Grant Proposal: Graph Birthday Party 2023 in Kampala

Grant ID: 8686en6uv


The purpose of this event is to gather the different players in The Graph ecosystem from the region with the following objectives:
Highlight and celebrate The Graph’s achievements over time
Provide a networking Chance to the local community members who have previously attended The Graph’s local meetups in the region
Provide updates on The Graph roadmap and R&D
Gather the different Graph advocates from the region for a physical strategic plan on bolstering The Graph local community Growth.
Showcasing some of the skills acquired by some students who have been attending The Graph Academy esp as far as Subgraphs are concerned.

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This proposal aims at organizing The Graph Protocol birthday event to celebrate its third anniversary since launching and marking the protocol’s indexing of web3 data in December, 2020. The event will convene The Graph community in the East African Region including developers, idexers, curators, delegators and data consumers as well as the general community to commemorate an age transforming network that has enabled the world from being static, stagnant and disconnected to being digital, scalable, and globally linked over time.

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Contact with the different players in Web3 especially the Blockchain Association of Uganda have already established as well as the College of Computing and Information Sciences of Makerere University through the Ministry of ICT. The National ICT Hub has also agreed to offer us venue and catering services given this event will be approved by the AdvocatesDAO

Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area? How do you know people need what you’re making?:
Picking this idea is derived from the fact that more local devs are increasingly getting interested in blockchain with more google user groups and student clubs making blockchain invitations. This undoubtedly indictates greate interest.
Moreover, I have experience in organizing such events and below is the reference Blockchain 360° – Google Drive

What’s new about what you’re making? What substitutes do people resort to because it doesn’t exist yet (or they don’t know about it)?:
East Africa is steadily becoming a web3 hub with an increasing number of local devs transitioning to web3. This has been witnessed by a good number from the region enrolled for blockchain courses especially on Alchemy University,, among others. The blockchain conferences and bootcamps in the region such as EthSafari also further explain this trend.

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:

It is envisioned that this event will increase general awareness of The Graph Protocol in East Africa through the presentations prepared to be given to the audience. In turn, this event will also serve to onboard more local developers onto The Graph especially with the facilitation of how it indexes and queries web3 data. To add, more contributors to The Graph ecosystem will be also onboarded.

How will you measure success?:

This Graph birthday celebration will be measured firstly by the audience reception as it will target local hub communities, universities and blockchain startups in the region as well as existing advocates. Their attendance will be a first indicator of success. The number of these developers that will be onboarded, join The Graph socials and forum, participate in the different Graph activities such as hackathons, workshops and also express advocacy interests will further measure our success.
An attendance form with fields to ask the attendees experiences and whether they would attend similar events which will be shared in the post event report will also further measure this event’s success.

What milestones will you achieve in the coming weeks/months, with or without the grant?:
In the next months, I shall continue to execute my advocate roles of community building through online engagements, shaaring the latest from The Graph and provinding my community feedback to the AdvocatesDAO

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Subgraph Developers

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Venue Rent 1200
Food and drinks. 1900
Logistical Equipment(banners, flyers, stickers). 500
Swag 600
Advertising 200
Miscellaneous 100

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I joined the web3 space in 2017 while at University founding my University Blockchain Club. I have since been a web3 advocate in the Ethereum Community particularly a Graph Advocate since 2021.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
My background as a tech advocate and web developer informs my interest in decentralized tech as a way of solving traditional systems with their predicaments and in particular The Graph as it enables complex blockchain data to be acquired, and to realize the potential of decentralized applications (dApps) powered by Subgraph manifests

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Project (one-off)

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Regional Community

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I have some questions, just to clarify some points:

  • How specifically will the event’s activities and presentations highlight The Graph’s achievements?
  • How will the skills acquired by students in The Graph Academy, especially concerning Subgraphs, be showcased during the event?
  • Why has $600 been allocated for swag, and what type of swag items are planned?
  • Are there plans to provide attendees with follow-up resources, such as learning materials or community links, to encourage continuous engagement with The Graph?

Thank you!



The Graph’s achievements will be manifested through the vast number of web3 developers’ reliance on The Graph Protocol to create outstanding user-experiences via subgraphs created by the community or even creating their own! The presentations will detail DeFi, NFT, DAO, Analytics, GemFi, ReFi projects served and hosted Graph as well as several supported networks on which apps can be powered by Subgraphs.
The local devs with subgraph knowledge acquired from The Graph Academy will have a presentation on how to use subgraphs to access blockchain data from the supported networks ranging from creating a subgraph to organise smartcontract data to using existing subgraphs already created by the community.

The $600 allocated to Swag will be used to print branded T-shirts which will be used firstly as a marketing tool as giveaways for the pre-event activities such especially X(Twitter) spaces whereas others will be distributed on the Event day. Stickers, caps and pens will also be the other branded items to be catered for unders this budget item.

Finally, yes of course, there is a plan for follow-up resources as the attendees will have to register for the event via the event page and form which will collect key data including the different attendees skills, experiences and interests to inform us on how to keep up with them as far as The Graph ecosystem’s aspirations are concerned.
At the event, the attendees will also be directed to The Graph socials and be well equipped with knowledge about the different network roles in The Graph Ecosystem.



I will be glad to attend this event, please share details as soon as it gets live!

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The presentation of the project will be in the public-voice-chat channel on the Graph AdvocatesDAO Discord server on November 22nd at 22:00 UTC. Entrance is open and everyone is welcome to come in and ask their questions during the presentation!

Thanks everyone for your attention!


Hello @Advocate-Committee please be notified that from my presentation last week and recommendations therein, the budget in question wes adjusted as follows;
Venue: 800
Food & Drinks: 1500
Logistical Equipment(Banners, flyers, Stickers): 500
Swag: 600:
Photography & Media Coverage: 300
Miscellaneous: 100
total: 3800

It’s complete breakdown can be found here The Graph Birthday Party - Kampala - Google Docs



Great progress, keeping a close eye on this one and keeping my fingers crossed!


The proposal was closed due to lack of timing to arrange this specific event as there is a strict time constraint.

We have sent you a more detailed explanation in a separate email. We want also to thank you for your submission, and we look forward to continuing working with you for future contributions.

Thanks for your feedback from the Advocates Town Hall, here on forum and a more detailed email that I received.
I look forward to contributing more and with better co-ordination.