Grant Proposal: Hola Metaverso

Grant ID: 3acm5ky


A series of in-person and online event experiences connecting Web3 communities in the U.S. and Latin America

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Our Hola Metaverso mission is to connect, learn and build together on Web3 and The Graph. We will have educational panels, hands-on workshops, and project showcases focusing on topics such as Blockchain, The Graph, NFTs, Defi, DAOs, and art.

Our vision is to empower, connect and help these communities by providing platforms to showcase members as well as connect them to companies, partners, investors, and other members of the community. Education, connections, and building together are at the core of the experiences we create.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
We bootstrapped our first Web3 community event in Los Angeles on April 30, 2022, where over 200 of our community members came together to learn and build.

Our team also co-produces the larges data conference in Los Angeles Datcon LA.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
Produce Web3 Events & Meetups in Los Angeles, Bogota, and Mexico City.

Produce blockchain series with professors and students at UCLA.

Host weekly Twitter Spaces to learn about Web3 together and to showcase community members and projects.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
Latinos in the U.S. and Latin America are at the heart of Web3. We are strengthening those communities by introducing them to The Graph and Web3 opportunities. Providing education and training on The Graph and Web3 will have huge impact on the members of our communities.

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Thanks for submitting your grant proposal.
It is not clear to me if this is a one-off request for a single conference (26-28 Aug) or it is a continuous effort. Can you be so kind to describe exactly the project for which you are requesting funds?
I didn’t get the connection between the grant proposal and Hola Metaverso.



I have a few questions regarding this grant application!

  1. What exactly are you planning to produce/organize?

  2. Could you give a detailed breakdown of how the funding would be used? $1000 for X, $1000 for Y, etc.

Thank you!


Good morning and thank you for reviewing our proposal. Hola Metaverso is a series of Web3 events. Our first event was in Los Angeles on April 30, 2022. We gathered over 200 guests from across the U.S. and Latin America. The project that I am requesting the funds are for our event in Bogota, Colombia on August 26, 27, & 28. We will be producing an event in Mexico City and Puerto Rico later this year.

Good morning -

Thank you for taking the time to review our proposal.

  1. We are planning a two-day Web3 event experience in Bogota, Colombia. The first day will be hosted in a Theatre and we will have educational panels, project showcases, networking, and an NFT gallery. The second day will be hosted by an art gallery in Bogota’s art district. We will have featured panels to discuss digital art, music, photography, and interactive AR experiences.

  2. This grant will help with the following expenses:

$2,000 Food/Drinks
$1,500 Live Streaming Services
$2,000 Screens, Audio, & Tech Support
$1,000 Signs, Banners, Chairs, Tables, Decorations

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This is awesome! A lot of people in LATAM countries are underdeveloped and unbanked, so Educating and Connecting them with beneficial people and information is going to change a lot of lives. And I have listened to your spaces before. Great stuff!

  1. Can you elaborate a bit on what the educational pieces entail?
  2. Is the event in Mexico and Puerto Rico already funded? Or were you planning on filing another grant for those as well?
  3. What specifically do you think the Graph can do for the LATAM community?



Thank you for taking the time to review our proposal.

We 100% agree with you about people in LATAM being underdeveloped and unbanked and we also think that is a key factor in the adoption and interest there. Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia are typically on the top lists of crypto adoption. And you also have an entire Spanish-speaking market here in the United States that is connecting more each day.

Regarding your questions:

  1. The education piece mainly entails our panels. Our panels are made of key Web3 and community leaders who are leading in the space. We have a Web3 film panel where we will learn together with film and video directors in the industry. We are also having panels on different Web3 businesses and some examples of them. We will also have some information and panels on the various development stacks and technologies being used. This event will be catered to people who are new to the space and looking to learn and connect with others in the Web3 community.

  2. The events in Mexico City are not yet funded. Since we are creating unique experiences, we are planning to apply and submit for a grant each.

  3. The Graph can help by bringing information, speakers, workshops, and classes to get the LATAM community involved in these new technologies and opportunities. There is a good amount of developer talent in LATAM, quite a few companies have LATAM team members in their development teams. This is an opportunity to connect with them and the Web3 community. With this grant, we can offer an introduction to The Graph and its possibilities, invite a Graph member to come and share a workshop and give examples of how it’s being used.

It is also an opportunity to create meaningful relationships with the community. We hope this is only the beginning of our collaboration with your team and it is our goal to create as much value for The Graph community as well. We are also open to ideas on how to best make this relationship work as best as possible.

thank you all for taking your time ro review our proposal.

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I got an additional couple questions:

Although your work looks stellar it doesn’t seem to me like this event is particularly related to the Graph. Could you explain why you applied for a grant to the Graph AdvocatesDAO? And what are you planning to do in terms of work for the Graph at this event?

Also: It is not clear to me why your proposal is continuous when you are applying for the funds for one specific event. Could you explain that? It seems like you are really applying for a one-time grant.


Something that must be clarified is also what kind of content and which speakers will be invited to talk about The Graph. Thanks so much


@holametaverso I am aware you were having troubles sending more replies in this thread. I have updated some settings and you should be able to this now. Please feel free to reach out to via dm in discord should you still experience issues :slightly_smiling_face:


Good day,

Hola Metavero just produced their second excellent event in Bogota.
You caan check it out it out here:

The 1st event in LA was amazing. They really raised the bar on this one in Bogota!


Thank you all! This has been a great experience! Our event successfully took place this past weekend in Bogota, Colombia! We hosted over 300 guests and over 50 speakers and creatives. We learned about blockchain, NFTs, fundraising, community, and film. Most importantly we were able to connect, learn and build together as a community.

With everything learned and your feedback above, I will try submitting another (improved) proposal for our next event. In the future, we would love to showcase your platform, developers, leaders, and community.

thank you all for your time.


Thanks, we look forward for your next proposal. We know we will hear from you soon and we are here to support your next grant proposal.