Proposal to Remove Member from Ops Committee Coordinape Circle

In accordance with GOC-0003 DAO Committees , “…any DAO Committee member may request removal of another DAO Committee member before or after the end of an epoch via off-chain voting. Such a proposal shall be approved when a two-third majority of the DAO Committee votes are in favor of it (based on Coordinape circle membership),” (4.4.5).

On this basis and that “being part of a DAO Committee means that participating DAO members are committed to actively contributing,” I propose the removal of Jerry from the Ops Committee. In my observance, this member has:

  • not created a timesheet or logged any hours in the last 2 Epochs
  • not contributed to Committee tasks
  • not contributed to Committee Meetings

I would like to thank Jerry for all previous contributions to the Ops Committee as an initial cohort member of the DAO.

Removal of Jerry from Ops Committee
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Jerry has a ton of contributions within the protocol and in the graph discord. If he is able to find the time and wants to rejoin I am 100% on board.

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This post confirms that the Ops Committee has voted to remove this member from the Ops Coordinape Circle.