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I make no apology for the length of this proposal, I am very excited about this new feature and I hope by the end of reading this, I will have painted a picture and given a good explanation so that you will be too.
As some of the community may already know, I am taking a step back from building NEW chatbots for a short period, I will still be continuously improving the current ones, I want to make these the best I possibly can before the next influx of GRT holders. Maybe in the future if there is a need and drive from the communities then I will focus on building new ones, however, I have spoken to and got the opinions and thoughts from the best advocates DAO members who are well respected and speak the truth about this feature. They have all told me to prioritise this new feature over building the 3 new chatbots as they believe it’s worth and can see its potential for not only existing but definitely new and budding advocates. They seem as excited for the feature as I am building it, it has been a long time coming as the idea has been sat in my notepad for a few months now, it is time to bring it to life.
As always I have already started developing this feature however it is in its very very early stages. I will share a video of this in the comments section below so please scroll down to view after reading this proposal, I have the logic, layout etc of the starting feature and a few questions that I have wrote so that you can see the idea, format of the questions and answers.
I have been informed that it has been an issue in the past where advocates have been conducting interviews with budding advocates who are simply not ready or do not know enough about the roles and responsibilities of the advocate role that they desire. Wasting the time of both parties and taking up the valuable time of advocates who could have spent their time doing other tasks or interviewing other capable candidates. On the flip side I have pushed and guided many community members towards advocacy after doubting myself for a long time. And the question I asked myself was the same as others have asked me directly… “Am I Advocate ready?”. Well, until now the only way to tell is by doing your own research, learning through reading the documentation and then applying for the interview and see if you have what it takes.
This is where my new feature idea came from, it is a quiz / revision and educational aid for those community members who may be sitting on the fence. For those people who are not sure what it takes to become an advocate and want to learn. For those who know what it takes but want to give their self a confidence check before applying. All of those who have asked their self, “Am I Advocate ready?” or “What does it take to be a Graph Advocate?”, this feature is for you!
It will be a 4 part feature, all of this is new to me so I will be learning as I code so the timeline for this project will likely slip to the right but I want to learn and make it the best I can, so if it takes a little longer in development and beta testing then I am okay with that. As long as the finished product is the best I can possible make it then I will be doing that to benefit the community and future advocates.
There will be a guided revision / guided documentation section where the user can find all the documentation, guides etc at the tips of their fingers, this may even have an additional feature on a search function in the future (again this is new to me but this will be the long term vision to allow everything to be as easy for the user as possible), what advocate roles entail, the code of conducts, the time you should put into the role and contributions., events, grant opportunities and swag bundles and the list goes on…
Then there will be another revision section. Where the user can test their self with flip / flash cards, a question on the front and the answer on the back, the questions taken right out of the documentation that they have access to learn.
There will be quiz’s with multiple choice for those who prefer to learn by taking mock test where they can see the answer within a group of answers to trigger their memory. The user can specify the topic they want to concentrate on, along with easy, medium and hard difficulties.
The user will see the timer and their score as they progress through the revision mock tests and receive feedback on where to look for the correct answer if they do get any wrong.
And then one final test where the user will be questioned on everything at random, selected from all topics and a selection of easy, medium and hard questions. The final quiz will be timed and the score will be displayed at the end. The certificate will be downloadable as proof to the AdvocatesDAO members conducting the interview, there will be a minimum pass mark and maximum time mark, if the user has extra educational needs then this will be taken into account with extra time allocated where necessary. Allowing more time if needed for dyslexia and in the future I hope to utilise a text to speech additional feature so that the user can have the questions and answers read to them if they struggle to do so under exam conditions.
I hope to evolve this feature in the future to provide the users with POAPS for completing the quiz and successfully enrolling as a graph advocate. With the further advancements of monthly POAP raffles for users to win community stag bundles (I will be seeking sponsorships for this when the time comes and I hope to produce some GRTDataHub swag for the first time ever).

