Proposal to Remove Member from Coordinape Circles

In accordance with GOC-0003 DAO Committees, “…any DAO Committee member may request removal of another DAO Committee member before or after the end of an epoch via off-chain voting. Such a proposal shall be approved when a two-third majority of the DAO Committee votes are in favor of it (based on Coordinape circle membership),” (4.4.5).

On this basis and that “being part of a DAO Committee means that participating DAO members are committed to actively contribute,” I propose the removal of Jonathan Zhuang (Bytes IO) from the Ops Committee & the Advocates Committee. Despite various members attempts to connect with Jonathan via Discord DM and mentions in Committee channels to confirm opt-in or opt-out status on Coordinape, this member did not allocate GIVE in the last Epoch, which affects compensation levels of other DAO Committee members. In my observance, this member has:

  • allocated 0 of 300 GIVE (Epoch 3), 197 of 300 GIVE (Epoch 2), 43 of 300 GIVE (Epoch 1)
  • not created a time sheet or logged any hours in the last 3 Epochs for any Committee
  • not contributed to Committee tasks
  • not contributed to Committee Meetings

I would like to thank Jonathan for all previous contributions to each of the Committees as an initial cohort member of the DAO.

If you are on the Advocates Committee please vote here:

Removal of Jonathan from Advocates Committee
  • Agree
  • Disagree

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If you are on the Ops Committee please vote here:

Removal of Jonathan from Ops Committee
  • Agree
  • Disagree

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A member of the Grants Committee will need to propose a separate vote for Grants Committee members if needed.

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In accordance with Christina’s OP, I am in agreement that the same reasoning also applies to the Grant Committee and I hereby propose the removal from Jonathan from that committee as well.

I would like to thank Jonathan for everything he is doing as an Advocate in the Asian community. It’s just that being a committee member in the DAO does not feel like the right fit at this moment.

Removal of Jonathan from Grant Committee
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  • Disagree

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To clarify, the result of this proposal is Jonathan Zhuang (Bytes IO) will stay in the community as a DAO member, and will only remove the ability to contribute in a given Coordinape Circle? Or is this a proposal to remove as a DAO member entirely?

Good question. The proposal is only for the removal from the committees, while Jonathan would remain a member of the DAO.

I know these kind of posts are tough to make. Thank you @christina

I would like to thank Jonathan Zhang for his contributions to the DAO and The Graph community :blue_heart:.

I know it has been difficult for Jonathan to attend any meetings due to timezone differences (He is GMT+8). The three weekly Committee meetings are held at 1am-2am , 2am-3am and 4am-5am respectively. Most team meetings have been held between 11pm and 6am. I understand this has made it difficult to contribute and to stay engaged.

The majority of DAO members are located around North America, South America, Africa and Europe. The current Committee meeting times were chosen to achieve the highest possible participation. Unfortunately, this means our contributors from East Asia are unable to join the meetings.

Unlike the Committee Meetings, it may be feasible for individual Teams to meet at other times of the day. (Some teams may consist of contributors from North/South America and East Asia, or from Africa/Europe and East Asia).

Should @jonathan wish to rejoin a Coordinape Circle, I would encourage him to proactively reach out to and join a Team. Some of them may be able to move the meetings to an East Asia-friendly time slot. :slight_smile:

I would love to hear from @jonathan. :blue_heart:


Confirming that the voting has closed and achieved the required 2/3 threshold to pass for all committees


Dear all members, It’s sad to hear that from here.Based on the timezone issues, I can’t join some meetings before, Maybe we can hosting another timezone meetings and I have attend and hosted our Asia community for our Graph Ecosystem for a long time.

For now, I have lot’s of time to contribute to our DAO since I have quited my jon and will join our DAO for a full-time. Hope you all can help me to rejoin .


Dear @Slimchance

Thank you for that. And before our DAO, I am also created our Asian dev group, and helpd our Asian developer to resolve lot’s of questions.

And sure, the timezone is the problem itself. Maybe I can rejoin and lead our Asian community and more members to join our DAO to expand our ecosystem

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