Proposal for The Graph Advocate DAO Transparency Dashboard

Hello everyone, I’m Mia, an enthusiast of DAO and also a builder of a dedicated DAO discovery and anylitical platform called Over the past period, we’ve delved deeply into The Graph Advocate DAO and are thrilled to witness the high-quality discussions and growth within the community. We believe that, as DAOs evolve, transparency and accountability become increasingly crucial. This not only allows existing members to better understand the progress of DAOs but also lowers the entry barriers for newcomers.

As a result, we propose to collectively establish a dedicated transparency and accountability dashboard for The Graph Advocate DAO. The tracked content on the website would include an overview of DAO data, treasury balance, governance data, voters and delegators, as well as DAO committees. This would be beneficial for:

  • Understanding the status of the treasury and potential optimizations.
  • Improved tracking of proposal progress and funded project developments.
  • Aggregation and data analysis of voter profiles and profiles of funded individuals.
  • Governance data and comparisons with other DAOs in the industry to provide data-driven optimization.

Design concepts and content included in transparency data website

  • The website will adhere to the color tones and style of The Graph UI.
  • It will be using an independent domain that is related to The Graph Advocate DAO.
  • The website is dedicated to helping users understand the transparency and openness of the DAO.

1. Data Overview:

The homepage of the website provides a concise overview, including Token status, Treasury balance, number of proposals, and the total count of Voters and Delegators, enabling users to quickly grasp an overall understanding of The Graph Advocate DAO.

2. Treasury Insight:

The treasury balance section offers a comprehensive view of The Graph Advocate DAO financial health and assets management. This results in better decision-making, acts as a performance evaluation indicator, brings more financial transparency and boosts engagement and DAO discussions within the community.

  • Treasury balance over time
  • Treasury address aggregation
  • Assets in holding in details
  • Treasury asset performance and market index comparison

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3. Governance Data:

This section mainly covers and summarizes the classification and expenditure of proposals, allowing users to have a clearer understanding of the DAO’s focus and providing a data basis for better decision-making in the future.

  • Data overview (proposal amounts, funded projects, funds, etc)
  • Categorization and statistical summary of proposal types
  • Statistics on proposal approval
  • Details of proposal funding
  • Most popular and controversial proposals
  • Comparison of the number of participants in proposals

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4. Voter and Delegator:

By having a “Voters and Delegators” dashboard, The Graph Advocate DAO community has a better view of voting patterns such as who and how they voted which will ultimately lead in more recognition to active DAO participants, more informed token delegations, raise participation in decision-making as well as governance efficiency and community engagement.

  • Basic data
  • Top Voters
  • Top Proposers
  • Detailed list of Voters based on different criteria
  • Individual details page for Voters (Delegators)
  • Graph depicting % of delegated Voting Power over time

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5. DAO Committee Members and Relevant Contacts:

Introduction of DAO committee members and other relevant contacts, providing users with insights into the backgrounds and roles of decision-makers and related individuals.

Grants and timeline

Below is our development plan, which includes personnel involved, timeline, and development costs. With the grant in hand, our primary objective is to conduct in-depth exploration of DAO data and enhance the DAO transparency and accountability.

We want to express our commitment to participating, so

  • The grant amount we are applying for is 4.5 ETH, which represents a fraction (35%) of our development costs.
  • Additionally, we aim to provide the community with 2 monthly transparency reports for free.

We hope that through this, the community can sense our sincerity and our genuine interest in participating in the DAO and wish to gather community feedback during this trial period to determine whether continuing this initiative is deemed worthwhile. :slight_smile:

Who we are?

We are a collective DAOers behind ThePASS, a DAO aggregator and analytical platform. By consolidating essential information, social data, treasury assets, governance details, calendars, and more, ThePASS enables users to effortlessly monitor and evaluate DAO performance, providing valuable insights for well-informed decision-making.

Proof of DAO Work

  • Aggregated data from over 133k DAOs and 3.7million voters, making it the largest DAO database to date.
  • Integrated 20+ governance platforms, including Aragon, Molonch DAO, MakerDAO governance, OpenZepplin, Nouns Build, Compound governance, Snapshot, KyberDAO, AAVE, Syndicate, and more.
  • Forged over 200 new partnerships with verified DAOs.
  • Notable partnerships include MakerDAO, ApecoinDAO, BanklessDAO, KyerDAO, MeebitsDAO, and others.

Proof of profession


:open_book: Research Examples:

Please note :warning:: We are putting forward this proposal to also gather your requirements and suggestions for the data dashboard. If you have any specific dimensions of data you would like to see on the dashboard, please feel free to share your suggestions with us at miabao_beep.

We hope to have the opportunity to contribute to The Graph Advocate DAO. We will leverage our professional skills to make the governance process of The Graph Advocate DAO more efficient, avoiding unnecessary pitfalls, and basing decisions on data for informed choices.

We are currently exploring Graph Advocate DAO’s needs regarding transparency and accountability. All suggestions and feedback are welcome. Thank you!


Your proposal is very interesting, and we are happy to see such proposals within DAO. But we would like to ask you to fill out a grant application so that we can start working with it more closely.

The form is available here - ClickUp Forms.

You can read more about our Grant Program here - ClickUp.

Thank you!

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