships to be launched from a community with the shared goal of pioneering web3 adoption and development in Africa. The goal of this Summit should be to introduce The Graph ecosystem and spark interest among the participants to use The Graph ecosystem.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
Since 2019, DeFi Africa has worked with MakerDAO, Aave, Zerion, and Balancer protocol to host events. Some the events are:
Dive Into Balancer Protocol held on 18th February 2022:

DeFi & Balancer DEX meetup 22. January 2022

AMA Session with Zerion 13. March 2021
AMA Session with MakerDAO 10. December 2022
Crypto Opportunity Meetup Oct. 2020
Importance of privacy in decentralised finance July 16, 2022

Africa DeFi Meetup. Oct 2019
AMA Session with MetaPool on August 23, 2022

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
My journey into web3 started in Summer 2021 where I successfully completed “Deep Dive Into Blockchain” Summer School from University of Zurich. After that I started attending ETH hackathons globally like ETHDenver (2nd prize), ETHAmsterdam, ETHNYC (three prizes), ETHCCHack (finalist). Additionally, I started onboarding more women into web3 by teaching about blockchain basics at lunch & learn event as well as writing educational content on social media. My innate curiosity brought me to SheFi, a women led DeFi educational program as of February 2022 because in web3 the learning never ends. And I’m excited to share that I’ll be a teaching instructor starting in September 2022.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
I am passionate about leveraging web3 to generate great impact, close opportunity gaps, and create robust economic value, especially for people in Ghana. As a Ghanaian I see an opportunity to unite web3 developers in Africa and beyond. I’m convinced that The Graph is able to bridge web3 technologies with cutting edge development talent across Africa and beyond. More specifically the intention is to use the decentralised data services enabled by the Graph to catalyse dapp creation and adoption built for Africa’s web3 context.

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Thanks for your application

I have a few questions:

  1. Is this event online or in person?
  2. Is this event paid or free.
  3. How many people you expect to participate?
  4. Who will be the speakers?
  5. Do you have an agenda of the event?
  6. Is The Graph integrated in the event? If so, how?
  7. Could you break down the costs of the event.


I wonder if any Graph Advocates from Africa/Ghana could help out with this event!


I’m willing to help out with this, though I’d like to see the answers to Lorena’s questions as it would give more insight into how The Graph will be represented at the event.


I love the idea Generally
It’s awesome according to stat
After South Africa and Nigeria
Ghana is the next Country with so much participation in the space
With bout 900 thousand of the total population of Ghana into crypto space
But I have only onr question
How many people are you going to onboard into graph for this event
And what is the metric for measuring the success of this proposal ?
Thank you

Hi Colson
Thanks for keeping up with my initial proposal.
It would be great have The Graph as a sponsor for your upcoming DeFi summit.
I was thinking that someone from The Graph should attend this event in person and giving a workshop on how to use The Graph.

Chidubem in which way would you like to participate at our event?

Hi Lorena

Sorry for my late reply, I expected to receive an email and just realised today that I need to setup a login :wink:.

  1. This is in presence event taking place on 3rd and 4th November at Holiday Inn in Accra, Ghana (
  1. Partially paid, with early bird tickets prices and the event is free for all Uni students
  2. We expect around 300 people to attend
  3. We have following speakers confirmed as of now: Maria Maganes - Oasis - How UX is fundamental to adoption. From education to web3 UI. Simon Schmid - How to index blockchain data using The Graph (online), Ben Onuoha - Africa Blockchain Alliance, Afrikanus Kofi - Africa Blockchain University, Opoku Joshua - Ghana STEM Network
  4. Agenda is the following
    ## Day 1
    |09.30|Welcome Coffee|
    |10.00|Basics: Why Decentralisation, Why Blockchain Why web3 → Understanding the basics|
    |10.45|Coffee Break|
    |11.00|Difference of DEX and Centralised Exchanges|
    |11.20|Best in class decentralised exchange like Uniswap|
    |12.00|Lunch Break|
    |13.00|How to participate: my first transaction on the blockchain, workshops with MetaMask|
    |14.00|Coffee Break|
    |14.15|The scale of DeFi: over-collateralized loans, MakerDAO|
    |15.15|Coffee Break|
    |15.30|Panel discussion: (to be announced soon)|
    |16.15|Apéro and wrap-up end at 17.00|

Day 2

|09.30|Welcome Coffee|
|10.00|Use case of protocol 1: Balancer|
|10.45|Coffee Break|
|11.00|Use case of NFT: how NFT can impact creator’s entrepreneurship|
|11.20|Best in class decentralised exchange like Uniswap|
|12.00|Lunch Break|
|13.00|Use case of protocol 3: The Graph|
|14.00|Coffee Break|
|14.15|Educational content, how to onboard more people into the space etc.|
|15.15|Coffee Break|
|15.30|Panel discussion: (to be announced soon)|
|16.15|Apéro and wrap-up end at 17.00|

  1. Yes the Graph is indicated in the event as sponsor along with Uniswap Grants and more to come. Additionally The Graph get’s exposure in showcasing how to query blockchain data using The Graph.
  2. Budget breakdown
    Staff allowance USD 1500
    Administration USD 1000
    Marketing & Branding USD 4450
    Venue & Catering USD 12’750
    Program USD 2000
    Total USD 21’700

I hope this information is helps.


I see you listed Simon Schmid as one of the confirmed speakers to give a presentation. I imagined The Graph would have a booth where people could come to and ask questions about the different roles in the ecosystem and how to participate.

You mentioned you expect 300 people to participate at the event. How did you arrive at that number?

We expect 200 and we ensure to reach the number through several means in our publicity plan like early bird tickets, media partnership with Bankless Africa, students discount ticket etc.
Simon has confirmed to attend online and he might attend in person.

Is there a way to verify these numbers?

How do you plan to split the amount you specified in the grant? It would be very much appreciated if specific amounts could be specified. And thank you in advance for your answer :black_heart:

We can verify this based on the ticket sales

Do you mean how USD 8000 The Graph grant would be allocated to the total amount?

Yes, you can say on a point by point basis, like there, the rent of the space is $100, in that kind of way.

Hi @abena, thanks for submitting your application and the answers to questions thus far. You mentioned that the prices will be “partially paid”. Can you share what the cost of the tickets will be for attendees and what specific portion/percentage of the ticket cost would be partially paid for?

Also, you initially requested $8,000 but your budget breakdown adds up to $21,700. Can you explain the difference here?

Finally, can you specify what exactly would be paid for in “Administration” and “Program”?



I think I’d be interested in supporting this, but I would be interested in a more detailed budget breakdown at some point

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@Lorena @Chidubem @doxe01.eth @Mr.1776 I would love to see some more yes/no votes on this proposal :blue_heart:


Thanks for pinging @Colson. I’m waiting for a response to my questions above before voting :slight_smile:

Gently pinging @Abena for a response.

Thank you both!

Hi please find here the answer to your questions:

  • Ticket is free for students and mediaparterns.
  • Standard Ticket is GHS 250 (USD 25)
  • Early Bird Ticket is GHS 150 (USD 15)

We have secured grants from partners like Uniswap and Polygon. Along with The Graph grant this will help to ensure that we can cover all the costs.
As time is passing by I would highly appreciate if we can get a positive feedback in the next couple of days.

Your support is much appreciated.