Grant Proposal: NFT SF Conference

Grant ID: 3g9q3px


A group of SF community organizers have kickstarted planning to facilitate the first-ever NFT San Francisco Conference on October 30-31st. Some of the speakers at this conference include executives and founders of Makersplace, Rarible, and Gala Games. We anticipate in having at least over 1000 individuals for the conference for the first year.

We are looking to facilitate this event similar to how NFT NYC was within several spots in NYC. On Day 0, we plan to facilitate a welcome reception at Executive Order Lounge and an NFT Festival. For Day 1, we plan to host the conference at Pier 35 and an after conference reception at 111 Minna. On Day 2, we plan to host the conference at SF Jazz and party at Temple. We have fully booked out and paid for the SF Jazz, Temple, 111 Minna, Executive Order, and NFT Festival. We are currently looking for sponsors to assist us with making the conference successfully happen at Pier 35 for Day 1.

Please note that we are a community led initiative by women and BIPOC for our first year. We are not a VC backed initiative.

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Yes, we have managed to raise 58k for our first year stemming from:

10k-sponsorship from Unstoppable Domains
33k-sponsorship from Juno & Stargaze
15k-sponsorship from Relic Tickets

Similiar to NFT NYC, we are hoping to have a series of satelitte events and after parties. These sponsorship funds have went towards to advertisement of the event (8k), securing the SF Jazz event venue for day 2 (40k cost), booking of 111 minna gallery for an networking reception (15k). We are actively looking for sponsors to help out with venue costs for Pier 35 for Day 1.

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
We would like to offer the Graph to speak at the conference and shed awareness about the Graph tools that can be used for NFT projects, searches, and etc; and to also bring in marketing materials and/or have a booth at the event (if they want).

We have personally witnessed the Graph hosting amazing workshops and discussions where they have spoken about NFTs. We would love to see if they are interested in not just being a sponsor; but a speaker as well.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
This is a conference where we have over 500+ sign ups on relic tickets (an nft platform that we used). 500 steming from free tickets that we have given out on social media giveways, but the rest stems from ticket sales.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
Yes, the NFT SF Conference stems from community organizers that have organized large nft events and blockchain events at Atlas Cafe, Executive Order Louge, and other venues in the past. We are a group of community organizers, nft artists, and curators within the web3 space.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
We are interested in having the Graph involved since we know that the Graph has a strong presence in SF. Being a part of the community, we would love to get the Graph involved with the NFT SF Conference as a sponsor and speaker.

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Thanks for your application

I have a few questions:

  1. How many people you expect to participate?
  2. Who will be the speakers?
  3. Do you have an agenda of the event?
  4. This is a NFT event. How The Graph is integrated in the event?
  5. Could you break down the costs of the event.
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Hello Lorena,

Nice to e-meet you. I can answer your questions.

  1. We expect 2000-3000 for our first year.

  2. The speakers that we have for this event is Alexei Falin (CEO of Rarible), Daniel Chu (CEO of Makersplace), Jake Hartnell (Co-Founder of Stargaze and Juno), Jordan Gray (Near Foundation), Sandy Carter (SVP of Unstoppable Domains), Idan Zuckerman (CEO of Upland), and so much more. You can find out all of the speakers here:

  3. We do have final draft of the agenda confirmed. We are just trying to work things out for sponsorship for Pier 35 before releasing it. You can view it here:

  4. Even though this is an NFT event, the Graph actually does do a lot of presentations about NFTs. You can come across many online videos about how to build an NFT API using the The Graph. We recently came across an amazing presentation by Camila Rosa from the Graph at Atlas Cafe in regards to query search results for NFTs using the Graph as well.

