Grant Proposal: The Graph India (GraphGurus)

Grant ID: 8684ve2m8


The purpose of this grant is to establish strong Community presence & creating a local chapter known as GraphGurus for The Graph. Through targeted funding, we aim to create a dedicated platform that fosters education, skill development, and collaboration in The Graph ecosystem. This grant will enable us to organize local meetups, set up the GraphGuru infrastructure, host small meetups, strategic partnerships, and enhance our online presence. By doing so, we will empower Graph enthusiasts to become experts, facilitate knowledge sharing, and cultivate a vibrant Graph protocol community in India.

I have read and agree to the privacy policy:

Describe what your project does or is aiming to do in 50 characters or less:
It will focus with the goal of:

Create a strong Online presence
Build an On-ground presence with recurring local meetups
Supporting Graph at major events
Strategic partnerships
GraphGuru infrastructure

The initial effort and focus for all 2023 will be on two major points:
Ecosystem Growth: onboard more Graph Advocates.
Learning: onboard more Developers.

If available, please enter a link to your project below:

How far along are you?:
Progress: We have successfully assembled a highly capable team to undertake this project. Our team comprises three members: Ujjwal Thakur, who serves as the Education/Training Coordinator, Megabyte, who fulfills the role of Technical Graph Coordinator, and Yash Jagpat, also serving as a Technical Graph Coordinator.

Furthermore, we have completed the development of a comprehensive charter for “The Graph India.”

Status: Thus far, we have successfully onboarded over 30 Advocates in our WhatsApp Group.

In collaboration with Naruto the co-founder of web3samaj, Paolo Diomede from The Graph, and two Polygon Guilds named Jaipur and Pune, we recently conducted an online Twitter Space event. This event garnered significant attention, with a total of 7,483 post views and 176 individuals tuning in for the space.

Next steps: Our immediate objectives include the establishment of our GraphGuru infrastructure, organizing small meetups, forging strategic partnerships, and further enhancing our online presence.

Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area? How do you know people need what you’re making?:
We chose this idea to work on due to several compelling reasons.

Through “The Graph India,” we seek to empower developers by providing them with the necessary resources, education, and support to effectively utilize The Graph. Our project will offer valuable educational materials, tutorials, and workshops specifically tailored to the Indian developer community. We believe that by equipping developers with the knowledge and tools to leverage The Graph, we can foster innovation and drive the adoption of web3 technologies in India.

Secondly, our team members possess extensive domain expertise in this area, which enables us to effectively address the challenges and opportunities present in the field. Each team member brings valuable knowledge and experience, allowing us to approach the project with confidence and competence.

-Charchit Kumawat Ex-Web3 Growth at Helix (Onboarded Clients like Okx, Chiliz & Dimo)
-Megabyte from PolygonJaipur
-Yash Jagpat from PolygonPune
-Ujjwal Thakur Experianced Graphadvocate.

We know there is a need for what we’re creating through “The Graph India” project based on several factors.

-There is a growing interest in web3 technologies and decentralized applications.
-In India there is a demand for a dedicated platform offering educational resources and networking opportunities tailored to The Graph ecosystem.
-We also experiance the awareness for The Graph is very limited in India.

What’s new about what you’re making? What substitutes do people resort to because it doesn’t exist yet (or they don’t know about it)?:
What’s new about what we’re making?

Dedicated Focus: Our project is specifically tailored to cater to the needs of the Indian developer and graph enthusiast community. By concentrating our efforts on the Indian market, we can provide localized resources, education, and support that align with the specific challenges and requirements of developers in this region.

Comprehensive Platform: “The Graph India” aims to provide a holistic platform that encompasses various aspects of The Graph ecosystem. We offer a centralized hub for educational materials, tutorials, workshops, community engagement, and networking opportunities. Our platform aims to be a one-stop destination for individuals seeking to learn, collaborate, and contribute to the growth of The Graph ecosystem in India.

Our community-driven approach emphasizes engagement, collaboration, and leadership. Through meetups, online workshops, and partnerships, we bring together developers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals to lead by example. This sets us apart and enhances the value of “The Graph India.”

What substitutes do people resort to because it doesn’t exist yet (or they don’t know about it)?

Generic Resources: Developers often rely on general online resources, tutorials, and documentation related to The Graph. While these resources provide some information, they may not specifically address the unique challenges and considerations of The Graph within the Indian context.

Fragmented Information: Existing information related to The Graph ecosystem and its utilization in India may be scattered across various sources, making it challenging for individuals to access comprehensive and up-to-date information in one centralized location.

Limited Networking Opportunities: The absence of a dedicated platform focused on The Graph in India might limit networking opportunities for developers and graph enthusiasts. They may miss out on valuable connections, collaborations, and partnerships that could further their understanding and engagement with the graph technology ecosystem.