If you have got this far within the proposal then I hope this proposal excited you as much as it does me and the other advocates who I have shared it with prior to starting the development. I look forward to the feedback from the community and advocates within the forum. Please be open and honest and if you have any additional ideas, please share!

After proposing my new feature idea to an advocate they came back with this great improvements and it really does make sense to me to implement it into the app from the offset.
The final exam will take into account the role that the user will be applying for. For example, lets say you want to have a role as a Content Creator. Let’s say you come to this test, there’s a small introduction, what this role is about, maybe examples of work. And then it’s on to passing the test.
So my feedback to this was to implement this from the start, I will be having it so the user selects their roles they want to apply for when taking the final exam. I can make it so they choose their “role” it then logs then and displays it in the certificate and then I code it to bias questions towards the role that they will be doing. This was you are not getting Content Creators being asked Technical Teacher questions and vice versa. As an experienced dev will find some questions easy when a non-dev Content creator would find them very hard, even though they have been taken from the Technical Teacher “easy” question bank.

I have read and agree to the privacy policy:

Are you applying as a team or individual?:

What type of grant are you pursuing?:
Project (one-off)

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Please select who you think will benefit from your project?:
Other, Indexers, Delegators, Curators, Subgraph Developers

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Proposed Work

  1. “Are you Advocate ready?” – Question set. Research, time taken to write questions which will be ever expanding to cover the content for the user to learn. This question set will most definitely be over 100 questions initially with extra variations as more time goes on to prevent cheating / handing over of answers from previous advocates. The questions and answers I have written so far on average have taken me 5-10 minutes to write. A few example questions can be found below:

What is the vision of The Graph and how does the Graph Advocates program contribute to this vision?
A) The Graph’s vision is to build a decentralized network of public data, while the Graph Advocates program empowers individuals to actively participate in web3 and make lasting contributions.
B) The Graph’s vision is to build a centralized network of public data, while the Graph Advocates program empowers individuals to passively participate in web3.
C) The Graph’s vision is to build a decentralized network of private data, while the Graph Advocates program empowers individuals to actively participate in web3 and make lasting contributions.
D) The Graph’s vision is to build a centralized network of private data, while the Graph Advocates program empowers individuals to passively participate in web3.

Answer: A

What are some examples of conduct that Advocates are prohibited from engaging in?
A) Discrimination, verbal harassment, and using inappropriate language
B) Name-calling, inciting violence, and discussing the price of GRT
C) Misrepresenting affiliations or engaging in marketing for personal gain
D) All of the above
Answer: D

How should Advocates provide information about other participants or stakeholder groups in the protocol?
A) By suggesting specific Indexers to delegate with or subgraphs to curate
B) By providing general resources and educational materials
C) By recommending certain products or services
D) By endorsing specific companies or organisations
Answer: B

What is the responsibility of Advocates if they are unable to utilise the resources around them?
A) To remain silent and not contribute to the ecosystem
B) To continue trying to navigate through different situations on their own
C) To reach out to domain experts, ecosystem partners, or other Advocates for assistance
D) To act unprofessionally and engage in inappropriate conduct
Answer: C

What is the purpose of the Advocates Program?
A) To promote price speculation and investment advice
B) To allow Advocates to engage in personal gain
C) To support The Graph ecosystem through high-quality content and community contributions
D) To create a community where disparaging comments are encouraged
Answer: C

How should Advocates act when collecting feedback, criticism, or during times of disagreement?
A) By using inappropriate language or engaging in arguments
B) By being highly sarcastic or using emotionally charged language or tone
C) By acting disruptively to the ecosystem
D) By acting professionally and using appropriate language and tone, while respecting others’ right to privacy
Answer: D

