Grant Proposal: 0xFORMAT STUDIO

Grant ID: 2xjrndp


The Graph - Grant Proposal

It is our understanding to meet the community requirements in understanding of The Graph current and future developments. In a multicultural environment, multi-language access this is essential.

We try to understand which main content should be explained to the community via video-creation content. An ongoing discussion with the community via our series of videos and channels should facilitate better understanding.

In order for progression of understandings and interactions in the community, it is planned for diverse relevant topics and speakers. Research into cutting-edge and essential trends positive towards The Graph will be emphasized.

This serves as an introductory proposal for a mutually beneficial financial grant from The Graph. It is our intention to provide the following:

  • Targeted informative video content in monthly video, in English language.
    Subtitles in German, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese (it’s flexible parameter, may could change at any time by community discussion in the Graph AdvocatesDAO Discord Server).

It is proposed that a monthly 90 second video with original music and sound FX be produced according to prepared content script. This will be published on all approved official The Graph channels for optimum exposure.

As the objective is to reach learning series contents may have a positive bias respectfully so at developing the storyboard with composing the script , will be discussed with the community for the various purposes structures of the script and the relevant information.
Feedback Is essential so ongoing content may evolve as needed with relevance. The research into content creation will be reviewed by the peers in the group prior to final editing and recording for publication.

Finally creating video content may be used like a learning series for the new member’s community in simple manners’ explaining The Graph in detail.

Our 0xformat.eth studio personally produced this сoncise one minute video promo content especially for this grant “How to The Graph”. We would like to extend our passion for web 3 with you, and If you accept we will continue. You may injoy this video by the link below

“”How much funding are you looking for? (USD)*””
Totally until the end of this year we may produce 1 series with 3 hi quality videos contents it will have a cost - 10800 USD (3 months from October to December incl, 1 video Per 1 month - 3600 USD).
If supported, we will continue to produce series in 2023…

I have read and agree to the privacy policy:

If available, please enter a link to your project below:
0xFORMAT STUDIO’s PROFILE.pdf by the link below

Are you applying as a team or individual?:

What type of grant are you pursuing?:
Long-term (continuous)

Please select the category your project best fits into:

Please select who you think will benefit from your project?:

How much funding are you looking for? (USD):

Have you received funding from somewhere else?:

If yes, please describe where you’ve received funding from and how much you have, or will, receive:

  1. Drone company (promo 5000$)

  2. Intro for NFT Zombie Family game (2000$) TON ZOMBIE FAMILY

  3. Scooters YOTO(4000$)

What’s your vision for how your project will impact The Graph and/or web3?:
With the rapid development of crypto and the evolution of Web3 technologies, it is vital for accurate dissemination of information. It’s our objective to research from all angles and with consensus create informative content for the multicultural community The Graph.

What can you share about any past work that is relevant to this grant?:
0xFORMAT STUDIO’s PROFILE.pdf by the link below

Can you share any information about current/past web3 experience?:
Team in detail by the link below

Why are you interested in contributing to The Graph and/or web3?:
Web 3 has an amazing and fantastic future. The Graph it’s a main part of web3, like a foundation contribution ~ in this way we are making an investment in our future.

We want to make an impact in this unique and fantastic sector, and we know what tools to use to influence and the characteristics of this sector more.

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Hi, I have some questions related with this proposal:

1.- Could you explain how this proposal is involved into the The Graph ecosystem?
2.- Who is in charge of the content of video? There is content creation or translation of existing videos?
3.- Could you explain more the kind of video you propose? There is informative video, learning series, technical?

Hello, interesting videos, but I have a few questions.

  1. Can you give more details on how you plan to spend grant assets?
  2. Have you had any experience with crypto projects specifically, apart from the NFT project you mentioned?
  3. Can you tell us about negative experiences with projects, e.g., the project tricked you?

Good afternoon Lorena,

I am working with Maksim on this project and would be happy to advise. I am the content writer and community supporter.

Please feel free to contact me with àny questions.

Our goal is for outreach in multilingual environments. In our team we have English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Ukrainian speakers so the reach has very good potential.

Thank you also for these very good questions Loreana. Let me please explain.

Our video productions will be be multilingual discussions with new and existing multicultural communities and it’s a positive part of the growing The Graph ecosystem.

But what gives power for the community to be strong? Its’ essential knowledge about the protocols. But let’s think about how at this time of the fast evolution moments it’s hard for everyone to find any time to read any manual or FAQ, or watch long videos, if it’s not directly your job or interests.
It is Very important for the project to have a full understanding of current internal processes by members of the community.

