Grant Proposal: Dotech Web3 Program

Grant ID: 8685bvpd8


This program is program that aims to introduce students to different skills in web3 and how they can apply them to today’s modern world. It is a program that aims to onboard at least 1000 developers into different technologies which will include the graph. We plan to develop both an online and offline version of this training so it can include students across different schools in Nigeria.

It also aims to also help already existing student techies transition from a web2 skill to a web3 skill

I have read and agree to the privacy policy:

Describe what your project does or is aiming to do in 50 characters or less:
A program that aims to introduce students to the modern world of web3 and how they can apply it in today’s modern world.

How far along are you?:
We are currently at the starting stage. We have gotten space and equipment for the program and we are currently accepting signups and we are currently preparing aggressive marketing materials

Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area? How do you know people need what you’re making?:
We picked this idea to work on because we noticed that the world is transitioning into a web3-based world but many techies are stuck with web2 skills and ideas. So we decided to start with my school, by creating a program where people especially students are equipped with the necessary skills needed for today’s world

What’s new about what you’re making? What substitutes do people resort to because it doesn’t exist yet (or they don’t know about it)?:
What we are trying to do is unique, the reason being that it is tailored to students and prepares them with the necessary skill needed to take over today’s world

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
Our vision for this program is to create web3 innovators and pioneers

How will you measure success?:
We have a system set in place where we monitor the rate of learning, identify difficult areas, and try to make them easier for people to understand.

Also, we check the rate of completion, learning, signups, class time, and progresses

What milestones will you achieve in the coming weeks/months, with or without the grant?:
In the coming weeks/months, we plan to do intense marketing and secure more partnerships and sponsorship

Please select who you think will benefit from your project?:
Curators, Delegators, Indexers, Subgraph Developers

How much funding are you looking for? (USD):

Provide a breakdown of your requested funding:
Teacher allowance - 4,500
Customized graph materials and graph merch - 3,000
Production of training material - 3,000
Internet - 1,000
Marketing and publicity - 1,000
2 meetups - 2500

Have you applied for (or already received) funding from somewhere else?:

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
We as a team have members that are experienced in different aspect of web3. We have blockchain developers with a minimum of 1 year experience.

Personally i have 2 years of experience as a web3 community manager and web3 enthusiast. i was co-organizer of codeup blockchain fesitival in 2020

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
We are interested in contributing to the graph and web3 because there is a shift from a centralized world to a de-centralized world and we want to provide people in nigeria especially students with the skills needed to survive in today’s world

Are you applying as a team or individual?:

What type of grant are you pursuing?:
Project (one-off)

Please select the category your project best fits into:

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Thank you so much for the proposal. I just had some questions.

  1. Have you created a detailed plan of execution of the offline and online versions?

  2. How many signups have you received until now?

  3. Can you elaborate more on measuring success?

  4. Teacher’s allowance is USD 4500. Who is the teacher?

  5. Customized Graph materials and Graph swags would require USD 3000? I think this can be reduced.

  6. Also for production of training material, you can take references of already made content and workshops by the Advocates.

  7. Would love to know more about the team members as well.


Hello @Mr_Flames,

Thank you for re-applying and your continued interest in our grants program.

On top of Yash his questions, I have another one.

Other than the breakdown being somewhat different, I do not not see many changes from your last grant proposals here and here, could you tell me why this grant is different?

Thank you!

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Hello, Thank you for your reply

  1. Yes we have a detailed plan for both the offline and online versions. I will discuss it with my team to share it if needed
  2. So we have not gotten many signups because we haven’t done much publicity. Currently we are at about 32 signups. This signup form has been open for just a day and the few signups where through word of mouth
  3. On success measuring
  • Developer Enrollment and Completion Rates: We track the rate of the enrollment and completion rates.
  • Skill enhancement rate: We also monitor the rate improvement of skills. so we plan to have a test for participants as they signup so we can determine their existing skills from time to time, regular tests will be conducted to monitor their rate of improvement and identify pain-points and difficult areas and better tailor the learning experiences for better assimilation.
  • Feedback and regular surveys to directly assess the rate of learning and making changes
  • There are talks though not yet solid and concluded about including an AI into the platform that will monitor and take metrics and identify problems.
  1. So we are not looking at getting just one teacher, we are looking at getting a total of 10 teachers, among which an advocate will be included
    This amount is not just for allowance, it covers both transportation, feeding and where necessary accomodation for the teachers

  2. We are looking at producing a large number of customized materials and swags(at least a 1000) for both the training and events.