  1. Build the flip / flash card revision feature that includes variations of the questions in the exam but not the exact questions to reduce cheating from participants but allowing the user to learn the content.
  2. Build the mock exams for each topic with 3 levels of difficulty. The mock exam will be a 4 answer multiple choice and show the user if they get it right and if they get it wrong, they will be told the correct answer with the supporting documentation to aid their learning.
  3. Build the documentation/ tutorial finder with the possibility of a search function. Allowing the user to quickly and easily find all the content they need to aid their learning experience and make it as easy as possible.
  4. Build the final exam, a 4 answer multiple choice but the users score and time will only show on the certificate at the end of the exam.
  5. Beta testing for all the features mentioned above, feedback takes and questions re-categorised if needed and improvements made.
  6. As always, this project will be continuously improved as new content arrives and to ensure the same questions and answers can’t be passed from one advocate to the other over a period of months.

Timeline & Further detailed explanation about each component within the feature

The dates below are personal deadlines. However, these deadlines may be fluid and move from left to right depending on the progress of the building. With this feature I will be learning almost all of it as I go and making it the best I can before it is ready for beta testing. The beta testing phase will be lengthy due to the complexity of the testing and question categorisation. Each question can take up to 5 minutes to write, depending on the content / context. These will likely need to be altered and tailored in the future. I wish to create an expansive question bank, with this being open source I will allow advocate DAO members to push their new questions to GitHub and merge to ensure it is ever growing. But this is also something that I will continue to do.

The community knows me and that I take pride in my work, I will ensure the end result is finished to the best of my ability before moving onto the next phase. I want this feature to be an asset to the community and produce the next generation of high calibre Advocates that will teach tomorrows applicants.

  1. “Are you Advocate ready?” start date, 10th Apr 2023. The development has started and I am building all the logic and layout etc of the Quiz homepage with options to what feature the user want to use.
  2. Build the Question set, assign them to topics and categorise difficulty. This will be ever expanding. Each question can take 5 minutes or longer to ensure it is non-ambiguous, well worded and the answers are correct and justified to not lead the user astray.
  3. Build the flip / flash card revision feature with Questions on one side and answers on the other to allow users who learn this way to gain knowledge and utilise the app for their learning prior to taking the final exam.
  4. Build the mock exams for each topic, once again allowing the users who learn best this way by seeing a correct answer amongst other answers that they can select from memory as this is the best way they learn. There will be 3 mock exams for each topic for the easy, medium and hard difficulties. Numbers of topics to be decided when writing the question set.
  5. Building the documentation / tutorial finder with the potential for a search function to ensure the user can find the content needed to learn about the advocates scheme, the roles, code of conduct and what the benefits of being an advocate are.
  6. Build the final exam where the user will take the test without being able to see their time or score until they are on the downloadable certificate at the end, which can be used when applying for an interview with the possibility of a POAP to be claimable in the future.

I have not assigned dates within this work timeline as I currently have no idea on the timescale, I can predict 2-3 months however I will keep the forum updated as the development progresses so check back every few weeks!

This total is for the 2-3 months that I am guesstimating it will take to make this feature, I apologies that I cannot be more precise at this. I will provide updates in the forum as the development progresses. I really look forward to having this idea out there for the community and future advocates to benefit from.
The time for labour building the feature, writing the questions and hosting within the app.
Continuous improvement as new potential roles come up within the Graph Advocates, along with refreshing the question set and answers over a period of time to ensure the content is not old and stale. As new documentation is pushed out this will be incorporated into the feature to ensure the user can easily find it, learn and test their self.
Working within the communities within the extensive Beta testing phase, ensuring the topics, question set and content is 100% accurate with questions correctly categorised for users and making the relevant changes / updated where necessary throughout the feature.

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

If yes, please describe where you’ve received funding from and how much you have, or will, receive:
The Graph - GRTDataHub App Analytics - Wave 6 = $2,000
Graph Advocates DAO
$2,000 per chatbots, English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish. = $10,000
Hindi, Urdu, Ukraninan chatbot grant awaiting final payment for work carried out. - $2,000 per chatbot = $6,000.