So our short and concise format may explain a lot for the new and current community members keeping up with the ongoing processes.

As we work with a multicultural community and give information for the entire international The Graph community in any language with subtitles what you accept. As a result we have a base strong community supporting the project.

For better answers to other questions I tap @cryptomas

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Thank you for these questions, colleagues @Lorena and @doxe01.eth . Yes, I would like to respond to all the current questions in this topic. Also, may I ask @Oliver 's opinion about this proposal?

  1. “ Who is in charge of the content of video?“

I am directly responsible for content creation. I joined the Graph ecosystem in 2020 and from that time to this day I have been closely following all of the project news. I have been constantly absorbing, coming through from messages and information that allows me to keep abreast of new trends and advancements. Due to the extensive, great experience of interest in the project, I have accumulated script / storyboard ideas for The Graph. You can watch part of them in the demo video in the proposal.

2.1 “There is content creation or translation of existing videos?”

We a produce full video creation cycle including:


  1. • R&D
  2. • Concept Idea/writer/script
  3. • Storyboard
  4. • Animation/previz
  5. • Design


• Cast/Actor
• Shooting
• Keying/Rotoscope
• Layout
• Modelling
• Texturing
• Rigging/setup
• Animation
• 3D VFX
• Lighting
• Rendering


• Composition
• 2D VFX/Motion graphic
• Colour grading
• Sound FX

Every video content creation has a different part of creating. So a responsibility For every part of the video content creates responsibility for every member of our team. You may check the charged roles of every member of the team above in the doc “Team in detail” in this link Team in detail - Google Docs

Anyway, it will be my pleasure to leave text translation subtitles for the created videos in our text-translation thread on the DAO discord server for proofreading/reviewing other text-translation advocates before publishing video.

  1. “ Could you explain more the kind of video you propose? There is informative video, learning series, technical?”

As we are focusing on evangelising for new members and to keep current members within The Graph community, so videos will mostly have an informative format with learning bias. We will discuss it before creating, if approved.

For understanding of our vision for the possibility of future video format creations, our team already has produced free video content for The Graph. I shared this link in the proposal and duplicated it below. Lorena please click on the link below:

If you interesting another format video content that we created earlier for other project please tap on 0xFORMAT STUDIO’s PROFILE.pdf by this link

Thank you for your time and attention. I hope I have answered your questions, if you have additions feel free to ask.

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  1. “Can you give more details on how you plan to spend grant assets?”

When we create videos we do what we think appropriate, firstly caring about the quality of the content not about a profit. So 100% possible grant assets are staff salary.

Also while we worked on the first demo video for The Graph, part of our team would have liked to dive deeper in the project by delegating part of their salary, if approved. At this moment it is hard to say exactly the amount but approximately from 10% to 40% possible grant assets will be returned in The Graph ecosystem by delegating.

  1. “Have you had any experience with crypto projects specifically, apart from the NFT project you mentioned?”

As a member was produced for this store next green NFTs with description. Your may check it by click on this link

Also We produced Christmas designs for the Austrian Konjungate art based blockchain powering the network ecosystem. This concept is in our portfolio in the 0xFORMAT STUDIO’s PROFILE.pdf by this link

  1. We don’t have any negative communication experiences with our clients. Please check our clients in the 0xFORMAT STUDIO’s PROFILE.pdf by this link
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Thanks for your apply! @SavantMax @cryptomas
After read your profile and the products you made before, the quality for the products looks great for me.
Here are some thoughts for me:
The cost for each video in 90 seconds looks a little expensive, but I’m not familiar with the market in the video production.
It’s great to let the advocates participate in the project in community for translation and discuss the content of videos. And it’s better that we get more detail of the three videos at this time.

Thank you for you for submitting your application @cryptomas and @SavantMax.

You mention in your application that you will provide “monthly 90 second videos”. Can you share exactly how many videos would be created if you were awarded with grant funding?