  3. We will look into that and i will defintely make reference to already-made content and materials by advocates. But these materials have to printed and reproduced for the students. We plan to do videos, handouts and alot of materials

  4. So like i said my team has a total of 3 blockchain developers, 3 technical writers, marketing experts, web developers, product designers etc.

The programs in the last two proposals are entirely different from this program. We have been able to achieve most of the things stated in the previous programs.
This program is geared towards producing innovators in the web3 space and we are aimed at equipping them with the necessary web3 skills and we will love if the graph can be part of this program

We will also love and are open to working with graph advocates on this program to make it a huge success


I want to ask some questions about this proposal, and at the same time, I aim to learn and apply similar strategies to build The Graph India (Community).

Q1. Can you elaborate on your team’s past experiences with web3 projects, especially in the context of education and skill development?

Q2. How do you plan to tailor your training materials and approach to effectively engage techies and help them transition from web2 to web3 skills and ideas?

Q3. Could you share specific examples of the partnerships and sponsorships you are currently working/planning/looking for?

Q4. Can you provide more information about your team members’ roles and their specific contributions to the project’s success?

Q5. How do you plan to sustain the program’s impact beyond the initial grant period and secure ongoing support?

Q6. Could you provide more details about the two planned meetups and how they will contribute to the program’s goals?

Q7. Can you tell me about some projects from people who have gotten help from your past job as a Web3 Community Manager? Also, can you share what you learned from that experience so I can learn from it too?

I’ve looked at your proposal

  1. which specific part of Nigeria is this program targeted at
  2. do you have any experience training in any areas, and web3 specifically
    other questions i had have already been asked
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Hello Thanks for the question

  1. From the little i know about my team’s past individual web3 experiences. The assistant team lead and some of the other of team members were involved in planning a student blockchain event last year. Personally in the last 2 years, i have been involved in different web3 trainings and event.
    Asides from web3, we are currently running programs on different tech skills most notably web development and from september we will expand and include more programs.

  2. So we take what you know in web2 and show you how to apply it in web3. So say we have a web developer or an app developer, we show and teach you how to take those skills and apply them in the web3 spaces.

  • We will reassess participants prior knowledge so we understand their existing knowledge. This will help us understanding and customize the curriculum. We plan to involve experts on this so we can have a properly designed curriculum
  • We also provide the bridge between the web2 and web3 concepts like i stated before we take what they know and show them how to apply it in the web3 space.
  • It is also important to know that this program is a practical program so they will be taught how to apply these concepts in a real-time. They will also have interactive sessions with industry experts and learn real-time concepts. This experts will also share insights and engage in active problem-solving.
  • Also we plan to make the training sessions and the curriculum flexible. so the participants will in a comfortable way. For us to achieve this effectively, we plan to involve curriculum and education experts
  1. Currently we are in talks with LBank Plc. We are also in talks with YOMA africa though nothing is finalized yet. There are other companies we are currently thinking of getting in contact in and working with.

  2. I think i have answered this in the previous questions.
    But the team members will not be direct teachers on this program instead they will be supervisors and mentors. They will be fully involved in the planning and execution and success of the program.

  3. So this program is going to run for at least a year of which we will have at least three cohorts lasting for at least 3 months. This program is going to sustained by

  • Grants
  • Sponsorships
  • Our own funds

The last one is the one i want to emphasize on, as a cmmunity we have some income earning programs and projects, which will help provide some funds for the programs.

  1. So this program is more a less a seminar where participants will get to interact with industry experts and learn from them. It is going to be a unique learning event.

  2. Currently, one of my community members in working on a web3 real-estate listing platform. Also a community member is working on an e-voting system utilizing the blockchain but this project is a startup and i need to ask for permission before i release further details.
    Personally, i have that web3 has a lot of possibilities and we have barely scratched the surface.