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
The purpose of this grant is to establish and support the GraphGuru Local Chapter for The Graph India Community. Through targeted funding, we aim to create a dedicated platform that fosters education, skill development, and collaboration in The Graph graph ecosystem. This grant will enable us to organize local meetups, set up the GraphGuru infrastructure, host small meetups, strategic partnerships, and enhance our online presence. By doing so, we will empower Graph enthusiasts to become experts, facilitate knowledge sharing, and cultivate a vibrant Graph protocol community in India.

What we want to achieve with The Graph India is:
-Empowering, supporting and providing guidance to bootstrap The Graph India community.
-Create a sense of belonging for The Graph India community.
Grow the developer community.
-Avoid over delivering, but focusing on high quality meetups and building partnerships.
-Avoid arranging meetups just for free swags but focus on connecting people and create long term retention.
-Sharing projects developed using the Graph Protocol.
-Creating opportunities for Indian developers to join the Graph Protocol ecosystem and pursue careers within the network.

How will you measure success?:
-Social media followers on relevant platforms.
-Engagement rates on social media posts.
-New partnerships established.
-Booth traffic and engagement at events.
-New community members acquired at Event (e.g., new Graph Advocates onboarded).
-Partnerships or collaboration opportunities developed at Event.
-Subgraph developer onboarded through our Educational and Training Program

What milestones will you achieve in the coming weeks/months, with or without the grant?:
Online Presence

Enhancing the online presence of the GraphGuru Local Chapter through various digital platforms. This includes creating and maintaining dedicated social media post, organzing Twitter Space with partnership and leveraging online marketing strategies to attract a wider audience. Grant funds will be used to cover the social media management, online advertising, and any associated fees.

Partnership with Indian Tech Communities

Building strategic partnerships with other Indian tech communities and organizations that share a similar interest in community buildup. Funds will be used to establish collaborative initiatives, joint events, and knowledge-sharing platforms with these communities. This may include sponsorship of joint workshops, conferences or webinars, as well as the development of shared resources and educational materials.

Please select who you think will benefit from your project?:
Subgraph Developers

How much funding are you looking for? (USD):

Provide a breakdown of your requested funding:
=> Local Networking Meetups: 10 in Numbers
-Venue rental: $100
-Refreshments: $100 (fix)
-Equipment and materials: $50
Total: $2,500 - $700 (Expected surplus funds) = $1,800

=> GraphGuru Setup: 11 in Numbers
-Venue rental: $200
-Promotional materials: $50
-Refreshment: $150
Total: $4,400 - $500 (Expected surplus funds) = $3,900

=> Online Presence:
-Social media management: $500
-Online advertising: $200
-Miscellaneous expenses: $150
Total: $850 - $200 (Expected surplus funds) = $650

=> Partnership with Indian Tech Communities:
-Coordination and communication: $500
-Joint event expenses: $1,000
-Promotional activities: $300
-Miscellaneous expenses: $200
Total: $2,000 (fix)

=> Miscellaneous Expenses:
-Contingency fund: $250
-Unforeseen expenses: $200
Total: $400

=> Grand Total: $8,850

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

If yes, please describe where you’ve received funding from and how much you have, or will, receive:
The Graph Foundation has agreed to support our initiative but the grant is still need to signed.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
In my previous role as a Web3 Growth at Helix, I successfully raised awareness about their product and onboarded notable clients such as OKx, Chiliz, and Dimo. My primary responsibility was to drive adoption and promote the value proposition of the product within the web3 ecosystem.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
We are interested in contributing to The Graph because it is one of the most important tech stacks for building any DApp. It plays a crucial role in developing complete decentralized applications. We are inspired by The Graph’s efforts towards decentralization and strongly align with its vision. Our goal is to spread knowledge about The Graph within the Indian developer community and encourage the participation of more developers, content creator & WEB3 enthusiasts. By doing so, we aim to enhance the decentralization of The Graph Network.

Are you applying as a team or individual?:

What type of grant are you pursuing?:
Long-term (continuous)

Please select the category your project best fits into:
Regional Community

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Thanks so much for submitting this grant proposal. As we already know this team since you are all Graph Advocates, I’m going to propose you to schedule a public presentation in our Discord Server for this Tuesday.

Please, can you confirm one of these slot for your presentation?

  • Tue, 20th 13:00 UTC (18:30 IST)

  • Tue, 20th 16:00 UTC (21:30 IST)


Thanks Paolo,

Tue, 20th 16:00 UTC (21:30 IST)
This time would be okay. :white_check_mark:

My fault, there is already a meeting at 10:00 UTC, it means 15:30 IST, always on Tue, 20th June.
If this works for you, I will add your segment.

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It will work. :saluting_face:
15:30 IST, Tue, 20th June

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Perfect, you are booked for Tue, 20th June at 15:30 IST.


