Proposal to Remove Member from Advocate Committee

In accordance with GOC-0003 DAO Committees, “…any DAO Committee member may request removal of another DAO Committee member before or after the end of an epoch via off-chain voting. Such a proposal shall be approved when a two-third majority of the DAO Committee votes are in favor of it (based on Coordinape circle membership),” (4.4.5).

On this basis and that “being part of a DAO Committee means that participating DAO members are committed to actively contribute,” I propose the removal of Abraham Onoja (legendarome) from the Advocate Committee.

In my observance, since Abraham’s acceptance to the DAO on May 16 and subsequently the Advocate Committee, he has not shown discernible participation in:

  • working on Committee tasks
  • engaging in Committee meetings
  • contributing to Committee discussions on Discord
  • creation of a time sheet or logging of any hours in the last three Epochs

I do believe that Abraham has incredible potential given that he has been accepted into the DAO and I would be excited to see him actively contribute when his capacity opens up in the future.

If you are a member of the Advocate Committee, please submit your vote:

Removal of Abraham from Advocate Committee
  • Agree
  • Disagree

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This proposal has been approved and has also been executed.