Hi, Thanks for the reply

  1. This program is based in Abia state but we are targeting the general student population across nigeria.

  2. I think i have answered this question in other questions but like i said i am currently running training programs on different tech skills.

thank you for your response
based on the answers provided, i think the budget is ridiculous. also i’m skeptical about the potential impact that you can have in Abia if i’m going to be honest.

also is there any tangible proof of the training you are providing, such as images or websites that can be referenced as proof of what you are saying

So we did our research and studies before starting this project. So yes the project is based in the abia and there is a huge student population of which many of them are into tech.
Before we started this project we did our research. In Abia state, there are 5 major universities with a population of at least 10,000 students per school not to talk about the polytechnics and other schools.
So to talk about the impact, this project has the potential of impacting a huge student population, this is not to talk about the students who are in nearby states like Imo, Akwa Ibom, Enugu. rivers etc.
Now the question may be how many of these students are into tech, from a brief survey in Michael okpara university umudike. We checked the combined population of student communities like GDSC, MLSA, our own community etc. We had about 2,348 students in communities and this is in a school where the majority of the tech population are not in communities

And we like we also said this program is both online and onsite. The online version has the potential of reaching a lot of students across Nigeria.
This program doesn’t have to be situated in Lagos to make a huge impact.

Check our twitter page out…

And our website launches on monday, i will update it then

For the budget, we are looking at a large audience and we need to provide what it takes to cater for them effectively and achieve what we need to achieve, but we are open to advice on how to be ;able manage cost effectively

Imo you should start with a smaller grant amount and deliver that part to showcase your work.


Thanks for your advice, I will relate to my team and lets see if we can make to some readjustment to the amount. I will give a response within the hour

I’m not convinced of the following

  1. That there is sufficient interest in Web3 development in Abia state to warrant the money you are asking for. Even if there’s 100,000 students in the schools in the state, how many are interested in Web3 development? what data do you have to back this claim up?
  2. Your competence to deliver what you have said. The evidence garnered from your twitter page is not enough in my opinion to entrust your ability to execute
  3. If you are able to deliver what you claim, I don’t think you need a dime to achieve it. It should not cost you anything to use the campus facilities which is what’s in the twitter training
  4. You have not got a developed curriculum and it’s difficult to verify any of your claims

It looks fabricated to me I have to be honest

FYI I’m in Lagos.


Since quite a few questions have already been asked, I would just like to add my thoughts that would have an impact on the success of this proposal.

I’m more of the opinion that quality proposals are better than quantity proposals. What I’m talking about. You’re targeting quite a high number of people, 1000 people if you take into account that it’s not just for example group members, but developers who are planning to create something. And after checking the history of many grants, I didn’t see any successful cases. Therefore, I would recommend being aimed at more real and initial results. After all, you yourself mentioned that web3 is quite a new field and if you enter it so aggressively, you may not see the expected results.

Further the budget, $15,000, is quite large, especially for a new proposal. I would recommend reducing the costs and also describe in more detail some of the things that go into it. For example, $3,000 worth of merch looks pretty wild to me personally, as there are grants for this funding, and this is just merch.

Also mention the facts of what I would like to see. You present yourself as teachers and those who will attract new people to web3 and development. I would like to see what you will tell and what you will show. I’m more interested in things related to The Graph.

And lastly, how are you going to measure the success rate of those who go through all the things you provide. So how do you measure the fact that a person has become a successful developer in The Graph? And also, I would like to hear and see more links, both in terms of the team and other sources that you refer to.

Thank you!

Hello, So I am going to plead with you to keep an open mind and you will be surprised at what you will find.

  1. I can assure you that there is sufficient interest in web3 in Abia state. We did our research before embarking on this project(though not just amongst students), also there are talks amongst tech hubs and communities about starting a smart city project utilizing technologies like Machine learning, blockchain, IoT, etc.
    We can get you detailed data of students who are interested in web3 if you want though it may take some days if you are interested

  2. I appreciate and understand your concern about our capability. Social media provides just a glimpse into our activities and I understand that it may not comprehensively showcase our competence. I am more than happy to offer additional information on our capabilities.

  3. While it’s true that utilizing a campus facility will help reduce a cost, you have to admit that there are several other factors to consider when delivering a high-quality program such as this.

