Grant Proposal: Akara Africa Subgraph Hackathon

Grant ID: 8669g8bw7


We plan to host a 3-day Subgraph hackathon event at the end of our boot camp in March to create an avenue for our community members to learn about various blockchain protocols while applying their knowledge in real-world settings. It will serve to help our web2 developers better understand the workings of the blockchain ecosystem by creating and extending subgraphs to gain hands-on knowledge that will help in their transition into the web3 career space.

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Venue Rental: $4,500
This covers the cost of renting a suitable venue for the event, including set-up and breakdown costs.

Food and Beverages: $2,000
This covers the cost of providing meals, snacks, and drinks for attendees during the event.

Equipment and Supplies: $1,000
This covers costs for items such as tables, chairs, electrical and audio-visual equipment, and supplies for attendees.

Prizes: $6,500
This covers the cost of prizes for winners of the hackathon, such as cash, technology devices, or software licenses.

Marketing and Outreach: $1,000
This covers expenses for marketing and outreach efforts to promote the event and attract participants.

Staff and Volunteer Support: $2,500
This covers costs for paying staff and coordinating volunteers to assist with event operations.

Administration and Overhead: $500
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Contingency Fund: $500
This is a contingency fund to cover unexpected expenses or emergencies.

Total Budget: $18,500

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What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
This project and more like it help drive the understanding and adoption of blockchain software development as well as the use of helpful platforms like subgraphs in the area.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
We hosted a boot camp program last year with little to no budget that had a large impact on attendees.

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
I am a Senior Full-Stack/Smart Contract Engineer with over 8 years of professional development experience. I have worked with globally distributed teams and have expertise in Full-Stack development using technologies such as JavaScript, ReactJS, NextJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, and Golang. I am well-versed in Blockchain development and have hands-on experience with various Blockchain frameworks, Solidity, and smart contract development. She has been leading various projects including VTVL platform, Akara Marketplace, and AgoraLabs.

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
Our vision in Akara is to promote African adoption of and use of blockchain technology in creating solutions to problems.

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Hello! Thank you for your application!

I have a multitude of questions regarding this grant proposal.

  1. Do you think a timeframe of ~7 weeks is enough time to come to a agreement and execute this grant proposal?

  2. Which blockchain protocols will your community members learn about? Is there a curriculum in place?

  3. How will your community members apply their knowledge in real-world settings?

  4. Who is going to help your community members with creating and extending subgraphs?

  5. What is the location of this event?

  6. Could Graph Advocates help out at your event?


Hello :wave:
In addition to @Colson questions
I will love to ask the following questions ?

How many days event is this ? One day ,2 days or a week
How big is the place ? And how many people will attend this event
Venue rental of $4500
Looks like alot to me


Hi Adaobi, thank you so much for such an interesting grant proposal! I think the idea is great, although the budget seems a little bit high at the moment, to be completely honest. I checked your LinkedIn profile and I also must say that you collected impressive technical experience, so I suppose you are the right person to host an event like this!

I very much look forward to your answers to all the questions asked by @Colson, but I’m also curious to learn more about the outcome of the event which took place last year. How many developers participated, what were the topics, did you track some of their careers since the last year to see if the hackathon really help them to convert their web2 jobs into web3 careers? Are you maybe still in touch with them?

And also for this year’s event - what is the level of experience for developers to be able to participate in the hackathon? Are you planning to also do some introduction to web3 projects? If so, what educational resources are you planning to use and what would you like to tell the participants about The Graph?

It would be very helpful to see what is included in the agenda for each day of the Hackathon, just to see how it is structured. Are you the only host of the event, or are there more people who will take a lead on specific topics maybe?

Thank you in advance for your answers to these questions! :slight_smile:


Yes, thank you so much for your submission! I am very surprised by your technical background and glad you decided to apply for the grant.

As such, I have no questions. Since most of them have already been asked above. The only thing, I am interested to know more about your experience specifically related to The Graph. How did you find out about it? And did you interact with it in any way?

Thank you and good luck!

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Thank you for your submission. I’m looking foward to your answers to the questions asked.

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Hello, thank you for your grant proposal! Everyone else has captured all of the questions I have except for one:

  • The Graph typically only provides $5k worth of bounties at the Hackathon’s they support. Would you be open to reducing the prize amount from the $6.5k in your application down to $5k to be in alignment with the standard Graph amount?

Thanks again for applying! Looking forward to your responses. :smiley:


Unfortunately, this grant proposal did not generate the level of support in the community to move it to the next phase of the grant application process.

Thank you for submitting this proposal and you are encouraged to stay engaged in the Graph community. You are also welcome to submit new grant applications in the future with proposals that may generate stronger community support.

Best Regards,
Graph AdvocatesDAO