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
I believe this feature will bring a higher calibre of advocates joining up to the scheme. It will allow those who are sat on the fence to take that step forward to becoming an advocate, taking on a role and becoming active within the ecosystem. The questions are surprisingly hard to write, ensuring they are unambiguous with a clear correct answer and others that are close but not misleading. The beta testing phase of this feature will be long due to its complexity and “categorising” and testing of the questions from each topic. For example an experience Technical Teacher will find certain questions a lot easier than a Content Creator. But as more advocates test and provide feedback to the question set and the questions will be placed into their correct difficulty ranges.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
Since GRTDataHub has been brought to life which was once a dream to me. I have pushed myself to work on it on a daily basis (3-5 hours each evening). I have fallen in love with coding and I want to build tools to help others to participate within The Graph and wider Web3 ecosystem. So far the other tools and features within the app have receievd a great reception from all communities and advcates that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with. I always put 100% effort into any feature that I build, ensuring it is beta tested and ready for public use. Only then will I release it. Thus far I have build 8 chatbots for communities all around the world.

My work on this new feature will be no different, I will make it the best it can possible be before releasing it for the communties to benefit from.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
I, myself have not always been on the technical side of Web3. I start off as a Commnity Helper, Web3 welcomer and Content Creator within Graphtronauts before the Advocates program was live.

It then took me almost 12 months of working daily, teaching myself how to code via a £15.99 online course. Hours upon hours of frustration, learning, loathing and loving my new hobby / skill. I am very fortunate to be in a position now where I can create tools to help those within The Graoh and Web3 who were once in my position. Unsure where they can assist without being a dev, unsure where to find the documentation, content, tutorials and how to test theirself to see if they have what it takes without being shot down with the feeling of failing an interview.

My goal is to encourage those who are under confident, who need a touch a guidance or re assurance to take that leap and give it a go. The gentle nudge to assist someone who is sat on the fence to take that leap and go for it! Just become someone is not a developer does not mean they cannot contribute within Web3 or The Graph ecosystem.

There are lots of other roles that will be well suited and where individuals will thrive, only if they take the time to learn, test their self and go for it. My aim is to make this feature will facilitate that.
As there is a lot of content within this feature I am unsure of the timeframe right now to build it, as you can see from the proposal I have the idea and how it will work but I will be learning and developing at the same time, which is great because it is what I love and what I push anyone within the communities to do!

If I can make a difference within the ecosystem from persiverse, strong will and the eagerness to learn then I believe I can create tools to get others to do the same.

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Please see a small showcase of what I have built so far, I used math questions as examples whilst I build the logic for the revision quiz. Unfortunately I cannot send a video so it will have to be a few JPEGs. This is basic looking right now as I work on the logic of how it work.


Great job on submitting your grant proposal for the new quiz feature! It’s always exciting to see you continuing to contribute to the community with your innovative technical ideas. The quiz feature has the potential to be a valuable resource for new advocates and improve their learning experience. I appreciate your dedication and look forward to seeing the progress of this project :muscle:t2::fire:


A very cool and interesting proposition that justifies the amount of money asked for the creation. The only thing I would say, is it possible that you could provide a list of questions for the DAO members to review, or do you want to keep it a confidence?

Thank you and good luck!


Thanks for the positive comments! Much appreciated. I am very excited to build this feature. :relaxed:


Hi Doxe,

Firstly, thank you for the support! Secondly, I am still in the process of writing all the Qs and Answers which are just as important and as Qs their self. I plan on having different levels of beta testing (hence why it may be longer but this will be worthwhile). I will do this by asking for Advocate DAO members to review the question set, content etc and then another set of advocate DAO members to test these within the app. There will then be a 3rd set of AdvocateDAO member beta testing before the 2nd Phase of testing which will be open up to current (longest serving) graph advocates, then open to all graph advocates and the 3rd and final phase will be open to non-advocates (preferably a variety of people who want to become an advocate but don’t know if they have what it takes + people who do not know anything about it and see if they would apply for it after having learnt and taken the exam). It will then… be released for public use. The AdvocateDAO members involved in the 1st Phase will be updated on any proposed content change and if that is an overall pass then it will be amended. And if not, then we will resolve the issue to ensure both parties understand what the correct content should be to ensure future users are not misled by ambiguity.

