Grant Proposal: Graph Advocates Stickers

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Graph Advocates is a growing web3 community but we lack program-specific swag to represent ourselves as a distinct group or easily share within our community. This project aims to create 500 Graph Advocates stickers and a re-usable design for future prints. My current plan is to distribute the stickers to Graph Advocates in attendance at Graph Day 2023. The remainder will be given to key regional community members to share with those who couldn’t attend. I invite feedback from the Grant Committee and the community with respect to how to distribute the stickers throughout our community.

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  • $275 for 500 custom vinyl stickers (3 inches x 3 inches) + shipping & tax
  • $200 for custom design by Shawn Nutting, a graphic designer and tattoo artist from Los Angeles, CA
    • He’s experienced with designing and ordering custom stickers from marketing his tattoo business
    • We can reuse this design for re-ordering stickers or creating t-shirts in the future
  • $25 for ordering and project management by Alex Pakalniskis

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What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
I’d like to think this contribution will bring a smile to the face of any person who receives a custom Graph Advocates sticker. While not a revolutionary engineering marvel, I think stickers (and swag more generally) serve an important purpose to recognize community members for their contributions and to help promote our community through free advertising. Many people adorn their laptops with stickers so I envision well-placed Graph Advocates stickers might warrant a question or two from curious sticker admirers. The key to broader web3 adoption involves human-to-human conversation and stickers can be a vehicle to start a great chat.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
Shawn Nutting is a graphic designer and tattoo artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. He regularly designs custom stickers to help promote his business. He recently redesigned Alex’s Discord event banner for “Code Along with Alex” events.

Alex Pakalniskis is a Graph Advocate and DAO member since April 2022.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
Alex has been a Graph Advocates program member since April 2022. He’s primarily been contributing as a Technical Teacher but has been dabbling with technical Content Creation and virtual Event Evangelism. He’s currently an indexer taking part in MIPs (IndexerDAO) and a Community Grant recipient for his “Code Along with Alex” education project. His “Rust Office Hours Resources” Community Grant proposal is currently under review by the DAO (he’s the host of Rust Office Hours).

Shawn recently redesigned Alex’s Discord event banner for “Code Along with Alex” sessions.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
Alex is passionate about decentralized technology that can help augment society’s potential and disrupt the status quo. He enjoys contribuing educational content to the community but is eager to experiment with non-educational formats (i.e. swag).

Shawn is curious about web3 and getting more involved from the perspective of an artist.

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I love this idea and I would love to have this sticker too!!! :smiley:

I’m just wondering though, have you reached out to any of the Advocates with the Content Creator role to see if the guys there maybe have some ideas for a new logo, or how to make this sticker interesting? Maybe you can turn it into a contest sort of thing where everybody in the space can vote for the best design and as a result more people will feel connected to the winning design? Or has Shawn already an idea for it in mind?

I would personally take this as an opportunity to make other advocates feel more entitled as the first go-to people when it comes to stuff like this before looking “outside”.

Just my thoughts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to submit your application.

I support Juliana’s thoughts on this. Foremost, we should support the advocates who are currently in the program. After all, this is a pretty good idea, because 10 heads think better than one. Besides, this is a pretty good experience.

Have you thought about delivering it to other countries? And the second question is if we can look at the artworks of Shawn Nutting?

Thank you!


Hey @juliannaMLN and @doxe01.eth,

Thanks for the feedback.

Also I’d like to clarify I’m not necessarily proposing a new Official logo for all platforms so much as a cool limited edition design for swag. I think an Official logo change would definitely warrant much more Advocate involvement. This project is more a limited variant (kinda like how some product release a limited edition colorway/logo/etc.).

I’m game to collaborate with Advocates but have some hesitations mainly with respect to initiative/follow-through/timing.

My concern is that there isn’t much internal engagement in our program and that we don’t really have the internal experience for creating these sorts of swag. I personally don’t have the bandwidth to coordinate an Advocates logo design contest/poll (lack of time) so this strategy is more cost-effective for me (and I think the program tbh).

I intentionally went with an external contributor (at least for this first attempt) because I know I can get a quick turn around (before upcoming ETHGlobal and other Graph ecosystem events) and it won’t fail. For future sticker rounds I’d love to have Advocate design contributions, but at this point am prioritizing generating nice stickers ASAP to share with our community.

I’d love (and hope for) feedback on the design options from the Advocates. This could be a compromise where Advocates can vote to select from a few sticker designs (as opposed to sourcing designs from Advocates directly). This would also expand potential engagement from only the Content Creator group to the entire Advocates program (we all have an opinion on what we like, even if we aren’t designers/creators).

Ideally we’d be also be adding a new member to our community with a valuable skill-set (Shawn).

In terms of delivery to other countries I was planning on using Graph Day as an opportunity to share with many advocates and to give remainder to community “leads” to share with their regions. I don’t believe individually shipping stickers to advocates will be cost-effective.

Here’s some of Shawn’s work:
Stickers (
Paintings (
Tattoos (
Code Along with Alex event banner:

Example sticker:

Thanks again,


OK, I get it. In that case, I agree with you! I keep my fingers crossed for Shawn the future Advocate :crossed_fingers:

Personally, I like the eagle sticker more than the banner, because the banner is a little too dark and moody for me but I think it’s perfect for coding events (Matrix reference, brains) and the eagle is more playful. Actually, what is the meaning of the eagle build of bacon, fries, burger and the olive? It is something I noticed after a while :smiley:

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@juliannaMLN same. I’ll do my best to get him to apply and contribute otherwise too.

Yeah I think more bright and playful is good for this sticker project too. The eagle with burger components is really just a silly design he made (it’s playing off traditional tattoo imagery with the eagle but adding a fun spin).

I just hope he creates stickers that are not obscene, lol

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@doxe01.eth yeah I’ll make sure it’s safe for work lol