Introducing: Advocates of the Month

Proposal for Introducing the “Advocates of the Month” Initiative to Graph AdvocatesDAO

I’d like to propose a new initiative called “Advocates of the Month”, designed to recognize, reward, and motivate our dedicated Graph Advocates. This initiative will showcase the outstanding contributions made by individual Advocates and encourage others within the community to reach their highest potential.


The “Advocates of the Month” initiative aims to identify and honor exemplary Graph Advocates who have demonstrated passion, dedication, and exceptional contributions to the web3 mission and The Graph ecosystem.

Each month, a select number of Advocates will be recognized as the “Advocates of the Month” based on criteria such as:

  1. Contribution to community growth and development
  2. Creation of high-quality educational resources
  3. Succesfully hosting local events and workshops
  4. Providing exceptional technical support
  5. Promoting the core values of Graph AdvocatesDAO

Rewards and Recognition:

The selected Advocates of the Month will receive special recognition and rewards, including but not limited to:

  1. Featured profiles on the DAO’s website and social media channels
  2. Exclusive swag items as tokens of appreciation
  3. Mentorship opportunities with ecosystem experts and leaders
  4. Invitations to participate in webinars, podcasts, or networking events
  5. Special recognition badges or certificates
  6. Personalized thank-you messages from leaders in the ecosystem

Initiative Implementation:

To ensure the successful implementation of “Advocates of the Month”, I propose the following steps:

  1. Establish a set of criteria for selecting the Advocates of the Month
  2. Leverage a decentralized voting system to review nominations and select the monthly winners
  3. Design and produce exclusive swag items and other rewards
  4. Coordinate with ecosystem experts and leaders for mentorship sessions and networking events
  5. Develop a promotional plan to highlight the selected Advocates across various platforms
  6. Regularly evaluate the initiative’s impact and make improvements as needed

I believe that the “Advocates of the Month” initiative will not only serve as an excellent motivation tool but also enhance the sense of community among Graph Advocates. I look forward to discussing this proposal further and welcome any suggestions or feedback anyone may have :slight_smile: Thanks for reading!


Yeah, love the idea that you proposed the above. It is a great way to reward the advocates who working pretty hard in the growth of The Graph ecosystem. Especially the idea of providing mentorship is great. I totally support this initiative.

A very interesting suggestion that I think could gather quite a lot of positive thoughts from the community.

The main thing here is to correctly measure the level of contribution from advocates. Because let’s say a person held a great event or any other offline event. And the other person is afraid of the scene, and he’s much better at creating content.

I would even add that it’s possible to make each role the best advocate for the month. And also make a general one where, for example, the advocate was able to show himself awesome in different roles at the same time.


It’s such a great idea that will encourage our Advocates to perform even better. I really like how you’ve planned to recognise their outstanding work and create a strong sense of community.
And i agree with Doxe’s point that each role should have a separate advocate selected as everyone isn’t good at everything.
Also a healthy competition is always a good idea :wink:

Hey Doxe! Thanks so much for the feedback :pray:

To address your point on the criteria: I’d like to clarify that these points serve merely as examples of the various ways advocates might contribute, not as a checklist of requirements. Sorry for the confusion. It’s not necessary for an advocate to fulfill all the criteria listed; instead, the DAO will be looking for meaningful contributions that align with The Graph’s mission of fostering a decentralized and vibrant community. Advocates can excel in a variety of roles, and the initiaive aims to recognize these diverse contributions.

Regarding the suggestion of recognizing the best advocate in each role every month: while I see the merit in this approach, I believe that it may not be ideal in the current stage of the Advocates program. At the moment, advocate contributions tend to be concentrated in a few roles, so having an award for each role might not be feasible or reflective of the actual distribution of contributions.

Moreover, the initiative is designed to be somewhat exclusive - it’s meant to truly highlight and celebrate the exceptional work done by advocates. Rewarding too many advocates each month might dilute the prestige of the recognition. For these reasons, I suggest that we limit the number of Advocates of the Month to no more than three per month for now. This way, we can maintain the program’s exclusivity while still acknowledging the outstanding efforts of advocates.

Please know that this initiative is meant to be as fair and inclusive as possible, and I’m open to revisiting these decisions as the program evolves and as the advocate community grows.

Thank you again for your thoughtful feedback!


I think this is great.

I totally agree with limiting the number of Advocates to 3, it is very necessary and essential to maintain the prestige of this initiative.

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I read this proposal and believe it has the potential to be an amazing initiative to inspire advocates to turn their passion into real-world action and contribute more by receiving adequate credit for it!

Thank you for bringing this to light!

Thank you for putting forward the proposal. It’s a great idea to recognise and motivate our dedicated Graph Advocates. The criteria for selection are well-defined and i appreciate the comprehensive rewards and recognition plan
The proposed implementation steps are practical and transparent, with a decentralized voting system and regular evaluation.
However, I have a couple of concerns/questions:

  1. How will the nominations for Advocates of the Month be collected and reviewed? Is there a process in place to ensure fairness and avoid biases?
  2. Have we considered the scalability of the initiative as the community continues to grow? How will we handle the increasing number of Advocates and ensure equal opportunities for recognition?

Overall, I support this initiative and believe it will strengthen our community. I’m eager to see it in action and I’m ready to contribute to its successful implementation.

Yeah. I also want to note that I just gave an example for each role. As for 3 advocates per month, I think this number is quite fair. After all, very often we may have quite strong candidates in various fields, and it is usually quite difficult to choose one among two or three, and three spots will be very helpful.

One of the things I wanted to clarify is if the members of the DAO will participate in this initiative or if this activity, this campaign, is aimed specifically on ordinary advocates.

Also, from my recommendations. On the part of the DAO, we can create a team that will aggregate data about the contributions from advocates and, based on this, launch a vote to select the leaders.

By the way, about the voting. Will everyone take part in the voting? Including members of the DAO and advocates, right?

Thank you!

Hey there, welcome to the forum and congratulations again on your acceptance to the Advocates program! Thank you for your support and thoughtful feedback.

  1. The plan is for the nominations to be proposed by DAO members, more specifically, the Contributions Team within the Advocate Committee. Given that this team is already tasked with evaluating all incoming contributions on a rolling basis, they are best positioned to identify outstanding advocates who are making substantial contributions to the community. I believe this method will ensure fairness and help avoid biases in the selection process. Once nominations are in place, DAO members will vote to select the Advocates of the Month. The specifics of this voting process are still being finalized and will be part of the broader initiative implementation.

  2. Thank you for thinking of this, you’ve touched on a crucial point. I fully anticipate that as the Advocates program expands, the DAO will too. A larger DAO will inherently mean more diversity and potential for identifying and acknowledging outstanding contributors. Additionally, I believe the Advocates of the Month initiative will serve as a powerful tool for identifying advocates who show remarkable dedication and could be potential candidates for DAO membership. This could further incentivize participation in the program and ensure that we continue to attract dedicated and motivated individuals to the community.

To reiterate, the DAO members will be at the forefront of both nominating and voting for the Advocates of the Month.

I hope this clarifies your concerns. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you for providing additional details and addressing my concerns. Once again, i 100% support this initiative and look forward to it in action.

I think this praise bot could tie in nicely with this:

This could give anyone the ability to give “praise” to active advocates if you wanted a more decentralized implementation of this. Though it could introduce some short-term challenge to do it this way as well