Sorry for the long answer but I hope this answers your question.

I appreciate your dedication and commitment towards onboarding new advocates into The Graph advocates program and I would like to thank you for submitting this proposal.

At the current time however, I do not support this proposal.

There are numerous established online learning platforms that offer tools for creating quizzes, flashcards and educational content. Some of the tools I’ve used for this in my educational career are Kahoot (, Quizlet ( and Google Classroom.

You could potentially use these existing platforms to create a similar educational experience. Doing so, you could focus on the content and educational materials rather than developing the technical infrastructure from scratch. This could save a significant amount of your time and our budget, which could then be used on other projects/grants.

If you scratch building the technical infrastructure, I believe creating the quiz itself could be a great Content Creation advocate contribution.

I want to emphasize that I appreciate you and the time you put into writing this proposal, and this is just my personal suggestion.

Hi Colson,

Thank you for taking the time to read through the grant proposal.

I am unaware of these other tools that have been made online, however I see they hold monthly subscription fees to use the platforms. My feature within the app will be free forever once the feature is built and hosted by me. One of the reasons why I am selfishly very excited about this new feature is that it gives me a chance to further build upon my own coding skills which is something that I am very passionate about and I put 100% into everything that I build.

I cannot see how using those platform that I will be able to hit hardly any of the points that I raised within the grant proposal above but maybe I can elaborate further:

I also won’t be able to have all of the data in once place, easily accessible, open-source (which is one of the main reasons for building this) and if the websites get taken down then the other parts of the feature may fail because of it, rendering the user unable to fully benefit from what it is I am trying to create here.

So I’m not sure as to why taking away the 2 key learning features of the proposal would be beneficial at all other than me building them (as you can see above from a week ago I have already built the start of the quiz), and I will send an update here tonight as I have also started building the flash card feature. As I have with all grants, I usually start building way before I submit a grant. That’s due to my own enthusiasm around this project and bettering The Graph community.

As a keen new developer wanting to not only better myself, my passion and the graph ecosystem of other and future potential advocates. I am not a Content Creator but a developer and educational web3 welcomed in my eyes. I disagree that this grant should be stripped of the development / technical aspect and in theory “leased” out to an exciting multi-million pound company because they have a feature that already exists. If that was the case for everything within Web3 then surely no tools will ever be built? Once I have built these tools myself they will be continuously improved.

I am hoping that as an Advocate DAO member your appreciate the time and effort from other advocates and community members to better The Graph ecosystem and Web3. Using existing platforms that are not open-source and are one point of failure, in my opinion is not at all the solution here. But I do appreciate that is your own opinion.

I’m not sure how far into the proposal you read but I plan on creating other aspect such as a downloadable certificate for the user, to cater for their educational needs etc. not everyone learns the same way. I have not seen these websites before but I plan on making everything myself, in house and hosted within GRTDataHub. I do not wish to use external Web2 companies to create this content. I hope you appreciate my reasons behind this and see the deeper roots for not just using other online features.

** EDIT **

I cannot attach the video unfortunately but I will attach screenshots of what I have built thus far in terms of the flip cards feature.

Once again I want to highlight this is minimum styling as I am working on the logic for the features first as this is the most important part to me.

The when the user clicks the question it animated and flips over to reveal the answer.

I am currently working on making the questions random each time they play so it isn’t the same order each time.


Thanks for your detailed response. I can see how passionate you are about this and I appreciate your enthusiasm to contribute to The Graph community and help aspiring Graph Advocates.

