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Dotech is a tech community aiming to train and empower at least over 10,000 students in different tech fields, especially blockchain development, full-stack web development, artificial intelligence, product design, and development.
We hope to host community events, seminars, and training in the course of the coming year and also to empower students with access to essential utilities that will enable them to grow.

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Project (one-off)

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Other, Curators, Delegators, Indexers, Subgraph Developers

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Breakdown of funding expenditures

  1. Rent for 2 years - $1500
  2. 15 laptops - $7000
  3. Solar power and portable power generating set - $1100
  4. Router - $100
  5. Internet subscription for 1 year - $500
  6. Learning aids(Projectors, cameras, Smartboards, Printers, microphones, speakers, meeting table and chairs) - $3000
  7. Allowances - $1500
  8. Meetups and events - $2500
  9. Advertisements and marketing(Traditional and Digital) - $1500
  10. Web Hosting and Domain name - $800
  11. Logistics - $500

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
Dotech as a student community will create awareness and encourage the use of the graph protocol. We also have a blockchain learning platform that plans to help web 2 devs to migrate to web 3 platforms by providing tools, resources, and training for them to do so.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
I worked with Codeup Africa, a blockchain education brand, that promotes the adoption of web 3 protocols and promotes the benefits of using blockchain in different aspects of life

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
Web 3 has the potential to change and disrupt institutions and remove the middleman. it has a very wide application. Being part of this change is a wonderful experience and I want to help bring about this change, in a society where almost everything is possible.
The graph has made find data on the Ethereum network easier, and I would love to see the graph protocol applied in different sectors

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Hello, thank you for submitting your community grant application! After reviewing your application I have a few follow up questions. Please as specific as possible when responding:

  • In your budget breakdown you list: 1. Allowances - $1500 and 2. Meetups and events - $2500. Can you describe in detail how these funds would be spent?
  • You also mentioned that you have “a blockchain learning platform that plans to help web 2 devs to migrate to web 3 platforms by providing tools, resources, and training for them to do so.” Can you provide a link to this platform?
  • Can you describe in detail exactly what topics about The Graph would be covered in these events, seminars, and trainings?

Thanks again for applying! Looking forward to your responses.

Hello, thank you for your grant application! In the process of reviewing your grant, I have the following questions:

  1. You have indicated this parameter.

Could you tell me more about why you need a generator and solar panels?

  1. Could you tell us more about your experience with web3 and with The Graph ecosystem in general? How did you find out about The Graph?

That’s all for now, I also join Kyle’s questions and look forward to answers to them. Thank you!

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Thank you so much for your comment, it makes us feel appreciated.

  1. Allowances: the majority of our trainers and staff are volunteers, but there are still some of them who need to be given little allowances or stipends to enable them to meet up day to day expenses as regards dotech. Though we are not paying them salaries, we still give them little money to enable them to cover transportation and other little expenses

  2. Meetups and events: As part of our plan for the coming year, we plan to host about 2 conferences and 2 meetups and it requires expenses such as renting a venue, publicity, etc. We also need to take care of the logistics of speakers in such events.
    The estimated cost for hosting a meetup is approximately $300
    The estimated cost for hosting a conference is $840
    This covers
    Logistics for speakers
    Renting of venue
    Branded materials(souvenirs)(Conference only)

  3. Training Platform: The training platform is an offline training platform, where we do physical training. Although we are currently developing a digital platform that will show their learning progress and also give them easier access to tools and resources. It will be important to note that there is a WhatsApp group for the platform. It will also be important to note that we just started this platform, it is barely 2 weeks old

  4. We understand the graph protocol to the blockchain and we will be treating topics like

  • Introduction to the graph protocol
  • Intro to GraphQL
  • Data management on the blockchain
  • Open API development
    and many other related topics
    such as
    Data management in Web 3
    Data decentralization etc.

