Grant Proposal: French (Français) & Turkish (Türkçe) Chatbots and additional app features - GRTDataHub

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GRTDataHub has been building, both in terms of community members and support and features within the app along with continuous improvements. My goal is to bring The Graph communities from all around the world together through daily data statistics. Working closely with a multitude of community admins to share the GRT data on a daily basis with photo and video content. The app now have a Graph Advocates Spotlight page where the user can access the weekly newsletter made by an Advocate at all times, in 4 different languages. Three chatbots are currently built, with 2 fully released and being used by the English and German communities and a Spanish one in Beta Phase 2, almost ready for the final release. All three are being continuously updated and improved.

All chatbots are having a re-design in the way that the user can use them, this improvement will vastly improve the onboarding on newcomers who may not know what questions to ask about and currently stare at a blank canvas unless they search in the question bank. Currently you ask the chatbot a question and it will provide an answer. However, I have realised that not everyone looks at the question bank, so a lot of the information within the chatbot may not be utilised to its full potential. To best utilise the chatbot and its content, the welcome message will have various button for categories; Delegator, Indexer, Curator, Subgraphs, News, Events, Tools and so on. Once these are clicked on, it will then trigger a secondary menu / set of buttons etc. The user will still be able to use the chatbot as normal with text messages if they wish. However, I believe the new and improved method may make for a better user experience for newcomers and create an easier learning and onboarding experience.

I have read and agree to the privacy policy:

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  1. GRTDataHub France (Français) Chatbot and Turkish (Türkçe) Chatbot - Labour and Development - $4,000

The chatbots will be kept up to date at all times, any new GRT news / features will added within a 24-48 hour period (target) with documentation and tutorials if applicable.

  1. Additional Feature on all current and future chatbots to have button alongside text input to enhance the user experience to ensure the user is getting the most out of the content and to ease the onboarding on newcomers. -$1,500

  2. Graph Advocates Spotlight Integration and future newsletters with continuous improvement -$250

  3. Continuous app development and upkeep, community work by enhancing community engagement and providing a positive data view, providing content for content creators and community admins to share amongst a multitude of communities. - $250

Total: $6,000

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

If yes, please describe where you’ve received funding from and how much you have, or will, receive:
The Graph - GRTDataHub App Development and Data Analytics -Wave 6 - $2,000
Graph Advocates DAO for inital English chatbot development - $2,000
Graph Advocates DAO for subsequent German and Spanish chatbot development - $4,000 (grant on-going in DAOHaus at time of submission).

Although funding is in USD, at the time of the grant being processed and submissed unfortunately the USD value does not equate to the grant amounts recieved due to unfortunate price change. However, ALL GRT recieved has been re-distributed within the network through Curation, Delegation and to support the start-up of a new Indexer.

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
All of the features within the app are tailored towards educating newcomers and enhance the onboarding within all communities, the GRTDataHub Chatbot provides the most up to date documentation, text and video tutorials in seconds of receiving the question from a user; with translated documents and tutorials and have not previously been available or easily accessible to these communities. This instant support in whatever role they would like to take part in The Graph ecosystem will ensure new GRT holders from these communities can contribute promptly and with accurate and current information / tutorials on how to do so. Not everyone learns the same way, some cannot easily interpret instruction or guides through reading text alone. I have made an active effort to ensure that video tutorials are also included within the chatbot response where possible. So that all users can get the most out of this tool.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
I currently work closely with the following communities, Graphtronauts, The Graph - Germany, The Graph - Turkey, The Graph - Arab, The Graph - Persian, The Graph - Bangladesh, The Graph - Español, The Graph - Brasil, Graphrica, The Graph - Indonesia, The Graph - France, The Graph - Belgium, The Graph - Indonesia, The Graph - Japan, and The Graph - Ukraine. And I will welcome all new community admins with open arms if they wish to join our daily GRT data statistics community.

I showcase how proud I am of this achievement on the homepage of the app. Making a clear statement that all communities are welcome to join and share the daily GRT data statistics telegram group, just get in contact with me first and I will invite them.

Having already made the English, German and Spanish chatbots, I am hoping to provide the majority of these with communities with chatbots if they so wish. I have been approached to make a French and Turkish chatbot so I also asked within the communities, both were greatly appreciated and look forward to the finished product. So I am more than happy to build if the communties want the tool.