I am glad to hear you are continuously improving your coding skills and I understand why you are building this from scratch. But here’s the thing: In my opinion the grant program of Graph AdvocatesDAO should not transform into a coding scholarship program. In my opinion it should be about funding projects that directly add value to our community, in the most efficient and impactful way possible. To my knowledge you are not an expert in development, nor an expert in education. Therefore, it does not seem efficient to me to fund this grant proposal.

I understand the value of open-source and the power of independence, but I think we need to think about the scale of this project here. We’re talking about a relatively simple quiz tool that I expect will be used by tens of people per quarter. With that level of usage, I’m still not convinced it is effective to invest this amount of our budget, and your time, into building this from scratch.

The platforms I mentioned before do have paid plans, but they also have free versions that could do what you’re proposing. The cool thing about these platforms is that we get to stand on the shoulders of the experts in the field, and make use of well-built robust infrastructure. You could focus on the educational content leveraging the flawless UI/UX of these products. I am sure we can also find a way to distribute POAPs to people that finish the quiz.

Just remember this is not a hard ‘no’. I see a lot of potential in improving the Graph Advocate onboarding experience. I just think there might be a more effective way to achieve your goals, and ours, at the same time. I hope you understand where I’m coming from, and please don’t take this the wrong way.

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Hi Colson,

As you have touched on, I am very passionate about this project and for all the work that I do within The Graph ecosystem, thank you for your kind word and the acknowledgement means a lot to me.

The forum is a place for grantees to be able to showcase a product of the work that they have passion for and for which they may or may not receive a Community Grant for. As per the advocate documentation with regards to community grants, I am not trying to turn this into a coding scholarship by any means.

Personally, even just from talk to members of the community about this new feature it has already created a lot of excitement and interest, most most people continuing to say… we need that now! When will it be
finished? And that is before that have even see a showcase of it. Purely from a descriptive idea.

I have always focused on community-building and educational efforts in The Graph ecosystem, I love both of these and I will continue to do so.

I believe this new toll within the community will increase the community’s awareness around the advocate program, promote new and further engagement of new and old community members, bring a deeper level of understanding understanding, and allow more participation from fresh eyes with new ideas and views in The Graph and / or Web3 ecosystem. Which is the exact aim of the Graph Advocates DAO is it now?

I respect your opinion but I truly do believe this tool will help a lot of community members to take that step to become a high calibre of Advocate and applying for all the right reasons.

Kind Regards,


As I am passionate for this project to succeed, I will share some progress that I have made with the quiz feature that helps the user to revise. Next I will be adding a feature to it so if the user gets the question wrong, it will tell them the correct answer with where to find the information for a deeper level of self learning.


The presentation of the project will be in the public-voice-chat channel on the Graph AdvocatesDAO Discord server on May 30 at 18:00 UTC. Entrance is open and everyone is welcome to come in and ask their questions during the presentation!

Thank everyone for your attention!


I have few questions/comments:

  1. Are only the questions open sourced? Or also the source code will be available for everyone?
  2. If this will be open sourced, it can be easily translated and made available in additional languages, for example if you can make it customisable to accept new languages, this can become a more powerful tool available also to non-English speakers.
  3. Also, I think it will be important that for each question you can provide a link to learn more about the subject, and this can be easily customized and point to content in multiple languages and stored also permanently on Arweave for example.
  4. Another idea, at the end of the quiz you can provide a certificate of completion that a candidate advocate can show for his interview as a further proof of his/her commitment. You can have a look at this new video tutorial from Nader about how to do permanent file storage on Arweave using Bundlr (here).

I look forward for this presentation to learn more about this project, and for now I voted Yes as the idea to help onboarding more Advocates is truly welcomed.

Hi Paolo,

Thank you for taking the time to read the proposal.

Yes, as per the whole app. It will all be open-source and the code available within GitHub. So the community will be able to access it, amend and proposed improvements whenever they like. And I welcome this!

I have made sure the questions and answers logic within the code are in their own separate files. I have kept in mind that questions will be added and updated in the future. Making this easy for advocates to contribute, so making the quiz multi-lingual with advocate text-translators will also be easy! I would love to see that happen. It would be great seeing this tool used within all communities and I would happily build the infrastructure for that!

