Grant Proposal: DevFest Warri 2022

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The GDG Warri is a local group of software developers (and aspiring developers), technology enthusiasts, technical writers, and tech hobbyists who specifically come together to learn, share, network, and collaborate about technologies, software development for personal and career growth and the betterment of society using technology.

The GDG Warri DevFest is our annual large, community-run developer event focused on community building and learning about a wide range of technologies like web development, mobile apps development, inclusion and diversity in tech, machine learning, cloud computing, codelabs, hackathons, fireside chats, and panel sessions.

This year DevFest Warri will also feature sessions on Web3 education.

What’s more?

For this year’s DevFest Warri - we will be hosting the Southern region of Nigeria with an estimated attendees capped at 2,000 - it is going to be the largest developer event in southern Nigeria and this is the perfect conference to get developers into Web3 and building with the Graph.

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What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
I will be having a keynote session on Web3 and the Graph, dedicated to educating the 2,000 developers who will attend DevFest Warri 2022.

And so the vision for this project will be to inspire at least 10 percent of the attendees to join us in building the next phase of the internet - Web3 and also introduce them to the Graph.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
Over the past four years, I have been actively involved in running and leading the GDG Warri developer community in my local city, Warri, Nigeria.

In the past four years, I have grown the community to over 1,000 developers. I wrote about starting and growing the community to its first 100 members here → How I started a Google Developers Group, GDG chapter in Warri, Nigeria and reached 100 members

I also transitioned into Web3 over a year ago and am committed to giving back to the community through teaching by speaking at conferences and educating the next generation of Web3 builders.

Here are a few of my past work experiences as relevant to this grant.

  1. Hosted DevFest Warri 2018 with over 170 attendees. See official photos here -

  2. Hosted DevFest Warri 2019. See official photos -

  3. Spoke at DevFest Lagos 2021 on building the next generation of the internet - a look at Web3 with over 2,000 developers in attendance. See Tweet from IPFS -

  4. Organized and facilitated a Filecoin workshop in January 2022. See the recorded live stream here - FILECOIN WORKSHOP | CHARLES FREEBORN | - YouTube

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I am a full-time technical writer and international speaker focused on Web3.

I was an independent contractor (technical content strategist) for with Protocol Labs focused on the IPFS and FIlecoin projects from September 2021 to March 2022.

In my time with Protocol Labs, I did the following:

  1. Wrote technical article on IPFS and Filecoin. See here - Understanding the Three Fundamental Principles of How IPFS Works | IPFS Blog & News

  2. Spread the “gospel” of Protocol Labs tools - IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p - across the African continent.

  3. For number 2, I achieved this via organizing meetups and workshops focused on Web 3 with special emphasis on IPFS and FIlecoin, and I also spoke at conferences across Nigeria. The last speaking engagement was DevFest Lagos 2021 with over 2,000 developers

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
I am interested in Web3 because of the principles - decentralization, permissionless, trustless, native payment/cryptocurrency - around web3.

Knowing that the core of Web3 is hinged on decentralization - herein, ownership is shared and isn’t placed on a single individual and/or corporation, is inspiring enough for me to contribute.

And the sense of community participation and building in the open is also a motivation for me to contribute. Think DAOs - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

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Thank you for your proposal.

  • Can you give a detailed breakdown on how the $10,000 will be used?

  • You mentioned that you will give a keynote session on The Graph, can you also give more insight on your presentation?


Hi Chidubem,

Thanks for asking.

  • Here’s a breakdown of how the $10,000 will be used -
    a. Conference venue rental == $2500
    b. Speakers, Microphones, LED Screen and projectors rental ==$1000
    c. Audio/Visuals - Photography, Video coverage, Live stream, and Sound == $1000
    d. Catering - food, water and drinks for 2000 attendees == $3500
    e. Security == $500
    f. Signage - Printing of event banners, roll-up stand, and signages == $500
    g. Swags - Design and printing of swags to be given to attendees == $1000
  1. On the keynote?
    The presentation will begin with the introduction of Web3 to the attendees as most of the developers who will be attending the conference are from the Web2 background. And so, having laid the foundation for Web3 - it’s philosophy and principles. The presentation will then move into the protocols and builders of Web3 and why we have these protocols - focus here will be on Ethereum.

This will lay the foundation for introducing the Graph as an indexing technology for querying data from blockchains. Next, the keynote will touch on how the Graph works and finally point the devs who will be interested in the Graph to the docs.

Why the approach of first starting the presentation with “intro to Web3?” Because most developers who attend conferences don’t like talks that seem like marketing. So the best way in my opinion to approach this to teach and lay the foundation before discussing the core technology which is the Graph.

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@charliecodes Thanks for your submission Charlie.

A) We’d love to collab with you to pipeline devs from our partners in Vancouver Canada and promote the event. Please reach out to me on twitter

B) A few questions/concerns in mind:

-What is the duration of the whole keynote presentations and how much time is being allocated to presenting the Graph?

-What metrics are you tracking in regards to the ROI/benefits it will bring back for the Graph (please be as specific as possible including both quantifiable and qualitative metrics)?

-Will Graph be sole sponsor of this event? If not, who are the other sponsors and what budgets have you received from them already?

-I’d recommend handing out a handbook or a quick guide for Graph and ways to get involved in the ecosystem for devs and a place for tracking who actually got involved to report back to the DAO.

Looking forward to your responses!

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Thank you for your reply. I’m not really clear on the topics regarding The Graph that will be covered. From what I understand, you will give a general overview of The Graph, then point the developers’ who are interested to the docs. My assumption was that since it’s a tech event and you intend to onboard devs, there should be a practical breakout session that should go in-depth on the tooling/infrastructure on a specific area(s) in the ecosystem.

What you intend to cover, is something that can be done by an event evangelist or web3 welcomer in the advocates’ program.

I have the same questions as @Chidubem about this application. @charliecodes hopefully you can provide a response.


Yes, you are right - I am giving a general overview of The Graph and Web3 and pointing the interested devs to the docs.

We can also have a breakout session as you suggested after the keynote for in-depth dive into the Graph.

And yes, we are open to welcoming Graph advocates who will like to handle breakout sessions.


Please find my reply here.

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hi @pooria

Thanks for your response. Let me first begin by expressing my apologies for the late response. I got engaged.

A) I already followed and sent you a DM on Twitter

B) - Duration for the keynote is 30 minutes and another 40 minutes during the breakout sessions

  • The Keynote session will have 2000 devs in attendance. And we hope to convert at least 10% of the 2000 devs into using the Graph. Most of the devs are coming from a Web 2.0 background.

  • No, the Graph will not be the sole sponsor. Google is our major partner as a GDG community. And as of this moment, we are yet to receive any budget from the Google team.

  • Handwork? We will put this into consideration.

Thanks for your response @charliecodes and congratulations on getting engaged! My overall perspective on your application is that I think it would provide solid value in introducing so many Web2 folks to The Graph & web3. However, it seems this grant would be absorbing all (or nearly all) of the costs for the entire event as you described below, but only dedicating a small section of the agenda about The Graph.

For me, if the cost more closely reflected the amount of time dedicated to The Graph at the event, I would vote yes. However, at the current amount requested it would be a no vote from me.

Thanks for your candid feedback and vote. Much appreciated

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Unfortunately, this grant proposal did not generate the level of support in the community to move it to the next phase of the grant application process.

Thank you for submitting this proposal and you are encouraged to stay engaged in the Graph community. You are also welcome to submit new grant applications in the future with proposals that may generate stronger community support.

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