  5. We would spend the $30k by spending it to cover the following:

-$12,500-Pier 35 one day venue cost
-$510 required fire marshall cost
-$15,000 audio/visual contribution
-$1,990 shared sponsorship contribution towards seating


I think that this is a great opportunity for Graph to help fund community engagement and further the education amongst community members and in turn, highlight what graph can offer its constituents. This would also be a great opportunity for NFT SF Conference - a successful initiative that is truly focused on building the bridge in connecting our community!


This is the flagship NFT Conference for San Francisco. It’s vital to our local, Bay Area community that we engage in the larger dialogue surrounding blockchain, tokens and DAOs. This conference is our chance to begin that dialogue with the world at large in a public way. I fully support this initiative as an NFT educator, artist and curator.


This is the first NFT Conference in San Francisco as well as the first in the Bay Area! Not only will this be a major accomplishment but also will be a great way to educate our community.

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This grant proposal seems to make a lot of sense to me. You guys, gals and the rest seem credible and I appreciate that you posted your agenda and speakers list!

My only question is whether the return on 30.000 USD of funding would make sense for the DAO as that seems like quite a lot of money to me when this isn’t an event specifically aimed at the Graph. Wondering whether there is a way to make this more valuable for the Graph ecosystem.

@259tim We are definitely open to brainstorming with The Graph if they would like to more of a return. We would love to grant them a booth, a 15-20 min stage presentation, showcasing them as a speaker, providing them access to our lists, and showcasing them as a sponsor via high traffic areas.

We are also open towards receiving a smaller amount of funding as well. It doesn’t need to be 30,000. Any support goes a long way towards helping us for our first year.

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Can you be more specific about what is included in points 1 and 3? Thx :black_heart:

Because the AdvocatesDAO is mostly aiming for community grants I think the $30.000 figure is probably too large. I imagine that kind of funding is more in the realm of the actual Graph Foundation.
I am not a DAO member so I cannot know for sure of course.

I do think that this is a good project and that we could potentially support it in some way. Would appreciate input from DAO members on this proposal.

@259tim We were referred by the Graph Community Managers on discord to ask for the sponsorship on here. If this is not the right platform, I hope that the Graph can direct my team and I to the right place.

@doxe01.eth $12,500 is the daily venue cost for renting out Pier 35. $15,000 would be used towards the a/v equipment, set up support, on site operators, and design support needed for the event.

Well, I would still like to know more about what you want to spend such a lot of money on. For example, when I helped organize an event for 1,000 people in my home country, we were very clear about what we were paying for. Renting a concert hall is n amount, paying for security staff is n amount, paying for food for speakers and staff is n amount. And so on for each item.

Why am I writing this? You’re asking $12,500 for the venue, and we don’t even know what’s included. Let’s say what the square footage is, what it’s going to be like. I don’t live anywhere near Pier 35 and I can only see it from a picture, lmao.

The same goes for the video, I’d like to know. Let’s say for example that we rented a huge screen which we mounted ourselves and used to show everything to the people in the hall.

@doxe01.eth there is no additives in that $12,500 pricing. The $12,500 is the exact cost of the venue for at least one day. Security and staff is not included in that amount at all. There is no additives included, that is the single cost for the venue space for one day.

$15,000 would be used towards the a/v equipment, set up support, on site operators, and design support needed for the event.

@259tim curious as we want to setup a grant too. What is a ROI or metric that makes sense for the DAO through these community events/activations? At BeeHouse DAO, we recently got our physical space in Downtown, Vancouver and are hosting $hit load of stuff day in and out and would love to get some more insight

@bubblez Love to know how many actual signups are there?

And as the event is fully covered by sponsors and you’ve given out 500 tickets:

A) What do the grantees/sponsors get in return specifically? For example, Graph Advocates would provide $30k in return for x, y, z

B) What are the plans to make this sustainable so you wouldn’t rely on grants for the future?

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Great Stuff, thanks for sharing the information

We are going to give up on this request since we reached out to the Graph two or three months ago; and we were told to post on here but at this rate…we aren’t going to receive the funding in time for the needs that need immediate attention.