For the revision tools I can add a link to each question once the answer has been selected. I will definitely be doing that if the user selects the wrong answer, so they can educate their self easily as to what the correct answer is.

I will definitely be making a certificate but I am still to figure out how I will execute this and in the best way. Great! I will check that out.

Unfortunately I may have to delay this presentation until the week following but I will keep the forum and DAO members updated on this matter. If I cannot attend the presentation on 30th May then it will hopefully be on 6th June.

Kind Regards,



Ok perfect, let us know if 6th June is ok for you so we can reschedule. Looking forward to listen to you.

Greetings! Some updates!

The presentation of the project will be in the public-voice-chat channel on the Graph AdvocatesDAO Discord server on June 6th at 18:00 UTC. Entrance is open and everyone is welcome to come in and ask their questions during the presentation!

Thank everyone for your attention!

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Thank you to everyone who came to listen to the community presentation. For those who missed it please view the recording and visit the links below for a showcase of 2 of the proposed components within the feature.

-Select Math and Select Easy from the drop-down menus.
-These are purely there for the logic until I am happy with how the components are working and then I add all of the questions and categories in.
-On the Quiz feature, you can use the switch at the top (slide to the right) and when you get a question wrong there will be a pop up with the correct answer. Here is where I will add links for the user to do their own research into why they got the answer wrong and how to find the correct one. (Slide to the left) And the user will not get a pop up, this replicates the final exam conditions.
-On the Quiz feature there is always a switch at the bottom to hide the score and timer to once again replicate the final exam.
-On the final exam the user will receive a certificate at the end as proof of their knowledge of each subject and the corresponding difficulty.
-On the flash cards feature you can click the question and it will flip to show the answer if the user prefers this method to test their self in preparation for the final exam.

-There are just 2 / 4 components so far. Still being improved and built at this point.

-The other 2 components are h the final exam and the content finder. Where the user can search for advocate documentation and it will find it for them to air their self study.

Please visit below for the 2 components and test them with Math and Easy. (So far)

Kind Regards,


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In response to a question of why I’ve voted “no” on this proposal, I personally don’t feel that it is necessary at this time. From my experience, I haven’t come across the specific problem it aims to solve, and I haven’t received any requests for the features it proposes.
To be clear, I’m not trying to influence the consensus of the community, only presenting requested feedback. I would be open to changing my perspective if more endorsements from existing advocates are provided.

I hope this feedback can be helpful. Feel free to reach out to me if there’s anything else I can do to contribute and help enhance this proposal. I’m more than happy to assist in any way possible :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi BrainFried,

Thanks for taking the time to write your justification for your vote here in the forum. :relaxed: I would like to have a public discussion if possible.

As a long time advocate DAO member yourself, would you agree that maybe you and some of the other advocate DAO members may not benefit from this feature / see it’s potential for newbies / community members that I am targeting to onboard as future graph advocates?

The new feature is getting lots of possible attention and support whenever I speak of it throughout the community to whomever it is to. Do the current community members who are not advocate DAO members (the target audience for this feature and proposal) have a greater weight behind their vote as opposed to current graph advocate DAO members who may or not not benefit from it currently unless they wish to change and/or diversity their current role?

As you can see below, the community seem to be in support of this feature along with the community votes within the forum. Unfortunately not everyone is within the forum to be able to vote / have their say. Will the features target audience, the impact on them and this being the driving force to onboard more advocates through this feature be taken into account?

Thank you for your time.

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I had the opportunity to learn about this proposal from Liam. I support it on account of several factors. First, I think it will add support to the education and quality of Advocate applications via a well-known, existing application. Second, I think the community would be excited about the potential of certificates (and POAPs) related to demonstrating their knowledge of The Graph. Lastly, I think this helps evolve GRTDataHub’s value proposition to an educational tool, complementing the analytic tool it already offers.