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Decentralised Chat based multi wallet

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We are looking to deploy a cluster of full nodes for the avaialblity of our application(eth, bsc, polygon, tron to start with 3 full nodes each) and utilising funds for our bridging protocol in terms of fees for the users to have a 0 fee experience

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With AnCrypto web3 users will reimagine how assets could be exchanged. We are making it simpler for users to adopt decentralised wallets

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We have built a full product which is ready to launch, now its time we answer problems like availability and speed.

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Have built multiple web3 products, nft marketplaces and both centralised and decentralised exchanges on multiple blockchains

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Web3 is the future finance the world needs and making the adoption barrier disapper is our main motive

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Thank you for submitting your proposal. After review of the content, this appears to be a tooling grant application and is therefore not within scope of community grants that the Graph AdvocatesDAO oversees.

You can submit your proposal directly to the Graph Foundation following this link: The Graph: Grants Application. Good luck!