I really do appreciate the contact support and praise from all various communties and from people with different roles within the graph ecosystem. It is a pleasure to speak to and and provide these tools for you all.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I can proudly say that I am now officially a graph advocate! I still make an active effort to speak to community leads and app developers to enhance the onboarding of their members and integrate new tooling into the app, along with collaborating with other advocates.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
I still spend between 1-2 hours daily reading through telegram and discord, often interacting with the GRT communities, multiple nationalities and across a multitude of groups; sharing content, and data analytics. I endeavour to create a positive attitude towards The Graph project and portray the data analytics as a continuously progressive and growing ecosystem. Adding all the finding into the chatbot so that the community can find them easily and to ease onboarding of new or potential GRT holders, Delegators, Indexers and Curators.

I stilll really enjoy spending time building up communities, building tooling to enhance the graph communities and ecosytem. I still do this as a hobby, although that shocks some people from the amount of time and effort that I apply, it is great to have such great feedback and support. This keeps me going and makes me thrive to try and learn more, to achieve higher quality results and tooling.

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My apologies for not including the following information within the grant proposal above.

The dates below are personal deadlines. However, these deadlines may be fluid and move from left to right depending on the progress of the building. The community knows me and that I take pride in my work, I will ensure the end result is finished to the best of my ability before moving onto the next phase. Items 13 and 14 will be done continuously, normally before I start building new items and I will also take advantage of the Beta Phases where I wait for the feedback and then implement any changes and potential improvements.

  1. French Chatbot start date, 1st Dec 2022.

  2. French Chatbot Beta testing phase 1 start date, 1st Jan 2023.

  3. Update and translate all documentation into French and have a linked page within the app, (target), 7th Jan 2023.

  4. French Chatbot Beta testing phase 2 start date, 14th Jan 2023.

  5. French Chatbot Official release for public use (target), 21st Jan 2023.

  6. Chatbot to be kept up to date at all times, any new GRT news / features will added within a 24-48 hour period (target) with documentation and tutorials if applicable.

  7. Turkish Chatbot start date, 22nd Jan 2023.

  8. Turkish Chatbot Beta testing phase 1 start date, 22nd Feb 2023.

  9. Update and translate all documentation into Turkish and have a linked page within the app, (target), 1st Mar 2023.

  10. Turkish Chatbot Beta testing phase 2 start date, 8th Mar 2023.

  11. Turkish Chatbot Official release for public use (target), 13th Mar 2023.

  12. Chatbot to be kept up to date at all times, any new GRT news / features will added within a 24-48 hour period (target) with documentation and tutorials if applicable.

  13. Additional feature on all current and future chatbots to have button alongside text input to enhance the user experience to ensure the user is getting the most out of the content and to ease the onboarding of newcomers.

  14. Graph Advocates Spotlight Integration and future newsletters with continuous improvement


I would like to add some images to support the new chatbot feature. I have only done a few categories so far but I believe this will greatly improve the user experience and their ability to learn about The Graph, vastly reduce their onboarding time and increase their likelihood of investing and contributing to the ecosystem via Delegating, Curating and potentially Indexing.

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Hi @GRTDataHub ,

Thanks for applying for another Community Grant! After reviewing your application I have a few questions for you:

  • I see your timeline starts on 12/1/2022 (French Chatbot start date). Even if this grant were to be awarded, the approval and payment would likely be no sooner than a month from now. With that in mind, would this timeline start once payment was received or near 12/1 no matter what?
  • Can you please provide about how many hours each of the items listed in your breakdown will take? Basically trying to see what the per hour rate would be.

Lastly, not a question but a comment. I really like the new upgrade and overall think these chatbots are of great value to the community! I’'m also personally grateful for you incorporating the newsletter.

Thanks again for applying, looking forward to your responses!


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the questions.

-Yes, almost all of the work that I carry out is done prior to any grants that I receive. So for me this isn’t an issue. As it takes a long time to build and as life can be busy I like to make the progress when I can, so I will always be building.

-I have seen other grants put down an hourly rate but as mentioned previously, I put in around 2-3 hours most evenings and 1 hour at lunch right now. This is almost every day non-stop. So it would probably equate to around $5 per hour. However for me being a novice coder I am always learning new skills each and every day. Some task may take me 2 days to learn and then the rest of the week or month to then build and implement.

-For example, learning the logic, making it my own and ensuring it is efficient and allows me to make the content user friendly with documentation and links etc, learning to embed video tutorials if needed. This maybe took me 3 days to learn (9-11 hours) and then to build the initial chatbot took over 2-3 months. As there was a lot of new elements that I had not touched.

-As I have now learnt these skills the other chatbot took me less time to build from my previous experience, however with more complications in terms of translation and working with the communities. This then takes more hours of work, testing and applying the changes.

-And finally, the new feature to allow users to navigate through the question set via buttons. Once again, a new skill that took me 2 days to learn. (4-6 hours). I could then build the next 3 menu option in less time and find out which category they belong to.

