Grant Proposal: Coinomon

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Coinomon is a crypto currency price tracker. It shows details of each crypto currency. But currently has lots of things missing. I want to add charts and add blog that will show latest crypto news. I want to take it to next level but need support

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This project will hugely impact on crypto lover community and will keep them updated with latest news related to the graph and web3

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Most content in it is premium and hidden

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I live the graph and web3 in short. Want to progress

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Because i love the graph and want to spend my future with it

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Thank for you for taking the time to submit this proposal. There are already numerous websites & dapps available that provide crypto price information, accommodated by a whole host of other feature and data sets, incl. protocol news. The potential for this proposal to make significant contributions to growing the web3 ecosystem seems therefore very limited and I don’t see a direct link to the Graph community.

As an additional note: the link to the Github account showing money and rocket emojis can create a perception of a questionable motivation behind this proposal


No worries, i can understand that sir

Related to github description, everyone is working for money. Who works for free ?

Unfortunately, this grant proposal did not generate the level of support in the community to move it to the next phase. Therefore, the majority conclusion in the Grant Committee is to not recommend supporting this grant.

Thank you for submitting this proposal and you are encouraged to stay engaged in the broader Graph community. You are also welcome to submit new grant applications in the future with proposals that may generate stronger community support.

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