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Proposal for “Graph University Hub” Initiative

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Web3 technology presents a transformative opportunity for education, particularly in regions where access to advanced educational resources is limited. Nigeria, with its burgeoning youth population and growing interest in technology, stands at the forefront of this digital revolution. The proposed “Graph University Hub” initiative aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application of Web3 technologies among Nigerian university students. This proposal outlines how a $3000 investment could significantly impact the educational experience of these students, equipping them with the skills needed to thrive in the emerging Web3 ecosystem.

Educational Content Development: Create comprehensive educational content tailored to the Nigerian university curriculum, focusing on Web3 technologies.
Skill Workshops and Hackathons: Organize regular workshops and hackathons to apply learned concepts practically, fostering innovation and collaboration among students.
Mentorship Program: Establish a mentorship program connecting students with industry professionals to provide guidance and real-world insights into Web3 careers.
Networking Opportunities: Provide platforms for networking and collaboration with peers and professionals within the Web3 space, enhancing career prospects post-graduation.
Expected Outcomes
Increased Knowledge Retention: Interactive learning methods will enhance understanding and retention of complex Web3 concepts.
Practical Application Skills: Through hands-on projects and hackathons, students will gain practical experience, preparing them for the workforce.
Career Advancement: Exposure to industry professionals and networking opportunities will open doors to internships and job offers in the Web3 sector.
Community Building: A vibrant community of learners and professionals will foster innovation and continuous learning in the field of Web3.

Budget Allocation
Content Development: $1000 - To create high-quality educational materials that align with the Nigerian university system.
Workshop and Hackathon Organization: $1000 - To cover costs associated with hosting events that encourage active learning and project development.
Mentorship Program: $500 - To facilitate connections between students and experienced professionals in the Web3 industry.
Networking Events: $400 - To organize meetups and conferences that bring together students, professionals, and investors in the Web3 space.

The “Graph University Hub” initiative represents a significant step forward in leveraging Web3 technology to enhance education in Nigeria. By investing in this project, we can empower the next generation of tech innovators, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the Web3 economy. This initiative not only addresses the immediate need for Web3 education but also lays the foundation for a sustainable ecosystem of learning and innovation in Nigeria.

Please am open for any questions and suggestions.

Attached here are the links of my previous programmes 1st program tag Aksu innovative and the second one was a tour as we talked to students about web3 and also Gexipay.


Please can you provide examples of what you have done in the past in the following areas

1). Web3 educational content
2). Skill workshops and hackathons
3). Mentorship programs

Also if you can provide a list of all the universities in Nigeria you have worked with, with proof of projects you have executed in the universities, it would be helpful

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Ok I will drop links to all the events I have b
Hosted so far.

Skill/mentorship event. it was hosted in Maureen polytechnic in Eket.

Extended Ikot Ekpene which was hosted in Ikot Ekpene Local Government was a mentorship event. Attached here is link for your acknowledgment

This was a Community engagement event sponsor by hatch stack. Hosted in Akwa Ibom State university. Attached here is the link

Defi web 3 this event was held at Akwa Ibom State university. Attached here is the link.

This is another link to an event we also hosted.


thank you for your reply
but this doesn’t adequately address the questions i asked

i really wanted to know the contents of these events not just pictures that can’t be verified

also i asked specifically for the universities in Nigeria that you have already run a web3 event, especially those that are not in Akwa Ibom State, as there are 36 states in Nigeria in total

as an aside, is there any web3 community such as EthNigeria, Web3 Bridge etc that you are affiliated with?

thank you in anticipation of your response

Thank you sir.
Sir initially you said I should provide samples of what I have done so far. Which I have provided with all the events picture.

I haven’t partner with any web3 yet and all the events so far I have hosted is in Akwa Ibom and Rivers state. That is why me and my team are requesting for this grant to help us take the gospel of web3 to others state and as the university that is involved.

The event I have hosted so is
Defi web3 event help at Akwa Ibom state polytechnic
Skill workshop at Maureen polytechnic Eket
Mentorship program at Akwa Ibom State University

Thank you for your response
I know how hard it is to execute a program of the scale that you are proposing is why i’m asking the specific questions i’m asking
from your response it appears to me that you don’t have the ability to achieve the objectives you have stated, if you have not been able to execute projects, unverified/unverifiable, in your resident state and where you school
if you must know web3 bridge has funding in the tens of thousands of dollars and yet they have not been able to cover all the universities in nigeria, rather they focus in areas they have demonstrated verifiable competence
likewise Ethnigeria have funding higher than what you are requesting and they also provide value all over Nigeria which everyone can see visibly and yet they have not been able to cover all universities in nigeria
you have allegedly done a few crypto events and you are here claiming you can cover all universities in nigeria
do you have any idea of the scale you are proposing or how much work is involved?
i noticed this is not your first grant proposal, and frankly i’m very sure this will end as the last one
my advice to you is to stop these types of shenanigans. there are a lot of people delivering value to the nigerian web3 education ecosystem and you are not one of them

The choice of words in this reply is discouraging with respect to effort we make to push these initiatives. You are undermining our efforts even with low sponsorship.

Anyways, we have partnered with Web3 communities like RootStock and FTLD. We’ve held two (2) events this year.

Currently, our Learn to Earn program covers the 36 states of the federation and beyond and we are teaching Defi and Blockchain basics. This program is backed by Web3 brands and communities too.

These information are verifiable. I could provide links to these events gallery, registration data of Learn to Earn and you could reach the Web3 communities for confirmation too.

We are dedicated to pushing Web3 education and we will continue against all odds.

Links to Learn to Earn: