Grant Proposal: Web3 Accelerator and HQ in Vancouver, Canada

This grant proposal is to fund a pilot of our long-term mission.

If it creates good results we go to the foundation to scale it to full size in Vancouver, Canada 1st and then in México City. For a larger grant so we scale it to its full size.

On August 6 I traveled to Vancouver. I was selected to be part of the Mexican delegation to showcase the work we are doing here and build a tech sister city relationship. Build strong economic, cultural, and innovation bridges between Mexico and Canada. I was also invited to the inaugural Frontier Summit. and SISGRAPH. From there I came back to Mexico City to help with the Graph booth at ETH Mexico. We learned a ton there. For how to improve hackathon support and the local community to learn how to use and build on the Graph.

This pilot funding is to help start university clubs at Simon Fraser U, U of British Columbia, Emily Carr U, Concordia U, and other local educational partners. To host a series of events and the launch of a Web3 Hacker House, partner with local accelerators, and in Vancouver to build out and support our community. Hosted by The Graph in Vancouver.

We are launching this permanent hacker house to foster the builder community in Vancouver.

We have partnered with Frontier Collective, Launch Academy, Hola Metavero, Evoz, Snap Inc, Launch VC, Ethos Lab, Mintbase, Livepeer, Celo, Tavern XR, and a few other local and international partners to create the local infrastructure and international network of support to launch the very much wanted and needed Web3 Builder community. Using the Full Web3 tech stack.

For us Web3 is shorthand for the third generation of the internet and its economy.

The mesh of the full tech stack of the evolution of the internet happening right now.

How several industries and disciplines are integrating spatial tech, the immersive web, robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Computer Vision, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, 5G, Edge, and other frontier technologies into the labor force, educational systems, and local, national, and global economies.

This Talent Accelerator and its academy is to prepare folks to develop the needed talent to enter this new evolution with a global, well-trained workforce.

We are starting by helping with Vancouver Hacker House, a 5 day Web3 Hackathon hosted by Solana. The goal is to create the only Web3 Coworking space, labs, and Web3 startup accelerator in the city. To serve as the HQ for the Web3 community in British Columbia to build the open web protocol.

In October we will be hosting the Hola Metaverso Conference in Mexico City.

We have created a 4 Node strategy: City Nodes Strategy - to build our community in this global Web3 Capital in key areas of building the Open Web Protocol to support our long-range plan 2):

This pilot will be in Vancouver. It will be mainly in English. We will work with the Translator advocates for Spanish and other languages as the nearby town of Surrey has immigrants from many parts of the world.

If successful we will adapt it to Mexico city and replicate it there.

The majority of the meetups In Mexico will be in Spanish. For the LATAM community. Using The Graph Material already translated into Spanish, there is a lot of it already. The space will be open for the English-speaking Web3 community to also host their workshops and events here.

Our events for Mexico City are deeply focused on the LATAM community and in our languages and cultural frameworks.

I have read and agree to the privacy policy:

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What type of grant are you pursuing?:
Project (one-off)

Please select the category your project best fits into:
Regional Community

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Curators, Delegators, Indexers, Subgraph Developers

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What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
We are building Web3 HQ in Vancouver. Fostering collaboration of the Coworking, Accelerator, Hackathon, Labs, Demo Days, a startup investment fund, and DAOs here. These workshops, meetups, and conferences in our own space will help us build out our community, brand, and local support infrastructure. To help them build deeper infrastructure, integrate more projects, ideally other protocols, and recruit universities as Indexers and educational partners.

Metrics for measuring success: Number of events, Number of projects that start on The Graph. The number of The Graph accounts created, Number of Sub Graphs created. Number of Graph Advocates recruited, Number of Graph Integrations, Number of Web3 Startups using the Graph. Number of university clubs created. Number of Indexers recruited. Number of talent recruited to apply for open roles.

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones: We started, In Mexico City, in April, and the official launch was in May. Hackathon planned for October. The Graph Lounge at ETH Mexico in August, Co-hosting Hola Metaverso Mexico in October. Creation of the 4 nodes and their focused communities and launch of the Web3 House in October.

The ongoing business model for the Web3 House is selling startup cohorts to protocols, subleasing space to Web3 companies and startups, hosting workshops and events, and brand collaborations and sponsorships.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
I’ve hosted two Graph events here:

One was a live coding event with Cami and Nader

The other one was a dinner with Simon and 12 leaders of the Mexico City Web3 community.

I helped run the Graph Booth at ETH Mexico.

