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The largest educational company in Belgium for web3 and crypto

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500/month for continuous exposure to the belgian community. We provide visibility in every newsletter, on every event, provide speaking opportunities for graph advocates and mention graph news on our socials

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5.000/month from bitvavo for same deal.
They are our head sponsor (largest exchange in the BeNeLux region)

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Visibility and knowledge of how the graph works to people who are into web3

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We do a lot of workshops, events, keynotes, etc…

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I have a Msc. Digital Currencies and am currently writing book (in dutch) on investing in crypto (might add The Graph as well for a sponsoring fee. I am sponsored by delta, bitvavo, binance, venly, NGRAVE and Amdax)

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
We did a crypto café and attracted 2 graph advocates. They suggested I applied for this grant.

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Thank you for submitting your proposal! Can you explain how providing visibility, speaking opportunities, mentions in different social media is educational? For me it’s more on the side of marketing/PR. Or maybe are you planning to create some educational content as well? In such case, a draft/proposal for topics you want to handle would help a lot!

Thanks for your application. I have some questions:

  1. How will the requested funding be used exactly? Is it more like sponsorship or will there have some self-made content? (not only sharing news like retweeting it)
  2. How are the past events you hold? e.g., how many attendees are there between the expected amount and the real amount? Maybe you take the crypto café for example. it’s better that we can get more detail on it or another event. (This event looks great and relaxing)
  3. The opportunities for the advocates for speaking should be more specific or it looks more likely only to be a part of the advocates’ contributions.

Hey everyone!

Me and Constant124(Graph Advocate) attended last months edition of Crypto Cafe hosted by DCA, it was a amazing experience.

Being that this was my first time attending, let alone it being my first time in Ghent, Belgium, I was fairly nervous when arriving to the event location.

The DCA team was very friendly and the atmosphere was very welcoming. The attendees ranged from extremely knowledgeable in crypto to being completely new in crypto.

The evening started by having conversations between the attendees, it was really interesting hearing all the different stories of why people were attending.

After the initial conversations, two presentations were held. At this event there was one presentation about the history of smart contracts and one about trading strategies.

The DCA team did a really good job at educating, by breaking down complex topics into bitesize (sometimes ELI5) pieces.

During the talks, I saw people taking notes, pictures, and asking questions. The whole vibe at the event was super wholesome and I will definitely be attending again.

I would like to end this message by saying that the DCA team is very professional, and extremely knowledgeable on crypto and web3. These type of events are, in my opinion, exactly what we need for mass adoption. I would love to see AdvocatesDAO sponsor upcoming events.


Thanks for your idea, in general I have seen what you do in terms of your website and portfolio and have also been told about you by Colson in a rather positive way. I would like to hear the answers to the questions asked above, as well as a number of my own. Also, I have several:

  1. How long do you plan to work with us in terms of this grant?
  2. Can you elaborate on how this will benefit The Graph?
  3. And the third, probably the last question at this stage, is how advocates will be involved in the work.

Thank you!

Hi all,

I hope you are all doing well.

I totally agree with what Colson said and here are the reasons why I support this grant:

  • they provide a get together for Dutch speaking people wanting to stay involved in crypto in Belgium
  • In Antwerp they organize an introductory classe to blockchain, a brief history and its utility
  • In Gent they also provide the same thing but also a stage for people wanting to teach people about a certain topic in blockchain
  • they also provide advanced classes for people wanting to have more knowledge about the industry
  • they also began to have some traction by attracting, speaking and indirectly educating local flemish politicians about what blockchain can do
  • they are the biggest group in Flanders so imagine the spotlight they can shed on The Graph in Flanders and Brussels

All those reasons make them valuable for the web3 efforts and lets not forget that making noise and educating people in Belgium can be really interesting as they host the institutions and the people drafting laws for the EU.

yes you are right, it could be considered more marketing related. However we would provide ecucational content as well, such as allowing a graph speaker to present at one event per quarter. We can also share extra educational information to all our community members about the graph.

educational content can vary by the way, and will depend on the input of the two advocates that recommended me to apply for this grant

  1. Yes you can consider it a sponsorship. Content will be provided by the 2 GRT advocates that recommended me to apply for this grant. I would love to have some banners and stuff of the graph as well
  2. cryptocafés hold on average 50 people that are into crypto. Infomoments as well. We will do webinars as well soon, those will have more attendants. Our newsletter has about 2000 people reading it. Cryptocafé is quite relaxed, but always host 2 high quality speakers as well. Its the perfect setting for web3.
  3. Speaking opportunities for advocates will be in all kind of forms (online, offline), we also have a market update every week called livesessions. There we can also host an advocate
  1. We can do this for a very long time since we believe in long term partnerships.
  2. Visibility to the belgian crypto scene is the major benefit. Since we are the largest crypto educaitonal organization in Belgium its great to partner with us. We could also help finding additional advocates or maybe even try to fill job openings.
  3. I will ask advocates for input of GRT news, content, educational materials, talks, marketing materials (both offline and online)

Hello @bvc,

Graph AdvocatesDAO emailed you with details on the next step forward, which is an interview with the Grants Committee. If you have any questions after reading the email please let us know. Check your spam folder.

Thanks again and looking forward to your presentation!


Hi, I replied to your email but I have not received any email in my inbox (nor spam).
How can we proceed?

Weird, DAO did not get any answers. Write to me in a personal message on the forum, so that we can already promptly decide which time you want to choose.

Just a reminder that are time slots available every Tuesday at 10:00, 18:00 and 22:00 UTC. Please provide a couple of dates that fit in your schedule, along with the preferred UTC time slot. The interview will take place in the public-voice-chat channel on the Graph AdvocatesDAO Discord server.


OK sure!

dates that work for me:

  • 20/12 at 10:00 UTC
  • 27/12 at 10:00 and 18:00 UTC
  • 03/01 at 10:00 and 18:00 UTC
  • 10/01 at 10:00 and 18:00 UTC

Let me know if any of them work!



The presentation of the project will be in the public-voice-chat channel on the Graph AdvocatesDAO Discord server on December 20 at 10:00 UTC. Entrance is open and everyone is welcome to come in and ask their questions during the presentation!

Thank everyone for your attention!

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