Longtime Community Member & Project Supporter, Wading Into New Depths

Hello all.
Let me begin by introducing myself just slightly. I have been a community member and project supporter since the Pre-Testnet Everest days. I was a testnet Curator and have been a Delegator since Day1 of mainnet. I also was an early member of The Graphtronauts, but left before they began their more recent serious work. I have traded tokens, created content (winning the first meme contest), been active in the Discord, remained delegating >25k GRT, and been an overall GRT evangelist since the early days.
Over this past year I took a step back from the space due to some personal issues, but have recently decided to wade back in. I saw the link to this forum as one resource that I am currently exploring. That being said, is there a clear pathway in which I could become a member of the DAO and/or an Advocate of some stripe? If so, how would I go about this?
In the interim, is there any non-technical work that needs to be completed that I could assist on in some way?
Are there any things that I need to understand/learn/research prior to being active here? Also, is there another interface through which the DAO interacts outside of this forum?

Thanks for your time and assistance.


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Hello g00f! Thanks for your engagement in ecosystem.

If you would like to know more detail about being an advocate, you can find the Advocate Program here: The Graph Advocacy
And we have the Discord server for discussion and organization: Graph AdvocatesDAO
There are more information you can find in the channel #i-info in Discord.

Also, follow the https://twitter.com/GraphAdvocates for the latest news about advocates!