Grant Proposal: The Graph Q&A on Peeranha

Grant ID: 861m716gr


Peeranha is a knowledge management protocol for Web3 (think decentralized Discourse or StackOverflow).

Peeranha streamlines knowledge management & discovery in Web3, creates incentives for users to contribute, gives ownership of the knowledge back to the community and preserves it by storing on Polygon blockchain and Filecoin.

Technology stack:

  • Decentralized search index on The Graph - Peeranha Subgraph;
  • Smart contracts on Polygon blockchain;
  • File and content storage on Filecoin / IPFS;
  • Helper services on AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS, CloudFront, CloudWatch);
  • User interface on React JS + Redux hosted in AWS S3 + CloudFront.


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Milestone 1
Goal: Create The Graph knowledge base on Peeranha;


  • The Graph knowledge base is created according to the The Graph protocol branding assets;
  • A knowledge base is launched on the protocol’s subdomain (e.g.

People: 1/4 Customer Success Manager, 1/2 Front-end Developer
Timing: 2 weekы
Funding: 400$ + 2600$

Milestone 2
Goal: Organize The Graph knowledge base on Peeranha;


  • Scrapped Discord channels and valuable knowledge extracted to Peeranha;
  • At least 150 scrapped questions with answers posted on The Graph Q&A;
  • The knowledge base is continuously updated based on other resources in the The Graph ecosystem;
  • Enable 1st version of bot in The Graph Discord (this version of bots will notify community members about new questions posted on The Graph Q&A);
  • Discord monitored for valuable knowledge and that knowledge moved to The Graph knowledge base on Peeranha until the bots would be released and implemented into The Graph communities;

People: 1/2 Customer Success Manager
Timing: 3 months
Funding: 2000$

Please note that Peeranha team will do all the required heavy lifting in order to set up The Graph Q&A and knowledge base on Peeranha. Very minimal involvement and effort are needed from The Graph team itself. A dedicated Customer Success Manager will function as an extension of The Graph’s community management team for 2 months. That collaboration can be extended for as long as necessary.

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

If yes, please describe where you’ve received funding from and how much you have, or will, receive:
Filecoin Techstars Accelerator - $20K;
Mysten Labs - $100K;
Chain Accel Inc. - $50K;
Protocol Labs - $250K;
Angel investor - $50K;
Angel investor - $50K;
AAVE grants DAO - $5K;
Edgeware DAO - $35K;

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
Effective knowledge sharing is highly important for communities such as The Graph. However, the current approach within the The Graph ecosystem, as well as in other Web3 communities, is proven to be very inefficient.

Messengers such as Discord and Telegram are the most widely used tools for community Q&A. There are several significant disadvantages of using these tools for community knowledge sharing, particularly Q&A:

  • Questions have a short window of visibility to the community and disappear in the flow of the new messages in communication threads;
  • Existing questions are hard to find causing the same questions to be asked repeatedly;
  • Questions and answers are not indexed by search engines as Google;
  • Questions and answers are not curated;
  • Communities in different messengers and different languages exist in silos.

The diagram below shows current knowledge-sharing flows in the The Graph community:

We are proposing to streamline knowledge management & discovery in the The Graph community. The diagram below shows the proposed knowledge-sharing flow:

The proposed flow breaks down the silos between communication in various channels and languages, structures the most valuable knowledge, and exposes it to search engines such as Google.

Thus, to achieve the adoption of The Graph knowledge we will built and implement:

  • Integration bots for Discord, Telegram and Slack - bots helping to break down the silos between communication channels by allowing post content directly from Discord, Telegram or Slack and receiving notifications about new post on community Q&A;
  • Auto-translation bot - a bot that helps to break down the silos between different languages by instantly translating content posted on Peeranha to various languages;
  • Auto-answer engine - AI and NLP-based engine that allows users to instantly get answers to their questions from a channel that they prefer.

However, while the bots are in development, the hired Customer Success Manager will be responsible for the manual scraping of The Graph community.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
MVP of Peeranha have been released in July 2022. Since the release we have оnboarded or started the onboarding of Filecoin, Koii Network, Polygon, AAVE, Ankr, CyberConnect and other communities - Peeranha;

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I’m a Software Architect with 15 years of experience building software development teams and working with blockchain technology for the past 6 years. I was the founding engineer at two successful blockchain companies: BloXroute Labs and VM Capital. Currently I’m the CTO of Peeranha and responsible for the technology.

Slava is CEO of Peeranha and responsible for business development. Prior to Peeranha he started Forte Group, a full-spectrum, global software development company. Forte has 800 employees working out of 9 offices in 6 countries around the world and $50M in revenue.

Denys is a Front-end Team Lead with 5 years of experience in development of new user-facing features using different technologies. He has worked on React, Redux, Redux-Saga, JavaScript, HTML, CSS developing web applications.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
At Peeranha we strongly believe in the “win-win” formula for a collaboration.

Peeranha is built on top of The Graph protocol. Thus, we have been part of the community for a long time and understand the technology very well. Our team is capable of creating and organizing an effective knowledge base dedicated to The Graph protocol. Web3 developers will be able to learn about The Graph using the tool that is built with The Graph protocol. At the same time, we see it as an opportunity to grow the user community on Peeranha.

Peeranha is a protocol that helps structure and curate knowledge-base, streamline expertise discovery, and incentivize collaboration for Web3 communities. At Peeranha, we prioritize engagement with communities in order to build a platform that meets their actual needs. We believe that by listening to what they have to say, we can create a better protocol that benefits everyone from The Graph ecosystem.

So, we’d be happy to connect and streamline The Graph knowledge discovery in Web3.

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Hi! Your application looks pretty good, thanks for taking the time to fill it out! In the process of reviewing it, I did have a few questions:

  1. Why should a person choose your platform, and not just search the Internet and the same social networks, such as Telegram and Discord or banal question in indexers channel (for example)? Most of the time, it’s a single question search, and those 2 social networks have it?

  2. How will you measure the extent of the question to add it to your platform? Do you plan to add any hard questions or do you post links where you can find answers to the questions?

  3. What is the average number of people who visit your platform?

  4. After 2 months of manager work who will be adding new questions to your platform? Or, if we are talking about the continue cooperation, what amount are we talking about?

Thank you!!


Unfortunately, this grant proposal did not generate the level of support in the community to move it to the next phase of the grant application process.

Thank you for submitting this proposal and you are encouraged to stay engaged in the Graph community. You are also welcome to submit new grant applications in the future with proposals that may generate stronger community support.

Best Regards,
Graph AdvocatesDAO

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