Grant Proposal: Ethereum-Mexico

Grant ID: 2tk6fvj


Hola! Ethereum-Mexico’s movement is to become the first Latin community in the north of the continent, with headquarters for events, teaching, development and community building.
We currently have five sessions, three twitter spaces, one workshop, in which we have had between 75-100 attendees.
The creation of Ethereum-Mexico is aimed at growing our community of Ethereans, next Saturday we will have the first workshop for Devs focused on The Graph.
We are aware of the need to educate, learn and teach everything related to security, use cases and future of the crypto ecosystem. So every step we take is with the firmness to allow people who know less, to have all the opportunities.

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We havent received any fund

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
The Graph definitely imprints on our community, because we fully understand that indexing content for proper evaluation, monitoring and availability is essential and our community will have the opportunity to learn how to make SubGraphs, apply to help with content and start using it.
We currently have two advocates within the protocol and in our community there are more advocate developers interested in the community. Therefore I believe that the benefits are mutual because we will continue to learn and generate knowledge.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
We had five seasson at the moment, with 75-100 in our live seassons, and in Youtube 50-200 visits and visualizations, also we had two twitter spaces with 774 attendees and 224 attendes in the second one, our first RL workshop was in Mexico city with 15 attendees and 50 virtual attendes, and also the next 31th of July we are going to have a Virtual workshop for devs of the graph

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
We are a team of seven web 3 enthusiasts, currently participating in HERDAO, HERDAO Latam, BanklessDAO, BanklessDAO en Español, HumanDAO, The Graph Advocates DAO, Arch Finance, Espacio Cripto Podcast, Atani, Cypherpunk Citadel DAO.
Also we work with Espacio Cripto Podcast, YouTube Channel.
And also we have been part of the organizations of RL events like The DAOist Mexico, Entrado al Espacio Cripto and Espacio Cripto Merida

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
The Graph, in particular, is an organization that we consider to be aligned with our incentives and inventiveness, which allows our ideas about teaching, learning and financial system evolution, storage and control of searches. Therefore working as part of the DAO and now in training people for their introduction to web3, is something we are passionate about.

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I hope that our community can rise a hand for us!

Hi, Thanks to apply for a grant
1.- Could you give a detailed breakdown of the $8000 funding?
2.- Could you give a detailed list about what you planning to do?
3.- Would these session be recorded for future viewing in public?
4. Any additional information to clarify the proposal


Hi guys,
I just wanna suggest you change your Canva link to only view since I can delete the whole pitch deck with the link you provided

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Hello! Thanks to the fast review

1.- In the Text we add a Canvas with all the information about the project.

2.- The 8 000 US its divided for this:

A.- Salaries: 5600 USD for 2h/week to our seven members, who are working in the organization, coordination, calls, POAP, Zoom calls, Zoom Webinars, YouTube Content Edition, YouTube Video Edition, Twitter Spaces, Q&A, logistics, with a total of 2 months, fully dedicated to this project management.

B.- Zoom Webinar/Year: 500 USD, YouTube Premium Membership 180 USD

C.- Swag: 500 pins: 125 USD, 50 T-Shirts/bags/backpack/tatepack: 250 USD

D.- Breakfast in RL: 200 USD

E.- Developer Meeting (The Graph): 225 USD

F.- Logistic 150 USD (Grant proposal 3 h)

G.- 1 Ticket to DevCon 500 USD

H.- Half Ticket to DevCon 270 USD

3.- The Detailed List about our plans with that Funding:

  • 2 Workshops/presentation

  • General Virtual/Meetup sessions

  • Developers Virtual/meetup sessions

  • 1 Twitter Spaces

  • Dinner or Luncheon Hosting

  • Logo as a main sponsor in all event’s information (printed materials, social media, advertisement, etc)

  • 6 Posts in our social media

  • Unique POAP for attendees.

  • Scholarships to attend to EthMexico/Devcon

3.- Yes all the sessions and workshops are recorded in Zoom video and uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

4.- The Team Members are: AnaTech with a lot o f experience doing events and coordination, she is the leader of Ethereum Mexico, HERDAO Latam, a member of TEC, HERDAO, BanklessDAO, i think that she is aligned with all the ideas and advocacy that we need for our community. As an Advocate I’m looking forward to these events and all the goods that we can give to the people that are learning from us.

The final and most important issue it’s to get more developers and rise the interest in The Graph and Ethereum.