Putting it in a short answer. An hourly rate isn’t feasible as it can vary and there is no chance it can be for example $50 per hour like it could be making video or text content where it usually takes 1-2 hours per item. The works is completely different. I hope my explanation makes sense of this.

And thank you for the support! It felt only right to integrate the newsletter so no problem at all, plus I learnt how to work with PDFs so I can now use that within the app in the future if needed.


Thanks for your speedy and in-depth responses @GRTDataHub ! That all makes sense and I have no further questions at this time.

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I cannot wait to see this Chatbot helping our french speaking community, it’s a very needed tool. I hope this grant proposal will find the support it deserves, I want to thank @GRTDataHub for all his hard work.


Thank you for the support Armando! I am excited to build and release this to the French community, it seems it will be a well received additional tool that will be used within the community. The response from people about the chatbot has been amazing all round!

Please see the above tweet for a new feature update.

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Hello @GRTDataHub ,

The Graph AdvocatesDAO is excited to inform you that your application has generated support within the DAO and its community. The Grant Committee would like to schedule a 20 minute interview with you to discuss your grant proposal in more detail.

This interview will help the DAO and community members to get to know you better along with your project’s objectives, and the benefits it aims to bring to The Graph ecosystem. Please come prepared with providing an overview of your proposal in a format of your choice.

There are time slots available every Tuesday at 10:00, 18:00 and 22:00 UTC. Please provide a couple of dates that fit in your schedule, along with the preferred UTC time slot. The interview will take place in the public-voice-chat channel on the Graph AdvocatesDAO Discord server.

Best regards,
Graph AdvocatesDAO


I am not able to do any of those times on a Tuesday. Can I do this on another day of the week or if not can I make a presentation and share it? Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I will be creating a video presentation of what I am building / have built thus far. In the event that I am unable to attend a Tuesday meeting at the set times. I will ask a DAO member in attendance to share the presentation. I would like to set a different day if possible? Maybe a Friday or Saturday? Any further questions are always more than welcome and encouraged by me. I actively seek constructive criticism and continuous improvements. Please feel free to message me on any platforms. :relaxed::pray:

Hello @GRTDataHub .

As discussed in Discord, we have scheduled you for your Community Grant Presentation on Thursday, 12/22/2022 at 19:30 UTC in the #public-voice-chat channel in the Graph Advocates Discord Server.

If you have any questions prior to your presentation feel free to contact us. Thanks!

Best Regards,
Graph AdvocatesDAO

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Key points to this grant from the community presentation for those who missed it:

-GitHub to be made Open Source (In progress, I will update this chat in the next day or 2 and provide the address)

+In regards to the question regarding how much chatbots do I plan on making as there are unlimited language and a finite amount of funding for grants.
-I prioritise the chatbots that I make due to the community engagement and feedback along with community admins and translators. For example, I plan on creating 2 further chatbots once I have finished building the proposed ones as the communities from are active and I have had agreement from 2 advocates who will translate them into Urdu and Ukrainian. After these I am unsure how many community will want it as the majority are English speaking and if not they speak the language of the other chatbots. (I hope this answer provides clarity, I will only build the chatbot if the community and their admins believe it will be beneficial for them, thus far each chatbot has had a great response and support)


Please see GitHub - GRTDataHub/GRTDataHubDevelopment: GRTDataHub App for Data Anlaytics and Educational Chatbots built for The Graph Communities. to view my repo for the GRTDataHub. I have not learned much about GitHub so my apologies for this, I hope this is what is needed. If not, I am more than happy to learn.

Please see to view the new features and proposed chatbot presentation.

Thank you, Liam


Is this able to be progressed to the on-chain voting now?

Hello @GRTDataHub

I support this grant proposal. I see it has great feedback from community members, and after playing around with it myself I truely see why and how it adds value!

This grant will move to on-chain voting soon, and you will be notified!

Thank you for all your great work, and I hope you and all the Graph Advocates can do some cool collaborations in 2023!


Colson, thanks for the support! It means a lot coming from you! :pray: I have received the translations back for the French and Turkish chatbots so I am currently building them. I am also making the release video for the Spanish chatbot this evening :tada: without giving too much away, I have 2 other chatbots in the pipeline for 2 more well known communities! I will keep these up to date as I build! I am glad you felt the tool adds some great value to the communities. :relaxed:


I admire the fact that the project is gathering so much community around every time the new version of the chatbot is to be released and how much support you are getting from different language communities.

However, I am a translator myself, with a strong interest in localization processes, and from that angle, I’m approaching this particular version of the chatbot for which we received full insight into the code and logic for the first time. And after careful consideration and based on the review of the repo I’ve decided to vote against the proposal.

