Grant Proposal: side event EthLatam Buenos Aires (August 9)

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Side event of EthLatam Buenos Aires

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We consider that this event will have a very positive impact in the Spanish Community. People around the world will be here for EthLatam and this could be a great oportunity to show The Graph to all of them. This event is to bring The Graph Spanish community a pre EthLatam Buenos Aires social event commemorating the first meet with Spanish Advocates and members of the community. In addition of that this event will show the Spanish-speaking community growth.
DefiLatam. the most important community in LatinAmerica has proposed to organize the event with them.

I share the spreadsheet with costs

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In December 2021 we have The Graph First Birthday in Buenos Aires and was a very important event. This event will have the same attention and many people are interesting in participate.

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I am Community Builder for Spanish Community, DAO Member and Advocate. Many people and advocates from the Spanish community will collaborate in the event

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I consider we should have this event as a side event for EthLatam for the community and because The Graph is Sponsor of EthLatam

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We are talking to chainlink and DefiLatam to organize a event. This means that the cost will be reduced according the participation


I have a few questions regarding this grant application:

  1. How would this event show the Spanish-speaking community growth?

  2. At which venue are you looking to host this event?

  3. Could you give a detailed breakdown of the costs of catering 1 & 2?

  4. What is meant with “calefaccion”, and could you explain the cost?

  5. What technical equipment are you planning to hire?

  6. What swag will you be handing out, and could you explain the cost?

  7. How many people attended the Graph Birthday? Do you have sign-up sheet/attendance registry for this event? How are you sure this event will have the same attention?

  8. You are looking for $7200, the budget is $6471,00. Could you explain this difference?

I’m looking forward to your reply!


Thank for the questions.
1.- The event will be a side event of EthLatam. We expect around 150 people, Will be DAO members and many Advocates. Juan DeFago will have a presentation of The Graph. This kind of events is not only for devs but for the community in general. And it serves to show the community what do and helps to get more people interested in the Graph ecosystem and in participating in the advocates program

2.- The venue is Area3. A coworking that we used last year in The Graph Birthday. Link: AreaTres - Tu Coworking ideal en Palermo

3.- We are working together with Chainlink and Defilatam to have a shared side event. The cost of venue has changed a lot. The cost of catering is now $ 2113,36. I share the sheet with share cost.

It should be add the cost of swag that is aprox. $ 1300 (exchange rate in Argentina change every day).

4.- Calefacción is heating and we decided not to have heating (initially calculated to the outside garden)

5.- Technical equipment for streaming. We have changed the photographer- filmaker and reduce this cost too.

6.- swag are t-shirts. I consider 150 t-shirt. It is not possible to import t-shirt and we have to have them made and stamped in Argentina. it is the highest cost. until last week it was that value. now i have to reconfirm. Aprox. 1300 (dollars)

7.- Last year (Graph Birthday) aprox 120 people attended. This year this event will be a side event of EthLatam and we consider will be more people. We expect for EthLatam 4000 people. There are a side event in August 10 for 250 people aprox. In addition of that, last month was Polkadot Decoded in Buenos Aires. There were aprox 200 people at each side event. Related with inscriptions, will be open once we have confirm and make reservation of venue.

8.- Yes. And if you see the proposal now, the proposal have change again. The first proposal has a exchange rate of 260 aprox (260 pesos each dollar). Now dollar are more that 300 pesos. This budget changed because of that. This proposal need to be changed again because we have decided to have a shared event.
Venue, catering, photographer and filmaker and streaming (not confirmed yet) $ 3286,77 (we should pay 1 / 3)

150 t-shirt $ 1324,50 (dollar) (only The Graph)

it not includes contingence (10%) nor exchange fee (4%)