Oh my Gosh, thank you i’ll set a PDF. TY

Thank you for your reply.

I have a few follow up questions:

  1. Do you have a plan to improve your reach? (Views/participants?)

  2. What is the content of your Workshops/ presentations?

  3. What is the target audience for your Workshops/ presentations?

  4. What is the target audience for your twitter spaces and meetups?

  5. The Canva project can no longer be viewed. Would you please set the permissions to view only?

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I’ve answered via e-mail, here is the transcription
Here are our answers, we are very thankful for your time.

1.- Do you have a plan to improve your reach?

Yes, we are currently working with a content creator, a designer and a community manager to design a plan to provide with valuable content for Twitter and Instagram that help us attract people with similar interests and goals as us (Ethereum Mexico) and grow our community with valuable people.

With the idea of creating valuable content, we have partnership ourselfs with EthLATAM to co-host virtual sessions and twitter spaces in the road to devcon. For us, as a community, it is very important to have collaborations with other crypto communities in Mexico; so we will be hosting twitter spaces with other communities to help them learn about the Ethereum ecosystem and how can they become a part of it.

2.- What is the content of your workshops/presentations?

We would like to describe our content as introductory to the crypto and Web3 ecosystem, with a focus on the Ethereum space.

We plan on extending our content to be friendly with introductory level, basic level and developers.

You can refer to the topics of our workshops so far in the link:

3.- What is the target audience of your workshops/presentations?

Our target audience for the time being would be “crypto-newbies”, and people who are interested in making the jump to Web3.

We are also trying to do some workshops for builders and developers.

4.- What is the target audience for your twitter spaces and meetups?

“crypto-newbies” and people who are curious about the crypto environment and the role Ethereum play in it. We would like our Twitter spaces and meetups to be a place for “padawans” to start learning about the ecosystem.

5.- New Canva link:

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Hello Team! We don’t have any comments for this proposal do we need to change something else?


Hello Team! We won three prizes in the ETH Mexico Hackaton
Lens Library | ETHGlobal Lens Library it’s intented to use The Graph as a route to access al the information.
Ethereum Uncensored | ETHGlobal This is from our Founder AnaTech and other members of the ETH Mexico community
And another from Lau, one of our community leaders
Keyppi | ETHGlobal
I hope that we can have more good news =).

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Thank you for the interest in the Graph.

Congratulations on your ETH Mexico prizes.

Some clarifiying questions:

How many Rust devs does your team have?

How many Rust worshops have they hosted?

How many SubGraphs has your team built or used?

Have you integrated the SubGraph API into project?

How many Graph events have you hosted in the past?

How would you explain in one sentance what The Graph is?

How would you explain the difference between The Graph and Ethereum, Solona, Polygon or The 0X Project?

Thank you.

Have a wonderful day!


Hi Martin I was very pleased to hear from you and I appreciate the interest of The Graph Advocates DAO in this project.
As we know, we currently have a team of 8 people within ETH Mexico, we have a lot of Skills, but we are not developers, but fortunately, we have the love and support of 4 DAOs specifically oriented to the academic training of this super important branch of cryptography: BanklessDAO, Espacio Cripto, H.E.R. DAO and H.E.R. DAO LATAM, Token Engineering Academy, Token Engineering Commons, EthGlobal, EthMexico, Ethereum Foundation and other institutions and have alliances with educational platforms such as Platzi and other developers that are helping us to solve doubts and also creating specialized developers sessions (tomorrow we have one with Mario Vega, a developer from the Ethereum Foundation that will explain and solve doubts about the Merge)

How many Rust devs does your team have?
At the moment we don’t have any developers in our core team, it would be great if you could help us a little bit with that, mainly for those that you already have and want to participate with ETH Mexico.

But, as I mentioned before, we are happy to share that many devs are willing to help us.

How many Rust workshops have they hosted?
We have focused, as our name suggests on Ethereum development, Road to DevCon, and linking projects within all blockchains. We have already had two The Graph workshops, with online coding, that we would love for you to check out. Here’s the link:

We had another one to intro to code and intro to solidity, presential in Mexico City with Platzi, and tomorrow we’ll have a session with a Dev from Ethereum who is actively participating in the Merge.

How many SubGraphs has your team built or used?
Live two, during the Hackathon, we implemented one and the contract is in process, as the application is still under development.

