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I want to host an awareness event for creating community for the graph in pakistan.
I already have hosted several events for “PUNK” and “IVS” in pakistan as official PUNK and IVS ambassador.
In last event that i hosted for IVS had around 300 people who attended the event and the number is increasing with our every next event.
For organizing the event we do marketing for it first after which we are able to gather a group of people that comes to the event.
We arrange the event in capital city of pakistan for which we have to travel from one city to other.
We arrange meals for our management group.
We provide drinks to all the event attendants.
We will introduce the company that we are organizing event for.
So much more.
Our team has more than 15 members.

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Regional Community

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Not received funding from graph in short

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Graph has huge potential in web3 and is a massive project in the blockchain world.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
I have hosted events for PUNK & IVS as an official ambassador for Pakistan.
2 for PUNK
1 for IVS

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
Because i am in The Graph community from years and have found huge potential in it.

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Hello, I have some questions:

  1. How could this event shape the community?
  2. Could you provide what is included in this event for a more detailed agenda?
  3. Could you show the detailed breakdown for each part? A sheet to list the estimated cost of food, traffic, places, etc.
  4. What have the team(company) did before except for the events about PUNK and IVS?
  5. Could you prove the past work? e.g. photo, video, records of AMA and event, etc.

Thanks for applying and looking forward to your reply.

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  1. This event will increase awareness among people who are interested in Web3 but don’t know about the Graph yet.
  2. This event will include a presentation on the graph protocol and a small concert where some notable YouTubers and singers will come Allonby with their community. The idea being this is to gather more people to spread awareness related to graph protocol.
  3. Due to massive increase in petrol prices the travel charges have almost doubled, same is food prices doubled to tripled, most of the money goes to local YouTubers and singers in order to gather their community. So this estimate is according to the previous events that we use to host.
  4. Our team include singers, and crypto investors who have worked with popular web3 communities like axie infinity, most of the members are university students, who are very passionate about digging into web3 space and are computer science students and most of us are currently working as a team with IVS and PUNK.
  5. Actually my mobile phone was damaged and i bought a new one, i have asked my friend if he have the images and videos yet. I will send you once i got them

Can you share some links about these two events for IVS and PUNK? For example did you get some coverage from some websites talking about these two events?
Any useful links you can share would be helpful.

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Hi, here are the pics, videos and links showing the events we hosted.

Thanks for responding

Thanks for your reply.
As you said, you want to let more people come to join this event by the concert.

  1. How does the percentage between the presentation and concert?
  2. Would you record the presentation for the future viewing in public?
  3. Could you provide a more detailed breakdown for your estimated cost? e.g. Food for $1000, Concert for $2000, transportation for $800, etc.

Thanks for the response,

  1. The percentage between presentation and concert is 20-80. Shorter time is given to the technical part as you can understand that people get bored with lots of technical stuff :smiley:
  2. We host our events in the capital city of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad so most of the people are higher gentry. For sure we record the pics, videos, presentation for showing our work to the public after every event we host and share it on our social media platforms like twitter, youtube, telegram etc and also on the social platforms of the company we host for. Also the event attendees share the pics on their social media platforms in form of stories, vlogs etc. Similarly, the youtubers that we call share vlogs to their channel.
  3. Estimated cost is as follows:
    • $500 for travel charges as the price for petrol has massively pumped here also we have to travel from city to city for which we have to arrange several cars.
    • $1000 for venue + hotel bookings + Food as there is one night stay also in the capital city Islamabad where the charges are higher compared to other cities.
    • $400 for custom printed t-shirts + masks for the management team and the t-shirt and mask for the guests are delivered to their home :slight_smile:
    • $200 for sound system
    • $100 for flex and flex standees
    • $2300 for marketing + youtubers and singers
      Total = $4500

Price may vary as inflation is increasing everyday we wake up

It seems that above video links were expired so sending them again:

Unfortunately, this grant proposal did not generate the level of support in the community to move it to the next phase. Thank you for submitting this proposal and you are encouraged to stay engaged in the broader Graph community. You are also welcome to submit new grant applications in the future with proposals that may generate stronger community support.