Been involved with the Spanish Speaking Graph Advocates program.

I have worked in startups and building entrepreneurship communities for the past 20 years. I help build the Bootstrap Austin Network which was one of the catalysts for making Austin a hub of entrepreneurship activity. I help start and grow the US network of Impact Hubs. I was the director of the national program for Startup Champions Network. a US-based organization that helps ecosystem builders across the country build and foster their entrepreneurship communities and evolve them into ecosystems.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
For the past year, I have hosted several Web3 meetups, workshops, and demos. Helped launch and guide various web3 projects. Hacked one web3 hackathon. Mentored one Web3 Hackathon.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
I am a Graph Advocate. My mission is the creation and dev of the open web protocol and the integration of the full tech stack of the 3rd gen of the internet. spatial tech and immersive web with blockchain & crypto.

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Hello Martin!

I would like to comment on this grant proposal because I have spoken with you a bunch of times in Mexico and online and have personally seen what you have set up there. I am very much in support of your proposal and I hope others can also give their comments on it. (especially DAO members)

To give a little background of my experience:

Martin organised a Hacker House in Mexico City during EthMexico 2022 that was sponsored by multiple other web3 companies and ran consecutively with EthMexico (and I think a couple days before and after, but I am not 100% sure on that).
This hacker house provided food and drink to attending hackers and builders, was a meeting place for people and fostered cooperation. I can testify the use and legitimacy of this concept and was impressed by how well it was organised.
In my opinion supporting initiatives like this is important and although it might be a little biased for me to be so directly supportive of this proposal over others I have personally seen what was organised by Martin and it was a high quality well supported event and I have faith that he can repeat that and build out the concept further.

My main question is: How can we motivate people to know about and work with The Graph specifically at these events rather than them just hanging out there and making some kind of spooky scary Polygon application or something?

I’d also love to know how you are planning to spend the money, as well as if you’re already in contact with people at these universities and how you are planning to set up further!


:wave: Hey @Montero ,

Seeing your submission as we were chatting about this joint collaboration in Vancouver.

What would help this grant is that we have secured a +5,000 sqft space in Downtown, Gastown Vancouver close all amenities, fully equipped with +7 rooms & 2 halls, desks, chairs, projector, full speed internet, and even TVs in most rooms.

  • We’re connected to tech and blockchain clubs in Vancouver from SFU, UBC, Emily Carr…as you mentioned.

So there’s lots of overlap there.

Wanted to learn more about the points you mentioned:

-“We have partnered with Frontier Collective, Launch Academy…” what does that mean? How is the partnership setup?

-“We are starting by helping with Vancouver Hacker House…hosted by Solana”. How are you helping them do that? Are you offering the space to them?

-What is the breakdown of the $20,000 USD?

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Hi @pooria,

Thank you very much for your comments, questions and interest.

Our model is not coworking or office space rental. As I have explained a few times to you before. This is a house for Web3 Devs to live in.

This program will start after September. When your one month free trail of this space is over.
Office space rent in Gastown are very expensive. I do not think it a wise use of the funds to pay for such over price rent. Especially since our model is not office space.

We found partners who are a much better fit in culture, vision, values and mission. We will bee moving forward with them. If there is a way that makes sense to work with BeeHouse I will reach out.

Re your two questions:

  1. Those details are not public yet. I will send them to the grant commitee.

  2. I am attenting to help the hacker teams as I have done for over 25 hacktons in my career.

  3. I will answer that question above where it was originally asked.

Thank you.

Best of luck of your project.


Thanks for Martin.

Your responses didn’t answer my questions and the points about “free trail, office space…” don’t make sense at least to the scope of this proposal.

I’d appreciate if you could provide more info so everyone at the Graph Advocates DAO could review them.

-“As I have explained a few times to you before.” This is the first time I am asking a question about this grant.

-“This is a house for Web3 Devs to live in.” So does this mean it is a coliving space for Web3 developers?

–If so, what are the scouted locations, amenities, and costs for developers?
–How many developers can live at any given time? In the whole house/each room?
–Why do developers need to live together given most dev work happens remote/via software?

-“We are starting by helping with Vancouver Hacker House, a 5 day Web3 Hackathon hosted by Solana.” Originally the proposal mentioned “we”, who else is on your team? Profiles, previous experiences…

-" I am attenting to help the hacker teams as I have done for over 25 hacktons in my career." Later you mention you are just “attending” the hackathon. That’s why I initially asked in regards to the partnerships because of the wording so we could know how each partner’s mission/value would align with the Graph.