Thank you for this questions @jiimxjim.eth and @Mr.1776 . Let me please explain further. Previously, The Graph team started a 3-D video concept series (below):

** General Graph Intro 2*
** Curator Role 1*
** Delegator Role*

We would like to continue this series. If you like these concepts, as well as per the video example we prepared earlier,

** How to The Graph*

We may discuss and propose with you ideas for creating future videos by voting between our suggestions for themes of video content. Also, we present to your our continuation in a series of already created videos:

** Indexer Role - How to Become an Effective Indexer*
** Curator Role - How to Become an Effective Curator*
** Delegator Role - How to Become an Delegator*

Additionally series in new videos relevant to The Graph ecosystem

** Advocate Role - The Graph Program to Grow the Community of Web3 Contributors*

We propose to expand theme for the new video:

** Why decentralization matters in web3*
** Will explore The Graph and the layers of the web3 stack*
** Substreams: Massively Faster Indexing Performance for Subgraphs*
** DePhi: A New Model for Decentralized Philanthropy Utilizing The Graph*
** Overview of Graph Protocol is the present and future of decentralized access to on-chain data*
** Use GraphQL queries to build powerful dapps*
** The Graph R&D Roadmap*

Our team prefers to formulate meaningful future opportunities for at least the next three videos, as well as future videos (if approved). First, by discussing with the community what they are most excited about and what would be best for rendering in 3D video content. It is important for us to hear the community and give them what they want and need. We do not limit the possibilities of creating videos solely with our suggestions, all your ideas are also valuable to us and we are ready to discuss them.


Totally until the end of this year we may produce 1 series with 3 hi quality videos contents it will have a cost - 10800 USD (3 months from October to December incl, 1 video Per 1 month - 3600 USD).
If supported, we will continue to produce series in 2023…

Thank you for your speedy reply! That’s the only question I have for now.

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Unfortunately, this grant proposal did not generate the level of support in the community to move it to the next phase of the grant application process.

Thank you for submitting this proposal and you are encouraged to stay engaged in the Graph community. You are also welcome to submit new grant applications in the future with proposals that may generate stronger community support.

@jiimxjim.eth dear colleague, thank you for your feedback, you’re always welcome! Community opinions are part of the main parameters to continue. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions in this way in future it will be my pleasure to assist you, just tap me.

Anyway, one of our main joint goals is to contribute positively to The Graph community. To steadily achieve these goals, we have already released a video for The Graph . As we spent a lot of time and resources to do it, may I ask you to support a reimbursement program for the initially already created video?

If you like this concept in general, but have doubts about the expenditure, in order to dispel your doubts, may I offer to provide a rough calculation of the creation of analogical
video content from several different studios?

This will allow us to roughly understand the market price for the video we have already created. Having collected offers from other studios, may I share them here? Please let me know what you think of this suggestion.

Thanks for your reply.

The collaborations between different advocates roles that discuss the detail and goal of contribution are welcome!
In my position, I agree with making short videos for the basic awareness of The Graph in a general way.

The cost of the videos is a concern for some other community members and me. I am willing to know more about the cost in detail.
And the reimbursement will be taken into account if we have a deeper understanding of the cost of the video production.

It will let all the community members understand the video production in grants proposal or reimbursement from now to the future. I will keep tracking for further information.

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@jiimxjim.eth @Mr.1776 Dear DAO members and advocates, thank you for this extensive question touching on many nuances. Below I’ll try to explain in short maner how animation developing and pricing policy is formed and established.

As our video studio specialises in creating 3D videos, we will focus on pricing in this segment. For me it was hard to summarise info for you in one post without introduction so this post will have two parts to avoid long reads. I hope the info below will be helpful to DAO members today and in the future to calculate the approximate price of any other 3D content animations. Ok, let’s go.

Part 1. Intro.

Totally there are two types of videos:

 *  live shooting (with cameras and other equipment),
 *  Computer graphics and animation.

The price of an animated commercial most often depends on the following three factors:

 The longer the video, the more expensive it is.

 The complexity of the project
 The quality of graphics and animation, the level of detail and realism.

 Usually studios have standard delivery deadlines, or expedited timelines.

Each project has individual nuances, but by and large it all comes down to these three points above.

What else determines the price of an advertising video?

Content of the project.

This is the answer to the question of what will be shown in the video. For example, drawing or modelling a product and a service are two different things. Objects that are more difficult to draw, model, and animate cost more.

The number of language versions of the video.

This is a fully-fledged adaptation to a new language, and not just voice acting. If you change the language from English, for example, to Chinese, in addition to the voice acting, the inscriptions change, the timing shifts due to a different length of the speaker’s words, because of this, the animation moves, the sound design is edited, and so on.

Distribution channels.

Where the rollervideo will be used is directly reflected in the cost. So, for example, when launching a commercial in rotation on TV, the contractor always goes through a lot of approvals with lawyers and technical specialists at the TV channel. The video changes up to 10-12 times - starting from the format, ending with the addition of subtitles.

      Format and technical requirements.

