Limit content translations to “supported languages”

Supporting content translations for all human languages is not really feasible with limited resources. Additionally I believe content translations should undergo a review/proof-reading process before release to our community.

I propose we start a peer-review process for official translations so as to help maintain high quality across all content translations.

To facilitate this review process, I recommend that the DAO limit official content translations to an agreed upon list of supported languages.

Spanish and German could be good initial candidates for DAO-supported languages, but I’d love to see others based off DAO and Advocate skills.

I look forward to discussing with you and hearing different opinions on the matter.

Thanks :smiley:


Thanks for posting. I agree, since it seems like if the DAO is responsible for stewarding the Graph Advocates Program then we shouldn’t be supporting/endorsing any type of content that we can’t successfully review.

One idea to build this out might be that in order for a language to become an “supported language” of the Advocates Program we would need a certain number of Advocates (5?) and DAO members (2?) who speak the language.

Lastly, I think given how many folks I’ve seen from the Russian community engage with the Advocates Program recently I think Russian would be a good addition to consider as well.


Thank you for bringing that up! Me and @Lorena emphasized many times in the calls with Advocates and Text-Translators that the review and proof-reading are important and non-omissible steps in the translation process.

The Advocates are starting with the translation of tweets and other social media posts this month. As far as I know there is no translation ready yet, but everyone can check it on their own, because the translations and glossaries will be saved here: Text Translator Docs – Google Drive
(This is also where the review process will take place for now)

But maybe I missunderstood, and you mean already existing translations of official documents and website. If so, can you clarify what exactly do you mean with official translations?


@juliannaMLN I’m glad to hear that. :smiley: Thank you for sharing the Google Drive link. I really appreciate it.

It sounds like you understood what I meant. I’m not referring to existing translations so much as future translations from Advocates (the ones in progress now).

I just don’t think we have the capacity to review/accept all translated content since our community does not have all the language skills. “Unofficial community” translations are definitely great, but I don’t think we can verify content/accuracy so there could be issues with sharing content through official DAO channels.

@Mr.1776 brought up an interesting idea about “requiring” a certain number of Advocates and/or DAO members with skills in a specific language before we “publish” translations in a given language to the public. Thanks for sharing that Kyle.

Language-specific guilds/squads are an idea that comes to my mind. If that doesn’t pan out, language skills could be something DAO members and Advocates display in Discord and/or their GitBook member profile. Translators/reviewers could then more easily locate others with shared skill set to pair up for the translation/review process.


Great! I agree and I also think that we can establish language groups within the DAO in order to be able to review the translations in the efficient and quick way, and, at the same time, restrict the translations only to the groups we will be able to form. As there will be more and more participants joining the DAO and Advocates Program we can set up subsequent groups and gradually ‘branch out’ translation in many other languages.


I agree about this topic. It is very important to have DAO members that can review the translators work.
I think the languages could be Spanish, Russian (I think we have a member that speak Russian), Chinese. I don’t know if any member speak German. And other languages that members speak.
In addition of that, we should take into account that the translations could be from English to the supported language and from the supported language to English. Some advocates have created content in other languages. And we should included this situation into this proposal.


Personally, I like the idea of having supported languages. I would also propose that the DAO needs a roadmap for how it intended to increase the total number of supported languages. It might become necessary to have a committee/subcommittee assigned to manage this task?


Could be great idea to have a team for this task

Hello Lorena, it is possible to enable German translations, I personally have less experience or technical background with technical terms. But there is one person in our German-speaking community that I would like to look after for these tasks. At the weekend I will try to apply for the community grant. The topics German translation are a building block of the future expansion of our community tasks.
Greetings Andy

Hi Andy. Thanks for your comments!!. We are working on support languages includes German. We requires advocates for the languages that we support. Could be a great idea to have more advocates that speak german. There is many german in the community that could be great advocates.

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