Grant Proposal: ETHAccra Hackathon

Grant ID: 8677ybt21


ETHAccra is a 3-day in person hackathon striving to educate young generations of web3 developers and builders. ETHAccra wants to gather the best Ethereum builders in the world to create truly disruptive projects in Accra. It is the first Ethereum focused hackathon in West Africa. :rocket:

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Subgraph Developers

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Uniswap Foundation

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ETHAccra hackathon is a developer focused event which will encourage the creation of new applications that can help address local problems in Ghana and advance the The Graph community in Ghana.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
We have succesfullly organised Ghana Crypto Summit in November 2022 where we have received grant from the Graph.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
Junior Python developer and 10+ more working experience as requirements engineer and compliance analyst for financial services. Got two masters economics and CS, currently working at SheFi, DeFi Africa and ETHAfrika. Experienced & successful hacker and been finalist at ETH Bogota and ETHCC hack and won sponsor prizes at ETHNYC, ETHBogota and ETHIndia, I’m experienced in web3 community building, I am well-organized, I successfully formed and led a team to be hackathon finalist. Currently project lead in organising ETHAccra hackathon.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
Target audience of the hackathon are developers and builders and The Graph would be a great opportunity in expanding

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Hi, Thank for your application.
I would like to know:

1.- Breakdown of budget
2.- Location and date of the hackathon.
3.- Number and name of sponsors. Number of expected hackers and attendees.
4.- How many people has your team. How many technical people has your team.
5.- Prizes, categories and tiers.
6.- What include this sponsorship? Please include the different types of sponsorships

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Thank you for taking the time to submit your proposal! As I read through the information, I had a few questions about your grant:

1/ Why did you have to apply for the grant so early? Since it’s only May and the hackathon is planned for September.

2/ Can you provide more information about your team? It will be responsible for the hackathon, right?

3/ Have you received funding from other places? If so, can you tell us more about it?

4/ Can you tell me more about the plan for this 3-day event? Since the site, I’m sorry, I found no information.

5/ Do you want to see the DAO as sponsors + as speakers? Then, have you contacted DAO members, advocates beforehand for this?

Thank you!!!

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Hi, thank you for taking time out to apply. After reviewing your application, I have a few questions:

  1. How many participants do you expect to attend the ETHAccra hackathon? What strategies will you use to promote the event?

  2. Can you provide more information about the hackathon format, such as the judging criteria, mentorship opportunities, and the types of projects you expect to see developed during the event?

  3. How will the bounty for the hackathon be distributed among the winning teams or individuals? Will there be specific categories or challenges related to The Graph that participants can focus on?

  4. In what ways will the event align with The Graph’s current roadmap?

Looking forward to your response!

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Hi Lorena

Please find here the answers to your questions:

  1. Please find here the respective link of the budget
  2. Location: University of Legon in Accra
  3. Applied Sponsors: Uniswap Foundation, NounsDAO, Aurora Africa, Lens Protocol, Ethereum Foundation, Polygon, Metamask. Expected hackers: 300 and mainly from WestAfrica (Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal) as well as Kenya.
  4. We are currently a team of 8 people organising ETHAccra and our team consist of 3 technical.
  5. What do you mean by this?
  6. The sponsorship includes 20min workshop, attendees tickets and sponsorship fee for organising ETHAccra. We have Platinum (30’000) Gold, Silver (USD 7500) and Bronze (USD5000) sponsorship packages.

Hi please find here the answers to your questions:

  1. We expect 300 hackers, mainly from West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal) as well as Kenya.
    We have planned in doing campus tour at 10 different Universities in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria to attract students in attending ETHAccra. The campus tour includes 1 day fullstack workshop. We will also partner with Bankless Africa and Cointelegraph as media partners.

  2. Hackathon format will be in person only. Judging criteria will be available closer to the event. Mentorship at the hackathon will be available and provided by web3afrika and web3bridges. Additionally we will provide online learning materials to the hackers prior to the event so that hackers will get the best hacker experience.
    We expect that delivered projects will mainly focus on solving challenges specifically to the Ghanaian and West Africa market. Like DeFi, lending, ReFi.

  3. The categories can be defined by the sponsors and will be distributed to winning projects. This could be individuals as well as teams.

  4. Africa, specifically West Africa is a frontier market with growing developer base (Nigeria and Ghana). ETHAccra is the first edition of any Ethereum focused hackathon in West Africa and I think this is very much in line with The Graphs roadmap.

Hi please find your answers to your question here

  1. I have applied yet in order to ensure that we are able to secure enough funding in order to make a high quality hackathon. I’m aware that applying for grant takes time and even if the hackathon it selves takes place in September some costs like renting the venue, marketing and outreach etc costs are partly due soon, which is why we need the funding now.

  2. Our team consists of passioned 8 people who are organising this event. We are responsible for organising the hackathon.

  3. We have applied for grants at Ethereum Foundation, Uniswap Foundation, Polygon, Lens Protocol, Aurora Africa, Optimism, MetaMask and Nouns DAO.

Thank you for your time and answers! I would like to clarify a few more things:

1/ Alas did not provide a link on budget breakdown, can you send it? There is no information about it on the website either.

2/ Same thing about the sponsorship packages. Can you provide a link where to look up that information?

3/ What will the prizes for the hackathon be formed from? Since there is no information about it on the website. Do I understand correctly that some funds from the sponsorship packages will be allocated for prizes for the participants? Or will there be additional expenses from the projects, in addition to the sponsorship packages?

4/ What topics will be presented at the hackathon?

Thanks for your answer.
1.- Could you share the link? I can´t find in your answer.
5.- I would like to know the categories, prizes and rules of the hackathon.
Thank you so much in advance

Hi Lorena

  1. Please find here the link of the sponsorship deck
    ETHAccra Sponsorship Plan - Google Präsentationen
  2. The hackathon is an in person hackathon only. The prizes can be defined by the sponsors and we will have a look at it.

Due to the complexities associated with large-scale sponsorships for conferences and hackathons, members of the Graph AdvocatesDAO have established a new team - The Events Team.

I will be closing this grant proposal as the newly formed team will assume responsibility for the review process of this proposal.

@Abena Thank you for your proposal, a member of the events team will reach out to you soon.


Hi Colson,

Thanks for letting me know.
I’m awaiting your feedback soon.