As I can see from the project structure and translators’ contributions, you are sending the files to translators with deleted code snippets (which they would handle just fine, as they do it while translating the Graph’s website), and pre-translated (using machine translation, which we generally do not accept to use in the Advocates Program). The translators are commenting in the file on what should be changed and where and with what, and then you go and copy-paste the post-translated version from translators into your code. So that means, that we pay more for copy-pasting of the translation(2k) than for the translation($30/per hour). These are labour costs which should be covered by the grant, but the labour costs should go along with quality. We should only pay for the maintenance of your main English version and the addition of new features there, and the language versions should be kind of mapped/matched with it, in the way that if you update sth in the main version, the source strings would be updated, as well as the translators would be notified about new content to translate. This is of course the ideal scenario for which the implementation and usage of some sort of CAT tool and connection GitHub-CAT tool would be needed. Every time translator completes the translation of the file, it would create PR automatically and the translation would be deployed with zero effort from your side.

The current architecture of the chatbot needs to be rearranged as well. There are 5 separate files for each language, e.g. ENGChatbotpage.js. There should be one main file used by all the different languages. If there will be a need of changing something in the future, e.g. changing the font, or making some phrases bold, in the current version you need to go to five different files and repeat the same action 5 times, instead of doing it 1x in the template. Making these kinds of changes should be done with minimum effort on the development side, and as it looks now, the whole logic of the bot is hard coded.

I don’t have bad intentions writing this, I truly believe that the sooner the changes to the structures are applied the easier the transition will be, and the other way around - adding new language versions just makes the whole thing more and more difficult. On the other hand, the user experience of the chatbot is more than satisfying.

Hi Julianna, firstly thank you for taking the time to check out my GitHub and giving constructive criticism.

-Firstly, I have always been open and honest about my coding experience, expressing that I am a novice self taught coder for only 2 years who does this as a hobby for 3-4 hours per evening around a full-time job and family life. In that regard, I am still learning new coding practices and I apologise if my code is not up to scratch or if there are better ways to build things.

-I will take what you have said, and try and improve the way I update each bot and my layout of the code.

-With regards to how the chatbots are translated:

It took me a long time to delete all code out of the content so I wish I had known that translators can translate just fine with the code there. You view it as a “copy and paste” however the content needs to be translated. For me the best way for translators is to receive an English version that I would like to be translated and then I only provide a software generated translation to aid them. (All of which have told me has helped and reduced their workload). The reason I do this as I am more than aware that each chatbot needs the human translation to make sense to the user without errors in grammar. I then take the translated script and then dissect it and add it back into the respective chatbot that is has been translate for. This may seem like copy and paste but for 1 reply from that chatbot this could mean 10-20 dissections, ensuring links are not broken and without disruption to the grammar or making errors. (Of which breaks the chatbot and causes fault diagnoses) Now, if you multiple that by how many buttons you see within the chatbot (which is only 80% of the full logic that the user can ask the chatbots). Building each chatbot takes me a awfully long time with a lot of concentration and sometimes complexity. I then change links after researching for the correct corresponding ones such as the Spanish chatbot is different to the English and French etc. (French in Beta Phase 1 for testing. Links currently being updated and content translated if needed and links to be within the app itself).

-Sorry for my lack of punctuation above, but I thought I would paint a picture on the work involved as I took slight offence to the “copy and paste” comment above which I do not believe paints the correct narrative behind the workload put in by myself.

-I am truly disappointed to hear that you feel like this proposal should be voted against for the time and effort I put into building the tools that I believe benefit each community and the response it gets from them each time is amazing.

-For me when proposals of much greater amounts get accepted for sharing content and tweet and making visual aids rather than hours spent developing tools it is a shame that you feel this way.

-However, please do not take the above as a rant or argument in any regard! I just hope you read it as my side of the story because I truly do put a lot of time and effort into building the tools and app that I have. I am learning daily and I apologise if my coding practices are not up to scratch yet. Feel free to reply to this message within the forum so that we can discuss further. If any other community members would also like to join the discussion then please do.


Please don’t take any offence by any of my wording, I appreciate the time and energy you put into this project, but I also feel like you could free up some of the time and indeed concentrate on developing the chatbot further, rather than preparing the files for translators. I suggested a solution, which also would consume time to implement, but in my opinion, it is worth it.

I don’t compare project to project, it’s hard to do that, every project is different. I voted no, based on my experience, knowledge of the different requirements in the DAO and Advocates Program, and what I could understand from the repo (I’m not developer) and because I want to see translators more entitled and developing as well. By creating PR with their translation, they are able to build portfolios for themselves, and everybody who is interested can see their activity in GitHub and examine the quality of the translation, which can help them change carriers in long term, for example.

I will be more than happy to change my vote if at least some of the requirements will be fulfilled.