Governance Committee Proposal - Pulse Check

The Governance team has been established within the Ops Committee ~2 months ago and has held recurring weekly meetings which have also since moved to public channels. Creating this team has helped achieving alignment around governance processes and structures, while also bolstering progress towards the creation of GOCs, the DAO’s operating codes helping to build the foundational structures to scale the DAO into the future. The budget team has identified an aggregate of about 290 hours towards the governance team in Q3, by far the largest Ops team and close to the amount budgeted for the Grant Committee.

On two separate pulse checks during the governance meetings over the past, there was unanimous consensus amongst the meeting participants to the idea of proposing the creation of a Governance Committee, not only due to the scope of the work, but also because governance matters typically concern all DAO members and not just Ops Committee members.

As a broad outline, the Governance Committee would be tasked with the following key responsibilities:

  1. Engage in everything GOCs, incl. creating new ones, assist others in drafting ones, provide support in reviewing proposals before publishing
  2. Provide domain expertise on governance processes, such as clarifying which GOCs apply in certain situations, how to structure votes/polls in different platforms, etc
  3. Facilitate governance progress, such as monitoring repos for open PRs, raising awareness/discussions on new/open proposals, executing proposals after DAO voting, etc. Ensure things keep moving along
  4. Moderate governance discussions, especially during the regular committee meetings and in Forum posts

This initial off-chain proposal is meant to be a pulse check to identify if there is support for the idea to establish a fourth committee in the DAO for governance, which would then also be equipped with its own budget. If supportive, a GOC would subsequently have to be written and approved in DAOHaus in order to secure formal approval by the DAO.

Do you support establishing a Governance Committee?
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HI Oliver,

This idea is good for the forum to be more informal, and help to have a good work flow. Have cast vote

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Considering the time aggregate of 290 hours in Q3, creating a governance committee to oversee the governance tasks in a structure is useful.