Grant Proposal: Yearn finance

Grant ID: 3p0tubf


It’s a bridge swap project for easy swapping of tokens

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What type of grant are you pursuing?:
Project (one-off)

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Regional Community

Please select who you think will benefit from your project?:
Indexers, Subgraph Developers

How much funding are you looking for? (USD):

Provide a breakdown of your requested funding:
To help with good marketing structures for my upcoming project

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
I could have a collaboration with the graph community in a months time and users will be able to swap tokens gotten from the graph community

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I have been a web3 community moderator and marketing services provider for about 3years now and have worked with several projects

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
The graph community is a long term one which will in turn provide funds as profits to users

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Thank you for submitting a Community Grant application to the Graph AdvocatesDAO program! I have a few follow up questions after reviewing your application. Please be as specific as possible when answering:

  • Can you provide more detail on how the token swapping you are proposing would add value to the Graph Ecosystem? Specifically, in comparison to existing tools that are similar, like Uniswap?
  • Can you please provide a detailed breakdown of how the $10,000 you are requesting would be
  • Can you describe your level of knowledge and familiarity with The Graph?
  • In your application you say:

Can you elaborate on what that means?

  • You also say

Can you describe further what this means exactly?

Thank you again for applying. Look forward to your responses!

Yes, I thank you for your proposal. I join the questions above, as there is quite little information in the form you filled in. I will also ask a question for myself, about your experience in general, interesting to know it. Curious to hear about your experience as from the topic of this grant, it’s more of a technical angle to the question, which of course touches on experience in creating anything in the past.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, this grant proposal did not generate the level of support in the community to move it to the next phase of the grant application process.

Thank you for submitting this proposal and you are encouraged to stay engaged in the Graph community. You are also welcome to submit new grant applications in the future with proposals that may generate stronger community support.

Graph AdvocatesDAO

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