GRT Bounty Program to Promote The Graph Intro Course

Objective: To incentivize college students to learn about The Graph and contribute to it, by offering a limited GRT bounty for completing the intro course.

Proposal: As a new advocate who is currently a college student, I am well-connected with the computer science student population at my school. I am in the process of creating a series of TikTok videos to raise awareness about The Graph and encourage college students to explore and contribute to it. To further boost engagement, I propose the addition of a small GRT bounty for students who complete the intro course on The Graph.

Key Components:

  1. GRT Bounty: Add a small GRT reward for students who complete the intro course on The Graph. The exact amount of GRT will be decided upon consensus within the DAO, taking into consideration budget constraints and the desired level of incentive.
  2. TikTok Promotion: I will create a TikTok video highlighting the GRT bounty and encouraging students to check out The Graph’s dev work page. The video will be shared across various channels, targeting college students interested in computer science and blockchain technology.
  3. Limited Availability: To ensure the effectiveness of the program while maintaining budget control, we can limit the number of people who can claim the GRT bounty. For example, we can offer the reward to the first 1000? students who complete the intro course.
  4. Eligibility Criteria: To prevent abuse of the program, we should establish eligibility criteria for claiming the GRT bounty. This may include completion of a brief quiz to demonstrate understanding of the course material.

Hey! Would you like to do this a advocate contribution or a community grant?

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Hello not really sure what you mean by as an advocate contribution or a community Grant? As an advocate I thought that my contributions would be advocate contributions and the community grants are a different thing for non members of the advocate program?

Also after talking to Darby it seems like this is probably not a good idea as this program does not like to advertise The graph as the way to make money.