Vote of what chain to payout advocate grants

I wanted to bring up a proposal to vote on which chain everyone would prefer grants to be paid out. Each chain has some pros/cons and wanted to get how everyone feels is best.

  • ETH
    Pros - no bridging costs
    Cons - Gas very expensive for DAO and advocates to move

  • Gnosis
    Pros - very cheap fees for DAO and advocates. Less hurdles to pay out.
    Cons - costly to bridge over to ETH

  • Arbitrum
    Pros - may lead to more delegation/participation from advocates once move to L2 completed, Most exchanges accept ETH deposits from Arb chain and cheap to flip GRT to ETH (Approx $0.25)
    Cons - some costs to bridge or move if desired


Please select one option.
  • Ethereum
  • Gnosis
  • Arbitrum

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We, Open town use ETH, and as paulieb says, Gas is too expensive and not good for frequent transaction.


Great proposal and definitely Arbitrum is well positioned to be the best options here. Cheap tx costs, and large support from main exchanges.


Hey Paulie,

Thanks for the proposal! After taking a look, I’m leaning towards Arbitrum. The gas costs are cheaper on Arbitrum compared to Ethereum and The Graph is already scaling on it. Plus, as you mentioned, many exchanges accept Eth deposits from Arb chain.

I also think it’ll be cheaper in the long run for grantees to participate in the network if they so desire.

Thanks again for submitting the proposal!


Personally, my preference also goes to Arbitrum, as many exchanges support token deposits and withdrawals, among other things. The blockchain itself, in terms of the core network, is quite well-known and will still be developing. So even those who get tokens will be able to possibly be active in it as well.

The cheapness of the commissions, make it a clear priority, because there is no need to think about token bridge, and you can directly make a withdrawal to the exchange.

But I want to mention that it is necessary to specify a multisig wallet, not to lose your money.


Thanks so much for posting this for a vote Paul! I think the points you raised about Arbitrum (most notably the delegation aspect) are compelling, and it has my vote.

Thanks again!

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Initially, I am voting for Gnosis as I think it is the best option right now. Once the DAO migrates to DAOhaus V3 on Arbitrum I think Arbitrum will be best.


I fully support this take and I understand how important to have easier access to funds for people around the globe making Ethereum the favorite vote

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With Gas fees being high, Arbitrum is the best option cause it’s cheap

Arbitrum the best.
Looking forward to staking GRT in Arbitrum

Unfortunately I cannot vote, some problem with an access. But I think Eth or Arb will be the best option
Eth because of its popularity, but Arb due to its cheap comissions

I voted for Arbitrum, but also Gnosis would be good. I played recently with Connext Network and they have a great bridge to easily move funds from several chains. As an example, moving funds from Gnosis to Polygon (or Arbitrum) is extremely fast and cheap. With just $0.2-$0.3 you can bridge to Polygon and then move funds to almost all the CEX.

I’ve voted for Arbitrum because of comparatively low fees and well-developed infrastructure in the ARB ecosystem, both for CEXes and DEXes. Gnosis is also fine option because I know well-operating Gnosis–>Avalanche-C-Chain bridge which allows to transfer token to more adopted ecosystem in the context of CEX adoption. Also bridging fees is charged in xDAI and very low. If anyone is interested, you are welcome to message me in TG for an information about the bridge (or I can post it here if there is no controversy with The Forum rules in the case of such posting).
ETH has high fees, and it is enough to become uncomfortable option in my opinion.

Arbitrum absolutely makes the most sense since the main protocol is mid migration there already. No other L2 makes sense in my opinion and there’s not enough liquidity on gnosis.

I think its better to stay on ETH.


  1. Most(if not every) DEX is present on ETH
  2. Countries like India don’t support DEXs and CEXs only provides solution for ETH. This will cost Grantees $$ to bridge the funds back to ETH to cash them out.
  3. High Liquidity.

I wasn’t an advocate yet when the vote went up but i’d like to know why the DAO decided on Gnosis chain even though Arbitrum won here?

The DAO is now on the Gnosis chain, that network was added to the poll, since we simply could have been staying on it. Now, since Arbitrum has won, everything will be prepared for migration to Arbitrum.


Thank you @doxe01.eth for your response. I wanted to confirm the significance of voting results in our DAO, and I’m pleased to learn that they hold great importance.