Thanks for replying

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Hello, once again thanks again for commenting

  1. The main reason we need a solar panel is
  • Reduced carbon emission, we may not be environmental activists but we try to do our best for the earth.
  • It is cheaper in the long run, we spend less money on gas and lubricating oil, and maintenance
  • It is noiseless, we hope to create an environment that is serene and calm.
  1. Reason why we need a generator
  • As a backup power supply
  • For events.
  1. My experience with web 3
    I am a Web 3 enthusiast with about 2 years of experience, currently am working toward a career as a blockchain developer. I have been involved in blockchain-related community activities such as codeup Africa(A blockchain education and awareness event), and Web 3 clan(A blockchain education community, of which I am the head UI designer and creative director). I love the concept of decentralization on the blockchain and how it has the capacity to change the world as we know it, disrupting societal institutions.
    I heard about the graph protocol from a graph advocate who is founder of web 3 clan. I did more research on it and fell in love with the ecosystem an i have recommended it to a few developer friends

Once again Thank you

Hmm, interesting. Just looking at the items that all the funds will be used for, it seems that this is more about creating some kind of computer class rather than supporting The Graph project.

From the things you wrote, I see a more commercial component than just a grant that encourages people to be familiar with The Graph.

Also, I would be very grateful if you could show me some links to information about your experience.

Some links to support what you are saying.

Thank you!

Firstly, we are not creating a class, though with our vision and what we hope to achieve we will have a class and it will be free. Dotech is a tech community that aims to encourage young techies and also provide them with the resources and training needed for them to achieve that goal, in no way are we a business venture, though we are going to have ways of getting money in order for us to stay operational, we are not doing this for money. As I stated earlier, all our staffs and trainers are volunteers and the only full-time staff we plan to have is the person in charge of the office.

As per my experience, you can check out, I am part of the team members (Achor Ugochukwu, CBF organizing team, Publicity) also I will drop a picture of my certificate of participationl

It will also be important to note that as a community, we are hoping to help accelerate the adoption of web 3 technology and the graph protocol is part of this technology. We are hoping to also partner with other blockchain brands to help introduce these technologies and protocols to developers.

I forgot to note some thing about why we need solar panel and generator. My countries power supply is very erratic and unpredictable and it is imperative and important that we have our own power supply.

Thanks for your responses @Mr_Flames. A few follow up items after reviewing your response to mine and @doxe01.eth 's questions:

  • You mentioned that the $2500 for the meetups and events would include the costs for the venue. That makes total sense, but it makes me confused on what the “Rent for 2 years - $1500” is for. Any clarification on that would be much appreciated.
  • I could be wrong about this, but one other potential challenge with the existing budget is that I believe the DAO has up until now denied requests for hardware purchases through community grants. I bring that up because there are quite a bit of hardware items in your budget (laptops, solar panels, projectors, printers, etc.). Again, I could be wrong about this so I’m pinging @juliannaMLN @Colson @pdiomede in case they have more info than I do.

Thanks again for your responses!

@Mr.1776 Thanks for your responses.

  • The $1500 for rent is for an office space where we “headquarter” all our activity. So we don’t float around. The office space will be where we operate from, also it will be a kind of shared working space for our trainees, I think to some extent you can call it a hub of some sort.
    And we want to pay for 2 years so we can have time to really scale up without having to worry about the expense of rent.

  • Regarding the hardware, With what we want to achieve, having these hardware devices will really help to achieve our vision, and it will also help the training process. If you look at the devices we want to purchase, you realize that most of them are learning aids that will make the process of learning different and easier. We want to create a standard community equipped with standard training equipment to facilitate the process of training.

Thank you for your reply

Yes, I completely forgot that the DAO seems not to support a request for money for hardware. But of course we are waiting for the final answer. Also thanks for your answers and your time!

Unfortunately, this grant proposal did not generate the level of support in the community to move it to the next phase of the grant application process.

Thank you for submitting this proposal, and you are encouraged to stay engaged in the Graph community. You are also welcome to submit new grant applications in the future with proposals that may generate stronger community support.

Best Regards,
Graph AdvocatesDAO