Language Support Announcement

Hello Frens,

In accordance with Graph AdvocatesDAO Operating Code (GOC) 0019 (gocs/ at main · graphadvocates/gocs · GitHub), the language support team of Graph AdvocatesDAO is proud to make a long awaited announcement. Graph AdvocatesDAO members, Graph Advocates and ecosystem participants will begin supporting multiple language based communities in and outside of the Graph AdvocatesDAO discord server.

This effort aims to make The Graph ecosystem more inclusive by providing language support to non-English speakers by:

  • Strengthening non-English community care.
  • Encouraging translation of documentation and ecosystem updates.
  • Increasing the capacity of regional and/or language based Graph Advocate groups.
  • Creating, merging, or strengthening language specific communities across most favorable platforms.

At the current time, the following languages will have their own dedicated channel in the Graph AdvocatesDAO discord server:

Nederlands (Dutch)

Español (Spanish)

Русский (Russian)

Український (Ukrainian)

If you speak any of these languages, and are excited about providing language support, please join the Graph AdvocatesDAO discord server:

Also, if you would like to provide language support for any other languages, feel free to reach out to us in the Graph AdvocatesDAO discord server!