Grant Proposal: Badge and Streak mechanics for Graph Advocates DAO Forum (Incorrect)


Hello Graph Advocates Community. My name’s Nik and I’d like to present you our project - PepeScore.

PepeScore is a forum integration tool, which introduces new badges and streak mechanics for stimulating and highlight contributing users in Graph Advocates DAO Forum.

We’re a small team of developers with extensive experience, relevant in regards to DAO community traction and on-chain activity. We have already developed an AI-based tool, which interacts with DAO Forums’ APIs for scraping and AI-powered analyzing proposal sentiment called DAO_Terminal. We have also developed a tool called DAO_Grants, which collected, analyzed using AI and posted all Grant-related info across multiple DAOs.

This post serves as a request for feedback from the Graph Advocates community as we are approaching our Grant Application! Help us make the best product for this amazing community! Thank you.

Now let’s get into PepeScore!

How it works

1. Badges and Streaks use cases:

Over the years, gamification mechanisms in online-communities in the forum badges and streaks have proven to be powerful tools to boost contribution from users across various online collaborative, learning and Q&A communities. The most notable and researched being Stack Overflow (Badges) and DuoLingo.

Similar to the Q&A and learning platforms, DAOs can benefit from deploying such gamification elements to encourage active participation and contribution from their members. The stimulus provided by badges and streaks are recognised as helpful tools for fostering increased engagement, driving members to contribute more deeply within the DAO.

2. Existing solutions.

Badges in DAOs have a purpose of stimulating activity, and to be used by members to distinguish between members of Governance teams, “general population” or users with years of experience behind their back.

DAOs today usually operate on built-in badge systems (Discourse) with regular and easy-to-obtain rewards to provide users with a constant flow of positive feedback. Such systems are effective for mass user-onboarding and are a good fit for communities with a broader membership and low required level of involvement from an individual member.

Meanwhile DAO platforms with their complex relationships, much more limited user-base, and higher expected involvement, requires a more intricate and precise, hierarchical badge system. What we’ve described as a desired system is in its essence much closer to that employed by StackOverflow and alike, which can serve as our model further.

Thus, a more structured hierarchical badge system is a desired solution for DAO Forums to provide motivation for fostering growth and activity in the DAO communities.

3. PepeScore’s solution

PepeScore proposes a tier-based badge format (ex: Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum) with an implemented streak system to create continuous motivated activity and form a habit of contribution to the DAO Forum.

Coupling basic quantifiable metrics with sophisticated ML/UI-based analytics of users’ contributions to offer a more precise leveling within the badge system, PepeScore provides a clearer hierarchy and value for the badge.

The dynamic aspect of Streaks ensures that users stay actively engaged, and that badges remain relevant in reflecting real-time user contributions.

Badge and Streak holders can also be grouped into valued-contributor communities, facilitating a stronger lateral communication between members of the DAO, which can then be leveraged for various purposes including marketing, community leaders discovery, grantor or delegate roles.

On platforms like the DAO community forums, where high-stake decisions are a routine, badges also serve a critical role in curbing inadvertent activity. This protection comes in the form of spam filtering and regular user vetting, ensuring that the quality of forum engagements is maintained.

Possible criteria for upholding a streak could be: Writing a proposal review once a week, Providing a detailed response to questions in General, etc.

Result: a more active user base with a habit of contribution, incentivized by benefits of the streaks and badges.

It is important to remember: The success of any behavioral design and gamification intervention is very much dependent on the context and audience, so to test ideas and mitigate risks an iterative design process is crucial.

Badge streak system will have:

  • Clear Goal: Streak is earned and held by weekly participation in discussions on the platform. The target could be for members to create or contribute to a certain number of discussions each week.
  • Tangible benefits: Example: Upholding a streak provides users with exclusive access to “Streak society” of the Forum. This incentive will galvanize users to actively maintain their streaks.
  • Triggers and Reminders: PepeScore implies having reminders sent out to users of the platform to encourage users to uphold their streaks.
  • Two-fold feedback: The “completion feedback” will notify users whether their weekly actions are contributing to their streak. The “progress feedback” would visibly illustrate individuals’ ongoing journey towards completing and maintaining their streak on a weekly basis.

Value detection: The contributions should be monitored to exclude low-quality responses (AI-generated or general filler).


Milestone 1: $10,000.

a. Backend Development:

  • Implement a custom aggregation tool to collect user activity.
  • Establish a balanced scoring mechanism for accurate badge distribution and streak continuation.
  • Develop an train Llm scoring circuit for rating user activity.
  • Develop an API-access client to facilitate the transfer of scored data back to the forum / frontend
  • Private Access page for controlling the system

b. Integration Elements:

  • Design and implement a visually appealing, engaging and intuitive badge and streak system, complete with notifications.
  • Public community page in Notion

Payment Structure: $5,000 will be an upfront payment required for the initiation of the project, with the remaining $5,000 to be remitted upon proof of complete and functional system execution. This milestone assures both parties of a mutual commitment to the successful completion of the project.

Thank you for your consideration! We are eagerly waiting to contribute to Graph Advocates.

Greetings, please fill out the form so that we can process your application. Thank you!

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