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Hackमेला - a groundbreaking 24 hour offline hackathon designed to foster innovation and technological advancement in Blockchain & web3.0, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Web & App Development, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality.

Hackमेला aims to bring together an eclectic mix of creative minds, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts from around the globe. Scheduled to take place on 2nd & 3rd of March, 2024 @ KJ Somaiya Institute of Technology, Mumbai. This hackathon seeks to create an environment where participants can collaborate, ideate, and develop groundbreaking solutions to several problems in the society.

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A 24 hour offline Hackathon - Hackमेला aims to bring together an eclectic mix of creative minds, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts from around the globe!

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How far along are you?:
Our team has received success in bagging two sponsors - Quine & Verbwire. There are other 2 companies who are willing to sponsor, but due to financial plan change… They wish to do so in January.

We have created a full fledged website for Hackमेला:, also our proposal has all the information a sponsor would like to know. We have created a team of 30-35 members who wish to contribute for the Hackathon preparation.

Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area? How do you know people need what you’re making?:
I personally take part in hackathons with my other organizer friends and really enjoy building projects and love the enthusiasm. I believe many problems of the society are solved by the projects build during a hackathon, that’s the reason we propose to organize this hackathon - Hackमेला. I personally have a good hold over Web development, Blockchain & App Dev. My other friends are good in AIML. We have a good network with other organizers and developers who will help us in making this hackathon a huge success!

What’s new about what you’re making? What substitutes do people resort to because it doesn’t exist yet (or they don’t know about it)?:
Our hackathon will majorly focus in web3, and building projects with Graph !

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
Ways how Hackमेला will impact The Graph/web3:

Community Expansion of The Graph
Increase in quality developers of web3
Developers will build live projects in The Graph & web3
Increase in awareness about The Graph
Marketing of The Graph in our social media handles
A platform for The Graph to expand their users and spread knowledge

How will you measure success?:
We expect 800+ registrations for our Hackathon, a good amount of publicity & marketing. Minimum 2000+ visits on our website! 2500+ reach in social media!
And lastly, quality projects built at our Hackathon - Hackमेला

What milestones will you achieve in the coming weeks/months, with or without the grant?:
We are currently in document reviewing stage with MLH, they have accepted our Application and the interview was done by MLH. In next weeks, we look forward to confirm partnership with our dream partners like MLH & Graph with our 100% efforts, do publicity of our Hackathon in online mode and in our college! Approach more esteemed sponsors!

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Other, Curators, Delegators, Indexers, Subgraph Developers

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Our Budget Breakdown:
Our estimated budget for estimated(100 participants + 45 team members + 40 Judges/Mentors/Sponsor Representatives)

Lunch + Dinner + Breakfast = ₹150,000
Swags & Branding = ₹75,000
Services = ₹50,000
Misc(Prizes & Emergency fund) = ₹100,000
Organizing team(hoodies + id cards) = ₹52,500

Total budget = ₹427,500 (USD 5140)

The funding provided by The Graph will help us in covering major expenses! Looking forward for the funding :slight_smile:

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

If yes, please describe where you’ve received funding from and how much you have, or will, receive:
Quine - $200
Verbwire - $5000 Premium API Credits & 1 month Subscription to all participants

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I am a Graph Advocate and have attended Graph events, really inspired by the technology so want The Graph to be the partner of the Hackathon and make the Hackathon a huge success and in return The graph will flourish with publicity and increase in community!

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
The idea of a decentralized internet where information isn’t controlled by a single entity is inspiring. Contributing to The Graph and web3 means being part of this transformative movement towards a more open and inclusive digital world.

As a hackathon organizer, I see immense potential in The Graph and web3 technologies. They empower developers to create innovative applications and solutions that leverage decentralized networks, smart contracts, and blockchain technology.

Are you applying as a team or individual?:

What type of grant are you pursuing?:
Project (one-off)

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Regional Community

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hi there! i read your proposal and i have some questions regarding it, which are:

  1. Regarding your success metrics, how do you plan to track and analyze the quality of projects built during the Hackमेला?
  1. Can you share your social media accounts here where you will be doing marketing for the hackathon?
  2. Can you share the technical background of the team who will be judging the projects made by the devs?
  3. This will be your first hackathon, if not can you share any record of previous events/hackathons you organised?

Due to the complexities associated with large-scale sponsorships for conferences and hackathons, members of the Graph AdvocatesDAO have established a new team - The Events Team.

I will be closing this grant proposal as the newly formed team will assume responsibility for the review process of this proposal.

Thank you for your proposal, a member of the events team will reach out to you soon.