I look forward to the talk, it was good to meet you at the first town hall. This looks like a great proposal.

Promising proposal. Looking forward to work with you guys. Let’s make this big :rocket:

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It will be fun onboarding BUIDLers :brick: :rocket: from India in The Graph Ecosystem :saluting_face:

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Our Dao Presentation for funding:

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After watching the presentation I still have one question in my mind (sorry if it was mentioned and I didn’t catch it). In your budget under ‘online presence’ there is a spending for online advertising $200 included and also under ‘partnership with Indian tech communities’ you’re planning to invest $300 in promotional activities. I wonder what specific activities are meant with online advertising and promotional activities and would like to ask you to explain that in detail, please.

I should probably already inform you that we don’t have such tradition of funding any advertising or promotional activities as a rule when it comes to community grants.

Thank you in advance for your response!

Hope you are doing Great

We meant activities related to inviting influencer, Twitter ads or outsourcing work from Marketer.

For this part here promotional activities includes Poster/banner, stickers or any kind of Goodies.

While the second item $300 (posters/banners, stickers etc.) is completely OK, the first one - inviting influencers or marketers, paying for ads is an activity the DAO does not support and has no past experience supporting. I would appreciate if you could focus on promotion activities without paid marketing and exclude that from the budget.

I hope that it this change can be accommodated without causing significant problems :crossed_fingers:t2: :purple_heart:


Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate the clarification regarding the DAO’s limitations regarding inorganic marketing. Moving forward, I understand that it would be prudent to exclude such activities from the budget.

Please let me know if there are any further adjustments or modifications required, as I am committed to ensuring that our marketing strategy aligns with the DAO’s objectives and restrictions.


Great! I’m now in full support for this grant and vote YES :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Congratulations! The majority decision of the Grant Committee has concluded to recommend this proposal to the DAO.

In order to receive official approval from the DAO, a corresponding on-chain vote needs to be conducted on DAOHaus that will determine the DAO decision. A member of the Grant Committee will reach out to you via email with instructions on next steps in order to prepare for the on-chain funding proposal, which requires prior completion of KYC and consent to the Grant Agreement.

Thank you for all your effort to present a strong proposal aiming to grow The Graph and web3 ecosystem!


I hereby agree to this grant agreement of the Graph AdvocatesDAO with the GitHub commit-hash 3858eb9315ef3a0a93d0701961ffbc2a57d45205. That document forms the legal agreement of the proposed grant with the following terms:

  • Scope

    • Create a strong Online presence for The Graph India community

    • Build an On-ground presence with recurring local meetups

    • Build the GraphGuru infrastructure and local Graph chapters

    • Supporting The Graph at major events

    • Strategic partnerships with key projects in India

  • Deliverables

    • GraphGuru Setup: 11 in Numbers

    • Local Networking Meetups: 10 in Numbers

    • Partnership with Indian Tech Communities

    • Increase online presence for The Graph India official social channels

  • Total Grant Amount

    • USD Value: 8,650 USD

    • Token: GRT

    • Token Amount: 79,533 GRT

  • Disbursement Schedule

    • Initial Funding: 50%

    • Upon Completion: 50% (after 60 days of grant initial funding)

  • Term Length

    • Start Date: 20/07/2023

    • End Date: 20/12/2023

  • Receiving ETH Address: 0xd3D9eAe9e730b686aA29f06963680F2AD7Cd7741

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The Graph AdvocatesDAO has approved initial funding of this grant proposal! Thanks to all community members that have been engaged throughout this process and providing feedback.

To the grant recipient:

The DAO is looking forward to hearing about your success! Following completion of your grant, please write a confirmation post as a response to this thread. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for the DAO to initiate the final funding amount in a future on-chain proposal. Providing links, docs and images of your completed grant will also help the DAO determine how to best promote the labors of your hard work. Good luck!

For more information on how to withdraw your grant, please review the following documentation here.

Please note, that the total amount of the grant shall be set forth in the Grant and is stated in U.S. Dollars and are payable in GRT. The USD-GRT conversion rate (the “Conversion Rate”) provided to Grant Recipient will be the monthly Conversion Rate determined by the AdvocatesDAO.

For further information, please refer to the Grant Agreement, here.

We’ve made good progress and want to keep growing The Graph India and helping the web3 community. So, we’re asking for the remaining round of the current grant funding. This will help us do more, engage the community better, and keep working on our exciting plans.

We promise to be clear, accountable, and make a positive impact. Sharing our balance sheet internally with DAO members is also something we’d like to do. We hope you’ll support us for another round, and we’re excited to keep going.

To check our progress update, please refer to the document below, section 4 Progress Update.
Thanks so much for your cooperation and support


It is really great to work in the highly motivated environment of The Graph India. I have learned a lot in this journey with @Charchit_Web3 and @Megabyte