Have you integrated the SubGraph API into the project?
Yes, two of our projects are LensLibrary, and Ethereum Uncensored could do it soon, and we consider that The Graph is fully aligned with our interests, since we plan to maintain the decentralization of information.

How many Graph events have you hosted in the past?
Two, both online workshops.

How would you explain in one sentence what The Graph is?
The Graph is an open-access, decentralized platform that will bring together all coded information in an orderly, clear, and fast way for access.

How would you explain the difference between The Graph and Ethereum, Solona, Polygon, or The 0X Project?
It is an interesting and very simple question, to begin with, The Graph is a blockchain that uses different languages than the other blockchains, plus the focus of the previous ones is the construction of other projects and The Graph is ultra-scalable and fast thanks to having a single purpose: To organize all the existing content in disorder in the other blockchains. Because let’s face it, even if we want to access public information, it is currently impossible.

Thank you.


Hello! happy to share our deliverables with our proposal :slight_smile:
And also an update version of our presentation.

Thank you for your support!


Thanks for your presentation yesterday in the public meeting. It was nice to meet you and see your engagement for the ecosystem’s growth. Great work :clap:


Thanks for your time and patience for listening. Have a nice day!


Hello Fam! We are very excited for the result, looking forward to the next big events! I hope we can see all you in DevCon!

Good afternoon @CryptoReuMD,

Once again thank you for your interested in the Graph. Both ETH Mexico & DevCon have passed. The bigger point, which seems to have gone un noticed here is that this entire grant proposal is basically describing the role and responsibilites of the Graph Advocates program.

This proposal is asking that we pay an outside group a great deal of money to do a job that Graph Advocates are required to do to be in the program. Please refer to this resource to see what I am refering to. The Graph Advocacy

Eric, you should know this. I tried finding you at DevCon to discuss this and better understand this. I was not able to. Ana was VERY busy with her responsibilites to DevCon so I did not want to bother her. And you are the advocate in this application. Which also I am not finding any record of any advocate contribution from you since you where accepted into the program. You seem to have signed up for every advocate role. Yet I do not see any contribution from you in any of them. I don’t see you active on the Discord, on the Telegram, you are not part of the Advocates from LATAM telegram. At ETH Mexico, ETH Bogota, DevCon or any ETH Global Hackathon in LATAM you did not help with Graph events there.
I also wonder how you are able to make a valuable contribution given your very demanding full time job as a surgeron and the many other Web3 organizations you are a member of.

This is why I voted no on this proposal. I do not see any clear aligment with why the DAO gives out community grants and I don’t see any involment in the Graph Advocates program for the one Graph Advocate who is part of this grant proposal.

@Lorena , @Colson , @christina @doxe01.eth, @Oliver , @pdiomede, @juliannaMLN, @Mr.1776, @jiimxjim.eth I think we need a better understanding of why this grant should be approved when what it is proposing is a duplicate of why the Advocaates program was created to do in the first place.

Eric and Ana, we would be interested in working with y’all on a project that bring a more unique add. Something that neither de foundation, the DAO or the advocates program is not already designed to do. Happy to support that proposal and, as I offered before, support y’all in this work.

Thank you again for your interest, your time and your passion for building a better internet and society for all. Looking forward to hearing from y’all. =)


I hereby agree to this grant agreement of the Graph AdvocatesDAO with the GitHub commit-hash 3858eb9315ef3a0a93d0701961ffbc2a57d45205. That document forms the legal agreement of the proposed grant with the following terms:

I understand that the agreement will only be executed upon a successful completion of a corresponding on-chain vote by the Graph AdvocatesDAO. I also understand that the grant will be disbursed on Gnosis Chain.

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We are super happy. Truly Ethereum Mexico, is a community that has been growing thanks to the members and the beautiful people who have been helping us along the way and with each of the steps we have taken, as they have been firm, with great confidence and intelligence. This opportunity has become something fantastic and has made us feel grateful to The Graph and The Graph Advocates, we are excited and ready to start giving much more network effect to The Graph for our community and the plans we now have for events and the road to decentralization.
We will continue with more ideas, more proposals and above all more work ahead.

@Colson @Oliver @jiimxjim.eth @Mr.1776 @pdiomede @juliannaMLN TY! For all the good vibes! I hope to see you all around Mexico Soon!


Proof of Success!
Hello! Here is the link for our Spaces with 140+ replays and a lot of RT and 79 likes!
And the POAP that we gave
Thanks for all the good vibes! Looking forward to continue helping and Merge our communities