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Leveraging technology as a tool rather than a solution to empower youth and provide access to education that develops talent and skills and also solves local issues within communities

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There is a deep disconnect in Kenya around technology, education, and youth and our vision is to educate and motivate local youth in the remote communities to participate in the Web3 revolution and establish or expand on the Graph network/ethereum network.To organically grow the Web3 communities, bring more active participation, and amplify the Graph and ethereum ecosystem by onboarding more advocates, onboarding more students, trainers, and developers to the grants program, learning about the Graph/web3 through workshops, bootcamps, hackathons, and invitations to webinars, and so on.To increase the community’s application, adoption, and development of web3 and blockchain in general and to promote local solutions to problems such as climate change through technology and youth participation.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
I’ve organized community gatherings in my area of expertise and home, engaged in virtual Web3 communities on Twitter, and actively promoted the Web3 Revolution in online venues. I am also part of organizing ETHSafari which is the biggest ETH event taking place in Africa to date.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I am the founder of a tech startup related to web security and web3 security. I have trained colleagues in the complex nature of blockchain security, technology, and cryptocurrencies without bias, since many have fallen victim to crypto schemes due to a lack of understanding regarding the validity of the companies. I have shown some of my region’s current Web3 Communities how The Graph translates, organizes, and shares all of the world’s public information across apps in a speedy and secure manner. I have developed on Web3 to motivate myself and stay up with my abilities in writing smart contracts.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
Web 3 and decentralization has a powerful role in society and in Kenya there is a great opportunity for education and for empowering youth and contributing to localized solutions that create a better situation for us all. Aminia DAO hopes to bring together future leaders with the shared objective of enhancing their expertise, technical, and presentation abilities, as well as broadening their general understanding of the software industry. Students will compete in this challenge by working alone or in teams of up to four to develop a technical project in 36 hours. Hundreds of kids will be able to improve their communication skills, leadership qualities, creativity, and programming expertise as a result of this. Participants will meet seasoned mentors and keynote speakers, as well as other adolescents in the STEM community, at our event. These sessions will present and expand on upcoming technologies that hackers will use in their hackathon projects.

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I have a few questions regarding this grant proposal!

  1. How would the $20000 funding be used?

  2. Reading this proposal, it looks like most activities you are describing would fall under the Graph Advocate roles: Event Evangelist, Technical Teacher, and Web3 Welcomer. Would funding this proposal take away the opportunity for Graph Advocates in Kenya to do their advocate contributions?

I love the idea of sharing knowledge, teaching hundreds of kids, and bringing together people. However, I wonder if there is a conflict of interest here.

You seem to have great knowledge of the work Graph Advocates are doing! It would be great if you could work together with other Graph Advocates!

If interested, you can apply to be a Graph Advocate at: The Graph Advocacy

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Hi @Colson !

Thank you for your reply. The money would be used to host hackathons/workshops in a village nearby and The budget would include costs for hosting the hackathon/workshop which includes prizes, travel, venue costs, trainers, equipment, catering, and wifi.

We will switch over to the Graph Advocate side and apply there and try to connect with other Graph Advocates. Is there grant funding on the Graph Advocate side of things?

Thanks so much!

@Kwasi_ogol99 thanks for your reply.

A few questions:

-What is the specific breakdown of the requested funding (please be as specific as possible)?
-What support do you need from other GraphAdvocates globally or in Kenya to support your initiative?

I and BeeHouse DAO Web3 phygital hub in Vancouver and our partners are ready to support your initiative. Msg me on Twitter or we could chat in the discord of the Graph Advocates just mention me.

-Is there a deck/website/handout available for this 36 hour challenge you mention? How many will attend? Is it free to attend? Who are the “Seasoned mentors and speakers”?