This point is related to the previous one - when a video is posted, for example, on a forum - there is a high degree of probability the audience will need not the standard Full HD resolution, but rather 4K or higher. Accordingly, it is necessary to develop video in this base resolution from the very beginning, and this has an additional complexity both for specialists and for the machine equipment on which rendering takes place - calculation and processing of the project. This set of works is at an additional cost.

I want to note 3D animation is more expensive than 2D, since it is more complex to produce. Also, production of animated videos in 3D takes at least four weeks, exactly 4 weeks our studio produced early released video.

So we have next conclusion this part of post

There are three main factors - timing, delivery, complexity of video. In most cases, all pricing is based on these three points.

Further immersed in the details: do we need multi language versions, the original materials of the project, who the speaker is, what the content of the project and many additional points that affect the cost of a video.

In the next step, I will directly answer the question asked about how the price is formed, calculated and show how the most transparent estimate is made. As an example we take an early created video “How to The Graph”.

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@jiimxjim.eth @Mr.1776 Thank you for reviewing the detailed commentary, and proposals.

For me, as a member of the ecosystem, it is important to develop The Graph project and I especially appreciate the idea of ​​a series of short high-quality videos. If in the future the community wants to continue the series of videos in this direction, you can choose the studio you like from the list below and take advantage of the cooperation offer.

For an objective assessment of the cost of a video that has already been created by our team, as well as if it is necessary to continue the implementation of this concept, we will consider commercial proposals from several different studios.

The main parameter to order of the commercial offer contains a price request for quality an already created video from our side.

Studio 1 (Kyiv, Ukraine): price $8,712 USD per 1 video creation. link to the estimate - Video in 3D Animation.

Studio 2 (Zaandam, Netherlands): Estimated cost from $9,000 to $14,500 EUR per 1 video creation.
A detailed estimation is still in progress and can be provided as required.

Studio 3 (Berlin, Germany): price $25,467 USD per 1 video creation. link to the Economic Proposal - Video in 3D Animation.

In any case, according to our research, we can already understand that the median market price of our animated product based on 3 different studios in 3 different countries is $14,000 (studio1 price + studio2 price + studio3 price divided by 3). In this scenario, our cost of creation turned out to be 75% less than that of other studios, or almost 4 times less than the market price for this project.

In fact, at first when we started producing this video we were worried about any doubts we heard from you about the quality. Because at a very low cost, what we set up was a really difficult task.

I hope this info was useful and all doubts about the costs of creating this product can be dispelled. Also, feel free to do your own cost research on the video we created and I’ll be happy to discuss it.

So my conclusion is:

The need for a reimbursement program arose as we are unable to proceed to the next stage of the grant application process, thereby offsetting the cost of already released video content, because we previously planned to make this video free as a bonus video.

The Graph is a really amazing project with a strong community, and to live up to this level, the video content must be of high quality. It took our team a month to create this professional content and we had expenses during that time.

I just followed my content creation role in the Advocate Program and evangelised our team to do the same. Content creation before any agreement was needed to demonstrate the ability to create professional content at 75% below market value.

We are not trying to make money and profit from creating this content. As you can see, the requested amount of $3600 for the already created video is actually payment only for the expenses that we have incurred.

I hope the information provided in the post will help members of the DAO to benefit. It was also my pleasure to apply for this grant and create content for an amazing project for The Graph community. Thank you all for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please let me know if I have fully answered your questions and concerns, and feel free to ask any additional questions. Also please advise what is the next step for the reimbursement program.

Dear Dao members. In this message I would like to add additional info as today I have received an updated detailed commercial offering from Studio 2 (Netherlands, Zaandam).

Below I publish updated info about studios and price conditions with whom you are may continue collaboration with, if necessary (please note, every the cost below it’s a cost for only 1 time 90’sec of the video animation at the same quality of the video as we created earlier ):

Studio 1 (Kyiv, Ukraine): price $8,712 USD link to the estimate - Video in 3D Animation.

Studio 2 (Zaandam, Netherlands): price $10.918 EUR link to the Quote - Video in 3D Animation.

Studio 3 (Berlin, Germany): price $25,467 USD link to the Economic Proposal - Video in 3D Animation.

So with the new info the median price for a released video is approximately 15.000 USD (my request via reimbursement program for the expenses is 3600 USD). Please let me know any decisions or ask any additional questions if you may have. Thank you.

Thanks for the data, Max.

The information above is detailed. I think it is useful.
I will take it as reference and also let the other committee know about these.
It might need the CR (Confirmation Request) and PoC (Proof of Contributions)
Because the reimbursement will be reviewed and processed by the other team / committee.

Thank you again for these data that let me get further understanding about the 3D video creation.

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