Looking forward to your response


The grant application describes that significant past engagement by the applicant has helped forming a network and deeper relationships in web3, which is one of the foundations underpinning the value proposition of this grant application. The Graph AdvocatesDAO is not in the business of extracting details of these relationships, such as asking to reveal how partnerships are set up.

There is also a possible competitive nature apparent in your exchanges with the applicant and that makes it difficult to judge the exact motivation behind the questions, whether those are grounded in the best interest of the Graph AdvocatesDAO or for yourself. To protect the integrity of the process and not expose the applicant to undue inquiries, you may want to consider recusing yourself from further questioning.

That said, there are a couple of questions raised by @259tim which I would also love to hear more about, which are:



@Oliver thanks for your reply.

Wanted to make sure the questions I asked were in the best interest of the Graph Advocates DAO. And secondly, I don’t view Martin as a competitor because that’s non existent in a permission less Web3 future of work.

Will be closely following the proposal and excited to see how it pans out. We always need more stuff happening in Web3 Vancouver.



Let me know if you have any more questions. Have a wonderful day!




Hello Martin, thank you for your answer. I actually do not have any further questions, I think your answers make sense and I think stuff like giving developers sneak previews of Soulbound Studio and helping them build Subgraphs and integrate with the Graph could be immensely valuable, and a location like a hacker house could kickstart WAY more people starting to work with the Graph.

Having seen your commitment to organising events like this I am of the opinion that you could make a very valuable contribution. I definitely support the DAO looking more into your proposal and trying to support it in some manner.

Howdy y’all,

Last night I posted a more detailed update of what is happening with my work in Vancouver relayted to this. For the details see that channel or send me a message.

I have now met with 3 major universites about this plan. It lines up well with plans they have been working on. So now we are working out how to best work in tamdem. I have introduced them to Kyle to get them further support. @Slimchance @pdiomede @Nick @Oliver @Estie @poptones et all if you want more info happy share it. To protect potential partners and still still in the works I can’t post details in a public forum. I have a few very detailed docs that have been shared with me on the upcoming plans that I can share directly with interested parties.

I have met with founding members of the on campus blockchain clubs and I am working with them to host Graph informational events subgraph workshops.

As this is evolving it is looking more like a partnership with these universities to create a web3 lab. From that lab create the dev house and invite selected startups to apply. What is being built here is far deeper than the scope of this grant proposal.

The focus of this grant as the pilot program for what is being built is very on point.
From there Kyle and I are working with the potential partners to create the long term plan.


Hi Martin, thanks for the reply. Just a clarification, when you mention Kyle, are you referring to Kyle Rojas from E&N?

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Yes. Kyle Rojas from Edge & Node.

I have reviewed this grant and I believe an initiative like this must be arranged directly by The Foundation, or have their full support. So I think this is not for the DAO but must be agreed by The Foundation directly.

Good day @pdiomede

Thank for your review, This project is the result of months of cordination between several entities. Members of the foundation, members of the core dev, DAO members, Advocates. There been ample converstions and presentations to all this these.

Where you able to review any of this months of strategy planning and local and remote work?
Did you get a chance to talk the foundation about this?
Did you get a chance to review the recorded presention for the Grant commitee?

Have a good day!

The Foundation has not agreed to anything, nor have they seen a plan for this.
I’m sorry @Montero but I do believe I can be free to cast my vote, and I decided to vote No.
Please, respect my choice.

P.S. I didn’t watch the recorded presentation because actually I was presenting the public meeting on Oct, 18th:

Hi @pdiomede

Thank you for exercing your vote. I agree with you. At no point did I say otherwise about your freedom to vote as you see fit.

I also did not say anything about the foundation making any agreements about this. They have not.

My questions where simply focused on your review of this proposal.
If you have any feedback for it.

Thank you.

Hello Martín,

Thank you for submitting your proposal to the Graph AdvocatesDAO Community Grants Program.

After careful consideration and a detailed review of the proposal, we decided not to pursue funding your application. But although we are declining to fund this application, we would like to share our feedback, which we hope will help you grow and elevate your project in the future.
Please recognize that this is not a statement on the proposal itself, but rather an reflection by committee members taking into account a number of factors, such as alignment to The Graph ecosystem, budget available to support grants and prioritization relative to other proposed grants.

We thank you for bringing your expertise and experience, as well as for engaging in constructive and open exchanges throughout the time your application was reviewed by The Graph AdvocatesDAO. We are looking forward to seeing you succeed and staying engaged in the broader Graph community.

You are welcome to submit new grant applications in the future!

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