Grant Proposal: The Graph Events at Defigatha

Grant ID: 8669k8qtr


Defigatha is a one stop defi space for hosting web3, and Blockchain related events to create awareness and sensitization about Blockchain, web3, Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s to our local communities.
We will host The Graph Event targeting different participants like Entrepreneurs, student, Developers, Blockchain enthusiasts and advocates.

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Venue Fees: $120
Projector and Audio: $150
Pullup-Banner: $160
Snacks: $850 = $400
Drinks: $4
50= $200
Swag: $360
Photography: $180
Flyers: $50
Team: $200
Total: $1820

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What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
Our Vision is to bring Current developments in web3, and explain the necessity and applicability of web3 technologies in our communities.
This event will introduce our community people to The Graph and its products and technology, participants can find areas of interests and engage with the Graph community

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To establish a strong community of digital enthusiasts for people to meet and connect to bridge the digital divide in our different communities

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Hello, thank you for this proposal!

I have a few questions:

  1. Where will this event take place?

  2. What is your target audience?

  3. Which topics will be discussed?

  4. Why do some units in your breakdown have multiple prizes, like $850 = $400? What is meant with this?


Thanks for your questions

  1. The event will take place in Mukono, Central Uganda.
  2. Our target audience include Students, Developers, Blockchain enthusiasts, working and no working community members.
  3. Topics to be discussed will include general introduction to Blockchain and Crypto, Web3, Decentralized Finance and dapps, Intro to The graph and it’s products.
  4. The figures are showing multiple prices, on the application form it was input as “$8*50 = $400” 50 representing the number of participants.
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Hi Thanks for your application.
In addition of your answers:
1.- Could you confirm how many speakers do you plan to have?
2.- There is any advocate in charge to talk about The Graph?
3.- Do you know the topics to present about The Graph?
4.- Will the meetup be recorded or streamed?
5.- Do you have a confirmed date for the event?



Thank you for taking the time to apply! Since a lot of questions have already been asked, I’ll just wait for the answers for now.

But with the recommendations I would like to say. One, I would recommend that you look for advocates who can help you as you prepare and also write a scenario of what you want to tell about The Graph.

Maybe if we’re talking about merch, I would do a fewer amount, but give them out to people who were active at the event or asked an interesting question. Also as an option, you could do a quiz.

Besides consider for yourself a platform that will help you in preparation.

These are my personal thoughts. DYOR.

Thank you!!! And good luck to you!



Thank you for your submission! All of my questions have already been posted by my fellow Grant Committee members except for one:

  • It is a little concerning that over 50% of your proposed budget is allocated to drinks, swag, and snacks. Can you speak to that approach and why that funding wouldn’t be more effective if it was allocated elsewhere?

Thanks again for applying. Looking forward to your response!

Thanks once again for the questions

  1. We will have 4 speakers for the event.
  2. We will request some advocates to talk about the graph, we are planning to livestream the event so that other participants in different regions can join us.
  3. Thanks @doxe01.eth for sharing the academy platform, we will get our presentation and topics ready from thegraph Academy and make ourselves more familiar with the resources.
  4. We have confirmed 25th March as an event Date.

About the proposed budget, we plan for 50 participants whereby $8 and $4 is allocated to each participant for lunch and a drink respectively.
We can reduce the number of merch to 10 printed t-shirts ($76) following @doxe01.eth guidance and they will be given out to active participants.

Unfortunately, this grant proposal did not generate the level of support in the community to move it to the next phase of the grant application process.

Thank you for submitting this proposal and you are encouraged to stay engaged in the Graph community. You are also welcome to submit new grant applications in the future with proposals that may generate stronger community support.

Best Regards,
Graph AdvocatesDAO