Proposal for a New DAO Member Compensation Model

Proposal for a New DAO Member Compensation Model

Contract-based Compensation

Problem: The current self-reported hours compensation model is extremely trust-based, lacks accountability for tasks, and is unsustainable as the DAO grows.

Solution: Create specific seats with deliverables & responsibilities outlined and bounty-like compensation that members can sign up for. Introduction of 2 crucial roles: Team Lead & Notetaker. A pre-determined number of contributor seats on each team. Each seat has a set compensation based on the DAO budget and estimated time & effort for the role.

Team Leads & Notetaker

Each team has a Team Lead who serves as the accountability member. The accountability member hosts all meetings and is the direct contact for team matters. The team lead is not the team decision-maker but rather the facilitator of the team’s objectives and the keeper of the KPIs to be reported back to the Committee. Notetakers are responsible for taking detailed ClickUp notes and writing down action items during meetings so that any member who wants to be informed about the discussion may reference the notes.

  • Members should not be a team lead for more than 3 teams
  • Members can take on multiple roles for a team but cannot be both Notetaker and Team Lead

Commitment Levels

Each role is categorized based on its commitment level.

  • Level 0) Contributor Level = A Level 1 that will attend and contribute to Committee Meetings
  • Level 1) Contributor Level = Contributes to a Team
  • Level 2) Contributor Level = A Level 1 with additional responsibilities
  • Level 3) Team Lead/Notetaker = A Level 2 that is a Team Lead or Notetaker
  • Level 4) Team Lead/Notetaker = A Level 3 that is a Lead or Notetaker for a Committee

Here’s an Example

It’s November 15th - Jane wants to be a Team Lead for the Advocate Contribution team. She starts by choosing a Level 1 Contributor Role. The Level 1 Contributor Role gives her access to a Level 2 role as a Technical Teacher Role Rep, and the Level 2 role gives her access to a Level 3 role as the Contribution Team Lead. She also plans to attend and contribute to the bi-weekly Advocate Committee Meetings, so she will select a Level 0 role as well. Her compensation is equal to the amounts for Level 0 + Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3.

In January, she decides she would like to be the Team Lead for the Advocate Committee, a Level 4 role. She posts a vote to Snapshot by January 21st. In three days, the vote passes, and Jane becomes the Advocate Contribution Team lead beginning April 1st. Now, her April compensation is equal to Level 0 + Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3 + Level 4.

Proposed Parameters

  • Members select themselves for roles they want from the Notion Database
  • Sign-ups for the upcoming month are due on the 21st.
  • Roles with multiple sign-ups will go to a Snapshot vote.
  • The Finance Team will assess the Notion database and create payment proposals.
  • There are a set number of seats for each team.
  • If the team feels they need more capacity at any time, they can propose a Snapshot vote to add another seat. This should include a description of the reasoning for the additional seat, a description of the role, the measurable responsibilities included, and the amount.
  • Any DAO member (including the one holding the seat) can propose a Snapshot vote (3-day voting period) to cease payment if a member is not fulfilling their role or is unable to fulfill their role.
  • Further setup may enable streaming payments via SuperFluid or Sablier.
  • Members who need to leave a seat should remove themselves from the notion field for the seat and post a message in the Discord channel #seats-to-be-filled.


I have been in touch with a few other members to develop a baseline of the hours listed in a table. Each seat and its description, deliverables, hours, etc., will need to be reviewed and may be expanded. The roles are close but have not been fully worked out. DAO members can test in the Notion database by adding themselves to roles they currently have or are interested in taking. There are tabs at the top for sorting each committee, team, level, member, etc.


Thanks for posting, I think this all makes sense. I think once this is good to go, we can start voting on individual seats and their payments via DAOhaus. Then we can forecast what spend will look like and adjust to remain within budget.