Process for sharing when DAO members are "out of office"

Whether it be for a vacation, a work trip, or a doctor’s appointment, DAO members will have times when they are “unavailable”/“offline” for on-going DAO activities.

Coordinating meetings and projects can become tricky if other DAO members aren’t aware of these planned absences.

Is the current set up (unstructured) OK with other DAO members, or do we want to change how we share our un-availability with each other?

At my day job we use an informal Microsoft Teams channel called “Absent” to share planned out-of-office (OOO) days within our team/group but also have a calendar that nicely displays that information.

Another option is to update Discord statuses accordingly.

  • I’ll be out on July 4, so I’ve set that as a status on my Discord profile.

Look forward to hearing what others think about this.



I like the idea of using a Discord status. It can be more informative too.


I concur with both of you on using Discord to track status. I have been using it as well and it is very convenient and easy since everyone already uses Discord.


Discord does not allow members to set a custom status for each server. There are cases when you may want to take a “2 week DAO break”, without also setting the same status for your main job, friends, family, sports group, or any other server you might be in.

However, Discord Does allow setting a custom nickname for each server. An option would be to add an icon to your Nickname. This would only show for that specific server:

We could combine this with having an OOO channel in Discord, where we can write the specifics. Ex: “I will be attending ETHCC, so I will be OOO 18-25.july”. When other DAO members see the “:calendar::palm_tree:” next to my nickname, they would know where to look for details.


Providing a mechanism for DAO members to share OOO status seems important. I already worry about some of our DAO members who have full-time jobs and the present workload of building the DAO. Work-life balance is important for the well-being of individuals and their families/friends/loved ones, but it is also important in avoiding burnout and fatigue (both of which can thwart productivity). I would support a GOC that addressed this issue, but I worry about how this information is shared or made available - I would NOT want to publicly share this information.


Fully agree we need a way to share this info (and encourage self care) and really like this idea from @Slimchance .

An OOO channel on discord and the emoji’s in the username makes sense to me.


During discussion with other DAO members, the idea came up that we have a combination of a nondescript emoji that members can set as a status to indicate OOO + a channel in Discord that shares the emoji and members can post more details about their OOO status, length, etc. Neither would be required but either or both can be used depending on the comfort level of the member.