  • Agreed that we have well-equipped space provided in partnership with the school. A conducive and quality environment goes beyond physical space. It includes quality material, Access to up-to-date technology, specialized learning tools, etc
  • We plan to involve experts as teachers in this program and involving them comes with cost.
  • Technologies, software, and platforms we use come with licensing costs, fees, and maintenance costs.
  • Events associated with this program involve costs too.
  • Lastly, the scale at which we are aiming is large, and having a good administrative and proper management system will come with its own appropriate costs too.
    So while we admit and acknowledge the availability of a campus facility, this program involves a lot of elements that will contribute to its success. Support from this grant will help us achieve a high-quality program.
  1. We have a sketch for a curriculum but we currently working on fully developing a robust and well-rounded curriculum. We are currently consulting with web3 experts and we are in the process of hiring an expert educationist and curriculum specialist to develop a well-defined curriculum

  2. Am sorry you feel that way, but as I said in my opening statement, pls keep an open mind. If there are any areas of doubt, I will be ready to answer them.
    Like I said earlier we are open and very interested in working with an advocate on this program.
    We are also willing to set up a video call so you can ask questions and receive real-time answers and probably provide you with a clearer understanding of the project

Lastly, I understand the fact that Lagos is the tech epicenter of Nigeria but you have to admit that there are large tech communities in different parts of Nigeria and they are making an impact in Nigeria not just in web3 but the tech ecosystem as a whole.

Pls keep an open mind


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights regarding the proposal. Your input is valuable, and I appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns and suggestions. I’d like to respond to each of the points you’ve raised:

  1. Quality Over Quantity: I fully understand the importance of focusing on quality over quantity. Your perspective on targeting initial results and concentrating on a smaller group is well-noted. We will refine our approach to ensure that the impact we make is meaningful and aligned with the newness of the Web3 field.

  2. Budget Considerations: Your feedback on the budget is duly noted. We will take a closer look at the budget allocation, reduce unnecessary costs, and provide a more detailed breakdown of expenses. This will ensure that the budget is both realistic and directly aligned with the program’s objectives.

  3. Merchandise Allocation: Your point about the merchandise budget is well taken. We’ll reconsider the allocation and possibly reallocate those funds to more impactful aspects of the program, ensuring that resources are used most effectively.

  4. Measuring Success: Your question about measuring the success rate of participants is vital. This program is a project-based program, we are not just teaching classroom theories we involve practicals.
    So one way we measure participants success rate is by their contributions to projects
    Regular Skill assesment
    Engagement rate etc.

On this we made some readjustment to the budget
Teachers Allowance - 3,000
Customized graph materials and graph merch - 1000
Production of training materials - 2,000
Internet - 700
Marketing and publicity - 1,000
2 meetups - 1,500

  1. Teachers Allowance - $3,000:
    This allocation covers the compensation, transportation, feeding, and when necessary accommodations for the instructors and mentors who will be guiding and teaching the participants throughout the program. Teachers put in a lot of effort to make sure the education is engaging and effective, so this budget helps ensure their time and expertise are appropriately rewarded.

  2. Customized Graph Materials and Graph Merch - $1,000:
    Creating customized learning materials and Graph-themed merchandise, such as T-shirts or notebooks, adds a fun and engaging aspect to the program. It’s important for participants to feel connected to the theme, which enhances their learning experience and sense of belonging.

  3. Production of Training Materials - $2,000:
    Developing high-quality training materials, including presentations, handouts, videos, and coding exercises, requires resources. This budget is used to design, produce, and distribute these materials, ensuring participants have effective resources for learning.

  4. Internet - $700:
    A reliable internet connection is essential for online learning and communication, especially if the program includes virtual workshops, webinars, or online discussions. This budget ensures that participants have the necessary connectivity to access the program’s content.

  5. Marketing and Publicity - $1,000:
    Marketing and publicity are crucial for reaching out to potential participants and getting the word out about the program. This budget covers expenses related to creating promotional materials, advertisements, and other strategies to attract qualified candidates.

  6. 2 Meetups - $1,500:
    Organizing in-person meetups or workshops provides participants with valuable networking opportunities and a chance to interact with instructors and peers face-to-face. This budget covers the costs of venue rental, refreshments, and any other expenses associated with hosting these events

Like we stated earlier, We would love to work with a graph advocate on this project no matter the outcome of the grant proposal

You have failed to address the issue of your ability to execute. This is an example of proof of ability. It’s a Web3 community in Osun State, and this is their twitter handle

here is documentation of a recent event they had

If you compare this to what you have, you can see that you don’t demonstrate the ability to deliver. this is all i am asking show proof of ability. you are asking me to trust you when you stress i should keep an open mind. You have not demonstrated that you can do what you want to do on a small scale and you are talking about a larger scale? do you see where the dissonance is?

Please put in a greater effort and do something meaningful that is worth supporting rather than spending time trying to persuade people to support something that is not more than a pipe dream

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